Why Product Videos Are the Future of Marketing.

Why Product Videos Are the Future of Marketing.

Every year, videos gain more significance as a vital aspect of marketing strategies for small and large businesses. Only 61% of businesses used video marketing in 2018, but the number has now risen to 86%, according to Wyzowl, a renowned explainer video maker.

This growth seems to be in response to evolving consumer behavior that has changed dramatically due to the Covid-19 pandemic. More people shop online, read reviews and explore products on websites and social media platforms. 

This has driven businesses to use novel ways to attract clients online and invent more effective methods to boost online sales. And videos are leading this marketing movement.

Read on to learn why videos are the future of marketing and how to create compelling product videos for your business.

4 Reasons To Look Into Video Marketing 

Product video marketing is one of the quickest growing and most in-demand marketing of our time. Let’s explore the top four advantages of product videos. 

Helps With Brand Recall

Brand recall is the customers’ ability to recognize a specific brand from memory without much prompting.

Video marketing communicates the salient qualities of a brand and its products better than any other medium. And the combination of moving visuals helps the viewers retain this information better than merely reading it. This, in turn, helps with brand recall.

And once prospective customers know about you, it is imperative to build brand loyalty to establish brand recall through video marketing.

Video Marketing Can Boost Your SEO 

Research by HubSpot found that 65% of company executives visit a marketer’s site after seeing a branded video. 

This data demonstrates that high-quality video content piques consumer interest and increases viewer engagement, driving traffic to your site, and getting more visitors to your store. In fact, it’d be safe to say that videos bring more traffic to a brand’s site than any other content collateral.

Video marketing is an excellent way to enhance your SEO strategy and can help your site outrank your competitors.  

Comprehending and implementing some best practices is fundamental to accomplishing your goals via video marketing tactics to increase exposure and conversions.

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Made for Every Device

Today, a significant trend driving digital marketing success is responsive design. So when a brand’s content doesn’t perform adequately on a specific browser system or device, the business behind it misses out on its potential traffic and experiences decreased conversions consequently. 

Fortunately, video marketing is appropriate for consumption across all devices, from mobile phones to desktop computers. This expands the reach of video marketing and content, making it more consumer-focused and user-friendly.

Video content is the holy grail for companies in today’s cross-platform, cross-device world. 

Helps Boost Your Brand Image 

Video marketing can also boost your brand image. It’s a cost-effective way to promote your brand and increase its visibility. By leveraging video content, you can humanize your brand and make it more authentic, trustworthy, resonating, and relatable in the eyes of your customers. 

It also makes them feel connected with your brand. Furthermore, they are more likely to suggest your brand to others.

Tips To Create an Effective Product Video 

Now that you know how beneficial video marketing is, let’s talk a little about the tips and tricks you can leverage while working on your product videos. 

Have a Clear Goal in Mind 

It is essential to first settle on the goals and concept of your product marketing videos. These aspects become the basis for everything else you will do as you advance and progress in this video generation process.

Work With a Rough Draft First 

Once you have well-defined goals, establish what sort of product info you want your intended audience to get, and a clear concept, you can work with a rough draft to have a more thorough approach to delivering and conveying info. This should give you a better idea of how to go about your product’s promotional video marketing.

Connect With Your Audience via Storytelling

It is imperative to always look for an opportunity to connect with your audience by telling a story through your product videos. Storytelling is valid for any content you generate. The trick is to get an appropriate angle and deliver the story in detail.

Make a Video Template for Your Brand

Finally, make a video online using a professional video maker tool so that your target audience can easily engage with your video content. You can leverage an online video maker to create a professional and compelling product video in just a few minutes with the help of animated effects, templates, stock footage, etc.

Types of Product Videos You Need To Consider

Before creating that perfect product video, let’s start with the basics. What aspect of the product are you trying to show off? Is it the reviews of your customers? How to operate your product? Or more in-depth 3D videos? 

Tutorials and How-To Videos 

How-to videos, also known as tutorials, are an effective type of product marketing video that can help you promote your offerings and improve ROI because of their various applications. You can also use these videos during the onboarding process to augment and enhance the initial customer experience and offer a robust self-serve assistance resource.

For instance, if you have invoice software, you can make a how-to-guide video to help your customers understand the platform and its features.

Customer Testimonials 

Customer testimonial videos are yet another type and the future of product videos. This powerful video format is an asset and easy to assemble via tools like Zoom recordings or VideoAsk, acting as social proof of your service/product. 

Screen Capture

Screen capture videos are mostly seen on e-commerce stores, websites, and other startups such as Fraudlogix and IP Block List software. Essentially, they provide a step-by-step process for performing something linked to a specific service or product. 

For instance, it can be how to fill in a fertility review, explain your product features as advantages, or how to use a product as you describe. Screen capture videos help customers get acquainted with a service or a product, increasing the chances of converting your leads.

3D Videos 

3D videos are an engaging form as they give you more flexibility when communicating the product-specific details. This video type is surprisingly more cost-effective than others because it bypasses the delays and high production costs typically associated with videos. 


Video is an appealing and powerful medium that can help you achieve the objectives for your company and brand. And you can use your videos on social media, your website, email newsletters, and other online platforms.

It’s sweeping the internet at the moment, and you cannot afford to be left behind.

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