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Boost Shopify Store Sales with Zero Marketing Budget

Boost Shopify Store Sales with Zero Marketing Budget

If you are just starting out a small Shopify store, you may not even have any idea of “marketing budget”. Of course, without any advertising dollar, it is harder to acquire new customers. However, it doesn’t mean you have to stay alone in the dark and hope that customers will find you. Don’t forget that we have many free tools and channels such as:

  • Google: No charge for traffic from this biggest search engine.
  • Social Channels like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube etc are free
  • Many bloggers and publishers are free to featuring your products if you are interested in you.
  • Mailchimp is also free for starters

In this post, we will give you some ideas of marketing tactics when you have no budget for marketing but you have time, creativity and determination. This post is written specially for Shopity stores.

Build email list

Unlike in physical stores where you have face to face communication with customers, in ecommerce industry, you can’t ignore the important of email in keeping customers and acquiring new business oppotunities. Getting started is not difficult as you think. Poping a subscription email box when customer enter your site is not a new idea but it still proves to be so efficient that many big brands are using it.


So what will you do if you have email list? Of course, you will send emails. But how? Sending email manually is not a good idea. With no dollar, you still can start with Mail Chimp app, which integerate with your stores, update subscribers and send emails automatically.

Give a Free Gift

Share the expertise that makes you so good at what you do. Be generous with your knowledge and your customers will love and respect you for it. If you sell cupcakes, you could teach a class on fun decorating techniques and allow customers to soak up your baking expertise. If you are a bookkeeper, you might write a tip sheet for keeping a handle on holiday spending and send it to your clients in your nifty, new email newsletter.

How to use free gif to increase sales

Free Gift app helps you to set up free gift campaign in your Shopify stores easily. Check our last post on How to use Free Gift to increase sales

Optimize your stores with free apps

Even though Shopify provides you with many wonderful features of online stores, it is never enough to automate activities and boost sales. App stores offer you a wide range of apps (+500 apps), which are awesome and many of them are free. There is nothing better than increase revenue without any cost.


There are too many apps out there so how can you select the most useful ones?

Find top 10 FREE shopify apps to rocket your Shopify store sales in our last post

Exploit Social Media

At the times of social networks dominating, you certainly can’t miss the channels of social media. They are great FREE tools for you to create brand awareness, build customers relationship, boost sales, etc. Let ‘s come into some popular channels for Shopify stores.

face Online store on Facebook

First channel must be Facebook. It is indisspensable channels for acquiring clients. According to Hubspot, 70% of the asked company getting customers through this channel.  Facebook doesn’t charge you any fee. You just have to pay when you run advertisement. The purpose of using facebook is to get closed to customers and promoting your products.

linkedln LinkedIn: professional content on a professional channel

Unlike facebook, the function of LinkedIn is completely different in case of a business.In essense, Linkedln is also a interface where people connect with each other. However, it is an interface where professionals contact each other, share professional content and it is primarily used for networking, for relationship building.

So forget about advertising your products with its help.

Use Linkedln to broaden your network instead such as searching for bloggers, publishers, who can help to promote products without any fee.

unnamed YouTube: capture customers attention by viral videos

You don’t have money but you have creativity, you can still create viral videos about your products. With the great deal of shares, your products will earn broad awareness without a penny.

In case, you can’t make something viral, a simple videos about your product can help a lot. It doesn’t only help increase awareness but it also boosts traffic.

How BOGO helps your sales

Discount, rewarding points, free gift etc are three among several methods to increase revenue. They might be s short-term strategy used when inventory is moving slower than expected, or even a long-term one for building customer loyalty scheme.

It is a fact that not all discount techniques are created and launched effectively. If other traditional methods seem to be less favourable to customersnowadays, Buy One, Get One (BOGO) is still a powerful promotion tool. According to behavioral economics researcher Dan Ariely, shoppers generally overvalue the benefits of “free” even when compared to higher-quality items at a discounted price.


To help you boost sales and profits, we point out two benefits of BOGO.

Moving Inventory While Profiting

Forget your anxiety about your less desirable inventory because BOGO can help you get rid of them quicker but still brings you profit. Instead of lowering the price of those items, just offer one item for free together with selling another at the initial price. The customers’ behavior would surprise you about the difference between the two methods which seem to have similar revenue. It can be explain by human psychology as to shoppers, no matter how large the discount, it does not stand a chance against “free.”

Better Response from Shopper

It is undeniable that BOGO is a win-win situation for both retailers and consumers. According to a recent report from AMG, 66% of shoppers admit that they like BOGO the most out of all discount promotions and 93% of respondents report that they have taken advantage of BOGO promotions at least once. While shoppers think that they’ve got a good deal from a site, sellers gain both profit and customers’ satisfaction which has long-term benefit to any business.

Easy to set up, simple to run, lots of benefit to gain, get Free Gifts app to create your BOGO today!

