MUST KNOW! All things to find the best Shopify SEO services

MUST KNOW! All things to find the best Shopify SEO services

If you are having your own business on Shopify, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is definitely not strange to you anymore. SEO plays a key part in bringing you the best results when it comes to E-commerce these days. Researches show that users tend to click on the top 3 organic results in the search engine results pages, and 55 percent of businesses today invest in SEO services. If you still wonder how to optimize your Shopify SEO, check out 8 EASY steps of SHOPIFY SEO optimization to TOP 1.


Although SEO is what everybody has heard of, it is not easy to fully catch up with all the definitions and know how you can benefit from SEO, especially when you are a newbie in the field.

So, what are SEO services exactly? How much do Shopify SEO services cost? And what are the top agencies providing the best SEO services on the market? Keep reading and you can come to a decision what the best Shopify SEO services for your store are.

1. What do SEO services include?

SEO services include a series of different stages and steps. The ultimate goal is to optimize a site, then the sales will considerably surge up as your expectation. Optimization means making your site more friendly to the search engines, so these search engines will rank it highly in the search engine results pages (also known as SERPs). Therefore, this process is closely related to the job of dealing with keywords, page display, content quality, meta description, etc. As a result, all the SEO services provided by an agency base considerably on bringing into play those techniques to generate organic clicks.

You have already imagined the panorama of how SEO services will help to build your business. Now, let’s get into the details of all the services that an agency can provide to a site.

1.1. Customized E-commerce SEO strategy

This is the early stage of the optimization process. By analyzing your site, the agency providing an SEO solution will understand the site’s advantages and disadvantages, then create a perfect SEO plan for your site. Implementing the right SEO strategy for different kinds of business is important.

In addition, evaluating your site also means understanding the business and targeted audiences. Thus, the agency providing SEO strategy will find out the best tactics for your business. 

1.2. Online project management schedule 

Although you own the business and understand it the most, do not underrate the importance of a good SEO agency. Many business owners are not knowledgeable enough when it comes to digital marketing terms. It is good to have a full scope of what you should do based on the customized plan which is carried on by a charismatic agency.

Once the company deeply understands the type of business, goals and also the targeted audience, they will develop a SEO schedule which includes identifying the key words, creating tactics to help your site rank higher in the search engine results pages. 

An experienced agency will help you get more organic reaches, create higher sales and beat your competitors in the field by using reasonable SEO services.

1.3. Keyword research and optimization

This is a very important stage in the process of fully optimizing your site. The purpose of this step is to satisfy your potential customers, and of course, the search engines. 

The ultimate goal is to understand how targeted audiences are searching, and how to make the site’s visibility ranks higher. This process includes making up a list of targeted keywords, then using them to build high-quality contents for your page. You can use tools by yourself to compile the list of keywords you need, for example, you can search the product on google, and see what are on the top of the list (of course, this is the simplest way).

Searching keywords on Google

Or you can use online tools to help you, like KWFinder or Google Trends, with zero investment at the early stage of building your business.

On the other hand, if you want to optimize your site comprehensively and professionally, you can lean on an experienced SEO agency. You will have an effective SEO schedule in just a short period of time.

1.4. Product markup

SEO services will help you to compare your business with your competitors’, then you will have a better understanding of the products (in some cases, you may consider to change the prices, or rearrange some categories on your website). This tactic is also used for sales promotion on special occasions of the year. 

1.5. Product image optimization

According to, “Image optimization is about reducing the file size of your images as much as possible without sacrificing quality so that your page load times remain low. It’s also about image SEO. That is, getting your product images and decorative images to rank on Google and other image search engines.”

There are some techniques we can apply to optimize images for the page, for example: setting a descriptive and short name for the image, reducing the image size, checking the file type before uploading, choosing the best angles for the image, checking the image on Google, and so on.

1.6. Product SEO copywriting

In case you are worried about how to write this type of content effectively, don’t be nervous, you are not the only one who endures this pressure. Even the most experienced copywriters in the world sometimes struggle to produce a good call-to-action but also appease-the-audience piece of information. 

Good SEO services from top-notch agencies will make good content. Some of the techniques we can apply to sell as many products as possible: thinking carefully about the headline, speaking the language that the targeted audiences want, matching keywords, optimizing the meta tags, so on.

