How To Earn Money From Amazon: 13 Proven Ways In 2022

How To Earn Money From Amazon: 13 Proven Ways In 2022

The extreme circumstances that were witnessed during the pandemic have left a mark on employment. Where a lot of people lost their jobs, many were able to start something unique and create a source of income. 

One of these sources has been the tie-up with Amazon through selling products and providing services to the consumers. Amazon is one of the largest multinational companies with 41 subsidiaries in various industries. It has an effective influence on cloud computing, digital streaming, e-commerce, and artificial intelligence. 

Amazon Web Services generated a heavy revenue of 7.3 billion dollars alone. It is one of the most valuable brands in the world and hence, associated with it is a big deal to start with. Amazon has created forums through which anyone seeking a job opportunity can enroll themselves in their desired field of work. 

Having said that let’s discuss the various methods that can be utilized to generate an income source through the versatile platform of Amazon. Remember that Amazon does not just promote selling and buying products but also various other services of which you can be a part.  

Promote and Sell Your Products

Let’s start with the basics, selling your branded products is one of the methods how to earn money from Amazon. You can register yourself with FBA i.e. Fulfillment by Amazon. Here, the essential aspect is to analyze what products you are selling and if there is a demand for those products. This is the basic market research you will conduct before manufacturing your products and selling them on Amazon. 

If your product lacks the primary elements of the sale, Amazon as the biggest e-commerce platform also cannot help you. 

When starting a new try to register with merchant-fulfillment. This concept suggests that the seller should take responsibility for the packing and shipping services. Amazon will only provide you with the platform to promote and market your brand. However, FBA provides the whole package with added costs. You need to pay Amazon a margin of your income as it will stock your products and highlight you as an Amazon bestseller. Hence, this is a method of how to make money with FBA. 

Estimated Earning – $1000 – $1500/month  

Become An Affiliate 

Affiliate marketing is one of the most used methods in generating an income source. If you join as an Amazon affiliate you will have to add links to your content on social media, video descriptions, or blogs. If anyone uses that link to purchase on Amazon you will be paid a certain amount of commission. This is a suggested method on how to make money on Amazon without selling any product/service.  

Considering how affiliate marketing has taken over with blogs Google cuts down any traffic on websites that do not provide any valuable content and just want to sell the products. Hence, as an affiliate content writer, you need to write conversational sale copies in the form of detailed buyer’s guides. The best example of a buyer’s guide would be a ‘how-to’ guide blog and review. 

affiliate by secomapp

Estimated Earning – $100 – $120/month 

Online and Retail Arbitrage

Online arbitrage refers to purchasing goods at a lower price and selling them at a higher price. While retail arbitrage refers to purchasing goods from retail stores and selling them at higher prices online. 

These are old tricks from the books that are still being used to earn money. However, in such practices you need to conduct precise research on how the product is being viewed by the public and if it will actually sell well. You cannot just buy any product and expect it to sell online. You will have to look for the credibility the product holds in the market and if people really need it. 

For instance, you find a product that is of high quality and has good credibility in the market however, it does not have demand. No one will buy your product and you will face losses. One of the examples of this concept could be thrifting. Where you buy clothes at a cheaper price and sell them at equal or a higher price. 

Estimated Earning – $100/month   


Dropshipping is the concept wherein you become a verified seller and create sale orders while the products are being managed by a wholesale supplier. The advantage of dropshipping is that you do not have to worry about storing or organizing the products. You just have to bring buyers to the sellers through the platform of Amazon. 

The major drawback of dropshipping is that the third-party supplier takes most of your profit margin which is justified considering he is taking care of the products, packaging, and shipping. Here, instead of the suppliers, you need to do your research on the supplier and his market authority. Dropshipping is a suitable alternative for individuals who are good at marketing and public relations.   

Estimated Earning – $800 – $1000/month 

Sell Products in Bulk 

Another method how to earn money from Amazon is wholesale product selling. Here, you focus on selling the bulk of branded products which can help you gain more profit than just focusing on a single product type. 

Once you decide on your trusted seller you need to list down all the different products you will be selling on Amazon. This will help the consumer to find you in different categories. Selling wholesale can be profitable however, you need to manage where you will store the bulk products. 

Estimated Earning – $4000 – $4500/month

Direct Publishing 

For all the authors out there who want to share their stories and expertise through their books and earn money you can opt-in for publishing on Kindle. With Kindle Direct Publishing an aspiring writer can share their work on the online bookstore where you generate revenue from the sales. 

