5 Best Ways to Find a Reliable Supplier for Dropshipping

5 Best Ways to Find a Reliable Supplier for Dropshipping

Description: How to find a reliable supplier for your dropshipping business? Here are the 5 best ways to help you reach the most suitable supplier for your products.

It’s challenging and time-consuming work to find the right and most reliable supplier for a dropshipping product. It takes time to research the supplier lists you get. In addition, sometimes you might need a trial or confront errors before getting a reliable supplier, who can provide you with quality products, dependable shipping, constant stock, and safe fulfillment. 

There are different ways to get a list of suppliers. Here we recommend the 6 best ways to get started. Let’s have a quick review of them and give you some tips on how you can use them to discover the best suppliers and products to sell in your online dropshipping store.

What Is Dropshipping

Before exploring the ways to find dropshipping suppliers, let’s figure out what is dropshipping.

Dropshipping is an ideal online business model for store owners who don’t have the resources to manage inventory, fulfill orders or manage stores. The dropshipping business model allows retailers to use suppliers to ship products directly to their customers. Compared to traditional retail, dropshipping retailers do not keep physical inventory and only pay for the product when a customer places an order.

The process may be much easier since many powerful dropshipping solutions, such as DSers – the best AliExpress dropshipping tool, are here to help you. With DSers, reaching reliable suppliers is easy and safe. Moreover, Dsers synchronizes order status automatically, which can save time and reduce risks.

Why A Reliable Dropshipping Supplier Is Important

After learning what is drop shipping, you may have understood the key to the success of a dropshipping business is that your suppliers can fulfill the orders as soon as you place them. Thus, a reliable supplier is crucial in dropshipping business. Here is why:

  • The primary one is that dropshippers cannot operate and grow their dropshipping business since they won’t be able to have any products to deliver to their customers without suppliers.
  • Moreover, a reliable supplier means high-quality products. It helps you get good reviews from your customers and build a good reputation. And a good reputation makes it easy to boost your business.
  • Most importantly, a reliable supplier can provide you with dependable shipping, constant stock, and safe fulfillment. Then, the risks of running an online store may be smaller.

How to Find Reliable Dropshipping Suppliers

Reaching reliable dropshipping suppliers can be a tricky and time-consuming task, but it’s essential to the success of any kind of dropshipping business. There are hundreds of suppliers offering the same products, so how do you know which one to choose? Here’s our guide to help you get the ball rolling.


  • When you have decided what to sell, finding suppliers with DSers is easier. 

You sign up and enter a product keyword or URL on DSers “Find Suppliers” page. Then it comes with hundreds of qualified suppliers selling the same products. Comparing them from different aspects, such as the price, shipping duration, and review, you might quickly find the most suitable one for your products.

  • Tip: Though all suppliers from DSers Premium Selection are approved and reliable sellers on AliExpress, you need to make some research about these suppliers before deciding since there are still so many to choose from.

In addition to its “Find Suppliers” feature, DSers offers another powerful feature – Supplier Optimizer. It’s easy and safe to help you source high-quality products from reliable dropshipping suppliers on AliExpress and push them to your e-commerce stores with only a few clicks. This feature is designed to facilitate the process of finding new suppliers, selling the same product, but with better ratings, and cheaper prices. 

To use the Supplier Optimizer, dropshipping men just need to copy the AliExpress URL link of a product they want and paste the link in the search box. Then DSers will analyze the details of the products and the picture and will offer a list of other suppliers that are offering the same product or other very similar commodities. 

Besides finding suppliers, DSers is very user-friendly and allows you to edit your products directly in DSers before you put them in your store. You can split those products, create bundles or buy one get one offers as you please, enabling you to get your first sale quickly and easily. What’s more, you can also make variants mapping to send your products to your clients faster than ever.

Visit Website 

Contact Manufacturers

Contacting manufacturers is also useful. It’s a simple step to ensure you’re looking at legitimate suppliers. The manufacturers have a list of reliable suppliers they work with. Contacting the manufacturers makes you reach out to these suppliers for the products you want to sell.

