2 Cases prove Up-Selling, Cross-Selling Boosting Revenue?

2 Cases prove Up-Selling, Cross-Selling Boosting Revenue?

Up-sell and cross-sell are the art of suggesting buyers upgrade and buy more to purchase. It can help you increase conversion rate and boost your average order value (AOV) with relatively little marketing effort.

Let’s learn more about upsell, cross-sell function, and how to do it.

What is upselling?

Upselling is a technique used to persuade customers to spend more money or upgrade to a higher version, size,… of a purchased product

Example: You bought a book and at the check-out stage, Amazon motivates you to spend more money on an audio version of a printed book for a discount price 

What is cross-selling?

Cross-selling is a technique used to motivate customers to spend more to buy another product that is related to the product customer has bought before or supplementary products

Example: A computer retailer tend to suggest customers buy additional gadgets such as headphone, mouse, or keyboard 

2 common stages are applied to upsell and cross-sell

  • Pre-purchase happen before customer purchase. Sellers can give offers on the product page, cart page after customers go to the check-out process.
  • Post-purchase happen after customer purchase or complete their transaction. Post-purchase upsell, cross-sell can be displayed on thank you page.

Tips: With a pre-purchase offer, you can capture the moment your customers click the “Add to cart” button to give them Upsell, Cross-sell offers. Booster Kit- FREE upsell, cross-sell tool will help you create a pre-purchase popup to give buyers offers after they click “Add to cart”. You also can use this tool to create upsell, cross-sell offers on thank you page.

Suggestion ways to do upsell and cross-sell

  1. Offer relevant products: Recommending supplementary products or complement products your customers have already added to the cart. When you recommend them a relevant product, customers are more likely to be ready to buy, as opposed to random product recommendations.
  2. Discount products: If you are running a sale campaign you can suggest customers buy a discount product. 
  3. Free gift or free sample: Small trial products or free gifts can help you improve the buying experience of customers. It can lead to a larger value in the next purchase. If you want to promote and raise awareness for other products you should think about it. 

2 Case Study You Can Apply To Boost Sales For Your Online Store:

Best Buy Increased 48% In Sales Volumes from Pop-up Cross-sell Solution

Best Buy has applied a Pre-Purchase Cross-sell popup to increase their sales from 10% to 48%. 

Recommend your own products with our ready-to-use templates of Booster Kit:

Amazon: Give Cross-sell, Upsell on Thank You Page

Approximately 35% of Amazon’s total sales are a direct result of upselling and cross-selling, and “recommended products” have a 60% chance of success. After ordering, Amazone will direct you to a thank-you page, order confirmation, order details, and give you upsell, cross-sell offers based on the purchased product.

Other thank you page upsell, cross-sell offers created by Booster Kit:

When it comes to increasing sales, cross-selling and upselling are absolute winners. If done correctly, you will gain loyal customers as well as a higher bottom line. However, you must proceed with caution so that your promotions do not go unnoticed by your customers.

Make a list of your products and the items you can cross-sell and upsell with them before you begin. Then put them to the test. The best advice is to test as much as possible because the more you test, the better your results will be.

Remember that successful sales are always accompanied by increasing the customer experience with quick and simple getting added products to the cart. Every error or malfunction during the checkout process lowers your conversion rate. Take a look at Booster Kit. They can help you perfectly. 

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