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[New Update] Level up your shipment with the new Delivery!

March 26, 2018   news & updates   0 Comments
Store Pickup _ Delivery

  DELIVERY – Store Pickup’s new feature will give you another hand with your Shipping issues. All shipping problems won’t be a big deal anymore because now you own a full box shipping method. Your Customers will have an additional Delivery option which you can take control and therefore deliver the orders to them on-time […]

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A Must Have! ~ 3 Powerful Combos only for ★Free Gifts★ Users!

Having Free Gifts as a hand in creating a promotion is a great option. However, in this very important and busy occasion like the Year End Festivity with big events: Black Friday – Cyber Monday – Thanksgiving, Christmas – New Year, one help can’t be enough!   Gift Giving is one of the best ways for […]

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Introducing Special Shopify App Combo: S.E.C.O.M.A.P.P

October 26, 2017   news & updates   0 Comments

More Savings, More powerful features! The troubles of doing business with Shopify are a whole lot. And there are a ton of Shopify apps out there to help! But can you have enough time to search and try them all? No worries! You won’t have to suffer a headache of the festive fever on Shopify! […]

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Store Pickup – Lacking feature for Shopify

September 16, 2017   news & updates   0 Comments

Your problem?   You own an online store with stores located largely. You want to give your customer an additional choice of picking up their ordered products from your store that is located nearest from them. If you only use the features of Shopify without app tools, your customer can only choose one shipping method. […]

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Fantastic sliders and where to find them

slider venue

It’s such a good day to announce that our banner slider app has just been upgraded with your dream features (we’ve listened and acted). Let’s review some added awesomeness in the app. Add caption to the banner from the app backend There is no need to photoshop your pictures before uploading, you can add your […]

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Shopify Store Locator app: The best is becoming better

July 17, 2017   news & updates, Tutorials   0 Comments

  First of all, we want to send big thanks to all our beloved customers who trusted us and our Store locator app, voted it as the best Store Locator app on Shopify. As a return, we constantly work hard to empower the app with more features and values. In today post, we will introduce and […]

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A little bit about Customer Attribute and how it is used

Sample of Customer attribute

  Customer Attribute helps you collect additional information related to customer and order directly on your site. In this post, we will discuss the information that shop owners are collecting with the app and how it can help them in running their businesses. If you are unclear how this app can help you and your […]

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Customer Attribute by Secomapp – Common Q&A

May 16, 2017   news & updates, Tutorials   0 Comments
Customer Attribute

Basically, Customer Attribute app allows you to add custom fields on your Shopify customer account, registration, and cart page asking for information from your customers. Since the app was released, we have received a lot of encouragements, compliments and several questions from Shopify shop owners. Thank you guys for your support and interest. Here are […]

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Customer Attribute – a Shopify’s gem for those who care about customers and order personalization

May 16, 2017   news & updates, Tutorials   0 Comments
Shopify Customer Attribute app

Have you ever wondered if there are other options to segment your subscribed customer list other than using their order time and value? Or do you feel stuck because Shopify default registration page and customer account page just provide you with customer email and name while you are looking for other information? Do you need […]

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Creating targeted promotion campaigns with Free Gifts

Are you tired of coupon code abuse? Wake up and see your promotion code on every coupon sharing site? Or are you looking for a more targeted campaign to create different promotion plans for different customer lists? Our Free Gifts has got medicine for those pains. Free Gifts allows you to generate unique links for […]

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