1.7. Professional blog or article copywriting

Nowadays, if you want to sell anything, you should give away something first. That is to say, gaining the customers’ belief is the key. Blogging and sharing knowledge relating to the products are the best ways to attract more organic traffic to your site and help you rank higher in the search engine results pages. From reading or watching stuff, customers will probably have a temptation to experience the product or service you introduce.

For example, if you are selling goods for pets, you can create a blog and write about dogs, cats, or share your knowledge about how to take care of them… Just provide anything useful to your potential customers. 

1.8. Content promotion

This is the process of distributing your posts and contents through different channels and in different ways. Promotion activities may include email marketing, pay-per-click advertising, seeding, social media or influencer outreach… An efficient content promotion plan will consist of a multi-channel approach. You can consider choosing what kind of interaction is suitable for you the most. 

Why is content promotion important? After building content, you will expect to have as many people seeing it as possible, and making pieces of content more visible to the search engines and potential customers is as essential as creating them.  

1.9. Monthly keyword, traffic, and transaction reporting

After preparing a website with good content, now you need specific tools and systems to measure the efficiency of your SEO campaigns. You can use Google Analytics, Ahrefs… to follow the numbers. Having these tools setup will ensure that your business works effectively. 

Besides, remember to check out the right keywords every month. They have always changed unprecedentedly as the market fluctuates. Your content should be better up to date and revised regularly.

2. How much are Shopify SEO services?

The fee you must pay for SEO services depends on what type of project you want to implement. According to Ahrefs’s research, they found out that the most popular price for a project is estimated to be $501-$1,000, and the percent of respondents charging this rate is 25.17%. However, 52.32% of respondents pay $1,001 or even more for SEO services per project. (Read the full article here: It shows that customers willingly charge more for SEO, which proves the importance of using SEO to build up businesses.

If you are thinking about purchasing a SEO tool for your business, try SEO Booster app. The app will give you a free SEO plan and automatically help you to boost SEO tasks on your site. The good thing is that SEO Booster identifies all SEO problems and suggests the ways you can do to fix them. It is such a reasonable SEO package for you, even if you just kickstart your business, or you have been on the market for a while.

3. TOP 9 agencies providing the best SEO services

3.1. The Web FX Agency

Web FX team confidently affirms that they are the best SEO agency in the world and they have numbers to prove it. Web FX creates a full-option SEO campaign for customers using MarketingCloudFX technology platform with a team of elite SEO-ers.


Phone number: 888.449.3239

3.2. Genius Ecommerce

Genius Ecommerce assures to bring the best SEO services to your business. Their advantage is that they have partnered with the biggest platforms and the best third-party tools in the world.


Phone number: 888. 982. 8269 or 267. 225. 1946

3.3. Whole design studios LTD

Whole design studios LTD has the best Shopify marketing experts, and you will work directly with their head of SEO as well as a team of SEO copywriters and designers.


Address: Halifax House, 30 George St, Hull, HU1 3AJ, UK

3.4. Ten Growth

With 10-year experience in ecommerce SEO, Ten Growth is confident to bring the most reasonable but efficient SEO service package. One of their biggest advantages is that they own a team of Shopify developers, which helps your business a lot if you have a shop on this ecommerce platform.


Address: 575 Lexington Avenue, 16th Floor, New York, NY 10022

Phone number: 14844732452

3.5. SmartSites

SmartSites commits to bringing in effective metrics for customers. It is impressive that most of their SEO campaigns double their traffic within 6 months.


Phone number: 201-870-6000

3.6. Social SEO

According to Upcity (2020), SocialSEO is ranked the “#1 Digital Marketing Firm in America”. They worked with enormous brands from around the world, such as Jaguar, Landrover, Cadillac…


Phone number: (800) 657-1645  

3.7. Victorious

In a liberal and distinct style, Victorious impresses you at the first place by their slogan: “We give a S#!& about great SEO.” They provide the greatest SEO services that will satisfy the most demanding customers.


Phone number: (415) 621-9830

3.8. Pearl Lemon

Pearl Lemon is an agency that won so many awards for their SEO services. Their team has 25+ years of experience and commits to provide a full-service SEO plan for the customers.


3.9. Optimind Technology Solution

Established in the Philippines, Optimind Technology Solution focuses on building long-term SEO strategies for the customers with a team of excellent SEO experts.


Address: 2nd Flr CTP Building, Gil Fernando Avenue, Marikina City, Manila 1803 Philippines

Phone number: +(63) 2 86820173


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