And it’s easy to know whether the supplier is trustworthy or not. Why? If you hear a supplier’s name from the manufacturers again and again, what does it mean? The supplier is reputable. Also, you can contact them to ask for a sample and try the product, which enables you to ensure the quality of the products.

Search Directly on the Internet 

Google has a large database, which lets you reach plenty of options. Many wholesale dropshipping suppliers now haven’t mastered marketing yet. It means some wholesalers are not great at online marketing or promotion, so they most certainly will not pop up on the first few pages of your Google search. It may require you to search more extensively. 

Whenever we need to find some information, the first source we go to is always Google. Google is a fast way to find dropshipping supplier companies, but it also has its risks and disadvantages, such as requiring much more time on identifying whether those suppliers are reliable or not. You need to put an effort to avoid making mistakes.

Attend Trade Shows

Trade shows are another alternatives for you to reach your suppliers. First of all, check the news about any trade shows in your niche that take place near you. Then find the information about it. The tickets of these trade shows can be costly, but they are a great way to meet reliable suppliers and view products in person.

Reach out from Social Media

We are in a world that is around the Internet. More and more people are sharing their life, work, and opinions through social media. When you search for something related to dropshipping on your FaceBook or Youtube account, you might find various information about a dropshipping business. Also, some wholesale dropshipping companies will promote their products through these channels. Then you can get their contact information through your social media account.

Tip: It may take you a lot of time to select one, but remember, it’s worth giving your time to finding a reliable supplier, which will save your time and money in the process of operating an online dropshipping business.

Tips For Choosing Dropshipping Suppliers

Except for the ways to find reliable suppliers, we still provide you some steps to ensure you find the right one since finding a qualified supplier is crucially significant for running a successful dropshipping store.

Read Customer Reviews

Reading customer reviews is a real and direct way of reflecting the quality of your suppliers. So if the supplier has customer reviews, you should check what people are saying about their products and customer service. It will give insights into how customers will feel about your store when you sell those products yourself. It will also influence your first impression of potential consumers.

Review Store Policies

Policies are something that your customers are concerned about. They would prefer a store with beneficial and acceptable return and refund policies. Why? Online shopping is always full of risks. When the customers receive a broken product, they want to know how to handle the broken products or if they are not satisfied with what they receive. Customers want to learn how to handle missing packages, returns, and more. You need to make sure the policies are available on the supplier’s website, if not, you should contact them directly to ask.

Test the Products Yourself

The best way to test a product is by using it by yourself. What you think and feel about the product will give you a good sense of how your customer will feel too. If there’s a product you’re planning to sell, order one to test the product quality and the shipping speed. Based on these experiences, you know how the product looks like and how long the delivery time will be. Then, you can develop an accurate estimate of how the customer will judge the level of service – for better or for worse.

Understand Possible Fees

Dropshipping business usually includes hidden fees and costs. You should have a better and firm understanding of the different shipping rates, monthly subscription costs, stocking fees. Moreover, you must understand how these will cumulatively impact your overhead.

Find Automatic Management

Manually managing inventory levels, placing orders, and tracking shipments may not be feasible as your business grows. If your suppliers supported integrations with your e-commerce platform, such as DSers, to automate these workflows, it allows you to focus more on growing revenue streams.


As a dropshipping store owner, without high-quality suppliers, you can’t make money as soon as you start. It’s vital to have dropshipping suppliers who are genuine and ship products on time since you don’t source the products yourself. Hopefully, the ways, platforms, and tips we’ve mentioned above will help you find qualified suppliers who will make it easy to run an e-commerce business. 

In summary, here are the ways you can try out to reach your “Mr right” – good dropshipping suppliers:

  1. Use DSers to help you 
  2. Contact manufacturers directly 
  3. Search on the Internet
  4. Attend trade shows
  5. Reach out from social media

Dropshipping is still a profitable business in 2021, but the premise is that you should start on the right foot by finding reliable dropshipping suppliers to power your dropshipping business journey. 


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