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Halloween fast approaching, embrace the online spending

October 20, 2016   Shopify Tips   0 Comments

Halloween is always an exciting time in the world of e-Commerce, with nearly half of shoppers turning to e-Commerce stores to find ideas of celebrating the holiday. In regards to online holiday spending in the US, Halloween is always on the top of the list for collecting revenue for businesses, behind Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter. […]

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How labeling products can boost your Shopify store sales

August 11, 2016   Shopify Tips   0 Comments

As a Shopify store owner, you want to attract customers attention to special products such as hot, sale, new ones but your theme doesn’t support this feature properly. Now, Product Labels App from Secomapp is here to support you. Highlighting products and attracting customer attention have never been so easy! With Product Labels, you can […]

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Using Carousel for Shopify Store: Common Mistakes and Tips

August 4, 2016   Shopify Tips   0 Comments

Using carousels or banner sliders are now popular in web design, however, are they really effective for Shopify Stores? In fact, we can’t deny the reason for its popularity is that it delivers multiple messages to customers onto the main homepage without looking like you are ‘gaming’ the search engines or keyword stuffing… Anything has […]

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Boost Shopify Store Sales with Zero Marketing Budget

August 2, 2016   Shopify Tips   0 Comments

If you are just starting out a small Shopify store, you may not even have any idea of “marketing budget”. Of course, without any advertising dollar, it is harder to acquire new customers. However, it doesn’t mean you have to stay alone in the dark and hope that customers will find you. Don’t forget that […]

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How to choose the best shopify apps?

July 29, 2016   Shopify Tips   0 Comments

Becoming a Shopify store owner, you certainly want to optimize your store for better efficency and success. Now, Shopify app store provides so many both awesome and poor apps so how can you be concious enough to choose suitable ones? Of course, a thorough analysis is neccessary before approving charge of any app. However, you […]

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3 Essential Shopify Apps for Marketing

July 25, 2016   Shopify Tips   0 Comments

Being an online store owner, you are always making efforts to find ways for better traffic and sales. There are so many ways to achieve these goals and sometimes it confuses you to choose the best one to start with. Marketing is a next indispensable step after you set up the store perfectly. This post […]

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Does your Shopify store have traffic but no sales?

July 22, 2016   Shopify Tips   0 Comments

After setting up your Shopify stores, as many other people you expect to have a successful business as soon as possible. However, it is just the start of business battle. You start getting first traffic and it increases day by day but you haven’t got any sales yet. Where did you go wrong? Traffic is […]

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Shopify stores: Best practices to use Popups

July 18, 2016   Shopify Tips   0 Comments

Don’t you know that website popups is annoying box that pops up “surprisingly” when you are surfing the web comfortably? You don’t like popups and you just try to find the little close button to make it disappear. So why do website owners and especially store owner still use them? That makes you confused of […]

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Common Mistakes of Shopify Stores to Avoid

July 7, 2016   Shopify Tips   0 Comments

With Shopify, setting up an online store is not a difficulty and doesn’t require a great investment. Selling online can be a big moneymaker because of its low cost including: no rent and utilities of a real store. However, running an online business or offline business won’t guarantee profit. It’s not so easy to attract […]

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Top 5 Must – Have Shopify Apps for Startups

July 5, 2016   Shopify Tips   0 Comments

Getting started with Shopify, you are may confused of which apps are most useful or must – have for startups. Each of you have a different business scale so the demand for apps is not the same. However, all apps can be divided into 2 main buckets including: Marketing– Apps that helps to boost conversion […]

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