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How to change shopify theme slider.

March 19, 2015   Shopify Tips, Tutorials   0 Comments

This article instructs you to change slider on the home page. 1. Hide/Show slider from theme admin Some theme have slideshow at frontpage and provide setting to change slideshow. It this article i use React theme To manage slideshow you goto Shopify Admin -> Themes (left menu) -> Customize theme (button) -> Home Page slider […]

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4 ways to give your customer gifts

March 16, 2015   Tutorials   0 Comments

1. Buy One get One (BOGO Sales) Buy one, get one free is a marketing technique which is used by retailers to boost their sale. This is used very effectively. For example many customers will not need a certain item but after seeing buy one, get one free deals they will decide to purchase it […]

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Mapping Shopify timezone with PHP timezone

March 14, 2015   Shopify Tips, Tutorials   0 Comments

You’re PHP developer and you’re developing apps for Shopify but you have trouble with Shopify Tiemzone then this post for you. We’re Secomapp develop team and we faced above problem , then we made a mapping array from Shopify timezone to PHP timezone public static $TIMEZONE = array ( "(GMT-11:00) Midway Island" => ‘Pacific/Midway’, "(GMT-11:00) […]

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Create Sub Collection in Shopify

March 13, 2015   Shopify Tips, Tutorials   0 Comments

Shopify don’t support nested Collection, But some time you want to organize/show products in 2 or more level of categories of product. We would create a sub collection using product tag and need some more works to show data in sub category. Define your categories and subcategories For example you want to have this hierarchy […]

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Auto switch currency base on customer location

March 9, 2015   Shopify Tips, Tutorials   0 Comments

How to make your Shopify store auto switch currency based on your customer location? If your site is currently showing multiple currencies in a drop-down list feature by following this guide: Copy and paste my piece of code bellow before the code of body tag for saving customers time and helping them easier to make decisions […]

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Grab The Attention In Every Opportunity with Shopify Promotion Popup

March 7, 2015   Tutorials   0 Comments

Promotion Popup is an awesome app that helps you increase the conversion rate, get more subcribers and get more sales. With this app you can reduce abandoned carts and promote all significant events of the store to customers By equipping your store with such a combination of tools you’ll be able to create catchy promotions […]

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How Free Gifts app can boost your sales!

February 11, 2015   news & updates, Tutorials   1 Comment

Today, I want to introduce you an amazing Shopify app – Free Gifts, which is an amazingly effective tool to make your gifts program a huge success. Trust me! It will surely do you great in boosting sales with special promotions. 1. What is Free Gifts app? This app helps you to grow and create […]

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How to use Promotion Popup to collect user’s email and register account on Shopify shop

February 9, 2015   Shopify Tips, Tutorials   0 Comments

Promotion Popup is the best of maketing applications in Shopify app store . This shopify app was developed by Secomapp company . Promotion Popup helps its users bring information about their promotion campaigns to their customer by creating some popups. You also use Promotion Popups as Exit Offer app , but today I will instruct […]

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5+ best free shopify apps

November 20, 2014   Tutorials   0 Comments

Shopify is one of the best commerce solutions now. If you want to add some tools to make it better, here is a list of the best free shopify apps. 1. Soundest – Email Marketing for Ecommerce This app is one of the best email marketing tools for Shopify More info 2. Quick View This […]

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How to create Multi-level menus in Shopify.

November 15, 2014   Tutorials   1 Comment
Shopify menu

There are many designers and developers having this question. And in every free theme or instruction of Shopify, you will see that it seems to be allowed to 2 levels. Now we provide the way that creates 3- level menu (see the image below). If you want more levels, please do the same. Example: In […]

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