You can add non-fictional books which are co-relating to the needs of the public and have a great demand in the market. You can sell e-books of any and every genre on Kindle and earn money. It is one of the easiest ways of publishing your work as many authors have published their work in a day’s span.  

Estimated Earning – $1000/month 

Join The Customer Serving Community 

Amazon has a range of services to offer which brings in a lot of customer queries and interactions. This can be an opportunity for you to enroll yourself in customer services where you can help as an expert for the technical team or as a coordinator helping the consumers out with their queries. 

Amazon is considered to be one of the most customer-centric companies hence, they take Amazon Associates seriously and expect you to have good communication skills and a positive attitude when conversing. Sometimes you might come across tiresome customers and you need to deal with them in a way where the company’s name is not hampered. So, if you have good communication and management skills you can opt-in for Amazon Associates as an income source.

Estimated Earning – $15 – $20/hour 

Sell Handmade Crafts and Products 

Amazon has created a separate platform to celebrate artisans and handmade products. If you are someone who creates handicraft and DIY products you should utilize this platform to sell your products and earn money from Amazon.

Handmade products sell at a higher rate and this can be a great opportunity for you to generate an income source. However, you need to understand what products can be made and sold and how they can be profitable to you. For instance, many sellers do not explore the tie-dye T-shirt category while there are so many merchandise and products that can be created easily. 

Estimated Earning – $1000/month

Amazon Home Services

Amazon is not just an e-commerce company it also provides services to customers for their day-to-day errands. Amazon’s home services platform helps you to generate income from your skillset. While enrolling yourself in a customer service forum requires you to have the flare of language and communication skills here you can enroll yourself as a skilled worker.

For instance, if you are well versed with home electric systems, plumbing, housekeeping, gardening, cooking, baby care, and others you can apply for a job in the Amazon home service sector. These services are in demand due to the concept of working individuals and parents. Hence, you can also enhance your skills in either one of the services and create a source of income from that.  

Estimated Earning – $1500 – $2000/month 

Participate In Mechanical Turk

Mechanical Turk is a 24/7 workforce provided by Amazon for multiple tasks that can help the technical and research team. You can enroll for this job if you need that extra source of income with minimal time consumption. These tasks are quite basic and majorly need your input and some technical skill. 

For instance, you can join focus groups where you get to give feedback on a product or publication. Some of the other tasks also include IT skills like organizing data and files and managing and creating content for a website. However, most of these jobs have now been taken over by software so you can learn such software and guide it to perform all these tasks.  

Estimated Earning – $2 – $5/hour 

Sell Old Belongings 

Where we have discussed selling branded products and handmade products let’s talk about how to earn money on Amazon with old belongings. There’s a huge market for second-handed products such as apparel, books, stationery, and home decor. You can easily use the platform of Amazon to sell your old yet functional products. 

The income from this activity is limited and depends on your inventory. Hence, the income from this source can sustain if you collect a few more sellers and use their second-handed products as well and sell them on the Amazon platform. 

Estimated Earning – $10 – $100/month 

Use Social Media Influence 

When we look for a product one of the first things that we analyze is the rating and reviews for that product. These reviews are quite paid by the sellers wherein they approach a social media user who has a good amount of followers to review their product. 

If you are someone who has a good influence on social media platforms you can opt for this job and give honest feedback for the users to choose the right product. The title for this job is Amazon Influencer. This helps the platform to rank and list the products for the users as well. If you have ever shopped off of Amazon you must have observed that all the products in the first two lists have a rating of 4 – 4.5. This helps the user and the platform as a whole. When choosing to review a product you need to get an idea of the background of the brand and its mottos. This will help you in giving an honest review and understanding the product better for endorsement.  

Estimated Earning – $100 – $150/month  

Contribute To Delivering The Products 

Last but not the least, you can join Amazon as a part of one of their essential taskforces. Amazon is known to deliver its products within 2-3 business days and this is possible with the chain connection of delivery partners through the state/country. 

The supplier might send the product from Texas to a customer residing in New York. The chain of partners will help in completing this distribution process through a series of delivery partners. You can choose the locality you will be working in and have to deliver only to the distributors who work in that particular location. This will provide you with an opportunity to generate a source of income while completing other tasks and activities as it will not take up a lot of your time. However, the pay for what place you are delivering in will differ.  

Estimated Earning – $15 – $18/hour 

With this, we conclude our list of proven ways how to earn money from Amazon. We hope that our methods and suggestions can help you in finding a new source of income through various Amazon forums.    

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