How to win back lost customers

Surveys in customer loyalty have shown that it costs 5 times as much to gain a new customer as it does to retain an existing one.  That’s why beside creating your own loyalty scheme to holding the current customers, you should have a strategy to reaching out your lost customers who have unexpectedly discontinued business relationship with you.

A lot of business owners might think that there is no point in  recalling their lost customers because once they had left, they would never come back. This negative perspective is totally wrong as one Marketing Metrics study has shown that the probability factor for successfully selling to lost customers is between 20% and 40%, a quite impressive ratio in comparison with the probability of selling to new prospects(from 5% to 20%).

These following simply steps are the key  to gaining back your used-to-be customers:

1. Find out why they left

This is the first and significant step for a couple of reasons.

  • Firstly, knowing the reasons that made them cancelled their business with you help you to create a suitable solution for each specific circumstance. Once you have removed that obstacle, they should have no good reason not to do business with you.
  • Secondly, by collecting and analyzing those reasons, you can simultaneously identifying your deficiency, thus improving your business quality and prevent future customers from following suit.

One easy way to find out why customers have left is to send them a link to an online survey with a few basic questions. Make sure your survey has an “Other” box where they can go into more details about why they’ve left.

2. Sincerely apologize to them

A sincere apology is very important because it show your goodwell and it usually make your lost clients feel like they are being treated respectfully. When apologizing, state clearly what you’re apologizing for (e.g. “I’m sincerely sorry that our extension did not perform well on your website.”) and how you’re going to fix the issue, and you must present an action plan for ensuring it will never happen again.

3. Ask customers what you can do for them

This, together with step 2, is a kind of showing your care to them which would certainly more or less gain their confidence. Most customers are reasonable, and they just want what they feel is fair.

Besides, it would be more persuasive if you could include a promise with a specific number/fact such as date, result of your solution.

4. Offer rewards for coming back

If you are rewarding your current customers for their continuous purchasing activities, there is no reason you not offer your lost customers special free gifts or deals for their coming back. This is another form of saying “Thank you” to your returning customer which has both material values and spiritual values.

5. Stay in touch by using follow up email

Usually, lost customers are members of your email list but they need a different treatment from the current clients. That’s why it’s essential to  segment your list properly and keep them in a separate category. Lost customers should receive emails relevant to the situation (e.g. online surveys asking why they’ve left, apology, offers for coming back, etc.). Email marketing is a traditional yet effective method to enhance any business relationship.

Building a long-lasting customer relationship is way challenging to every kind of business. Those above tips are just based on the basic customers’ psychology and still need to be combined with further methods for particular circumstance.

How to set default product in cart

Sometimes you would like to have a default product show up in your customer’s cart. For example, that is a freegift product or just a product you would like to sell.
For doing that, you can use my small script bellow. Remember to put it before the closed body tag and change the ID of variant product to valid ID. You can choose auto reloading page after product has been added or redirecting it to specified page (cart page) if you want.

<script> Shopify = Shopify || {};
    Shopify.cart = {{ cart | json }};
    if(Shopify.cart !=='undefined'
      && Shopify.cart.items.length === 0){
      jQuery.post('/cart/add.js', {
        quantity: 1,
        id: 1152084600,	//put your varian id here (should valid id, if not your site will be reload with nonstop loop)
        //window.location.reload(); //uncomment if you want to reload page
        window.location.href="cart?backurl="+window.location.href;  //if you want redirect to cart page

4 ways to give your customer gifts

4 ways to give your customer gifts

1. Buy One get One (BOGO Sales)
Buy one, get one free is a marketing technique which is used by retailers to boost their sale. This is used very effectively. For example many customers will not need a certain item but after seeing buy one, get one free deals they will decide to purchase it because they believe it is good value. This way customers end up purchasing products which they did not need or have the intention of buying in the first place
2. Buy X get Y free
There is a native “buy X get Y” sales rule in promotions. This free gift program is attractive enough for your customers to come and buy something from your store. An extends of this rule, Buy X get a free product from some category. Or buy a product from a category and get free a product from another category.
3. Buy X Items get Y free (X is number of products)
This Gift rule is set up based on shopping cart quantity. For example: if you buy 3 items, you can get a specific product as free gift. Your customers will receive a free gift as long as their purchase is more than 3 products. This rule is believed to be extremely convenient because its flexibility. Your clients will get a freebie when they buy more 3 items without considering whether what they buy are the same or not. They can buy 3 kinds of products and then get a free gift instead of buying 3 products A and then get 1 product A again which isn’t necessary for them anymore.
An extends of this rule: Buy 3 items get a free item in some category, or some brand or some type.
4. Spend more $1000, get a free gift
Aside from giving free gifts based on the quantity, you can reward gifts for customers based on the order.For example: If your customers purchase more than $1000, they can get a free gift. Customers want to get more freebie, they will have to buy more to reach the number of $1000. Even, when the customer’s need is only $900, they will try to find and buy more product to equal $1000 and get free gift. This enables your sales to increase and as a result, your revenue will significantly be improved.
An extend of this rule: Spend more $1000 get a free item in some category, or some brand or some type.