Announcing Secomapp’s Partnership with ‘Socialhead’

secomapp & social head partnership

Announcing Secomapp’s Partnership with ‘Socialhead’

Secomapp Officially Partners Up With ‘Socialhead’

Affiliate by Secomapp is so pleased to introduce and welcome Socialhead to join us as the official marketing partner.

With the ultimate goal to help our merchants to scale up their businesses the most through affiliate marketing, Secomapp has a strong belief in fulfilling the customer journey is the key point to turn a prospect into a customer. Affiliate marketing by Secomapp will definitely help businesses drive more potential customers, but a smooth and seamless customer journey will lead them through buying decisions easier.

secomapp and socialhead partnership

In order to do that, Shopify merchants need more crucial tools that actually help them optimize the customer journey, and Socialhead has all the solutions we are looking for.

Socialhead is a Vietnamese technology company that has over 4 years of experience in developing and providing solutions for social commerce on Shopify. Until now, Socialhead has officially launched 4 big Shopify apps (Socialshop, Socialpublish, Socialreply, and  Socialwidget) and helped Shopify merchants around the world start, grow, and scale up their e-commerce businesses. 

Through this official strategic partnership, both Secomapp and Socialhead expect to offer our Shopify merchants all social commerce solutions for more conversion and sales but less effort, time, and cost. 

Socialhead – The Complete Package of Solutions for All Shopify Merchants

Socialhead is providing 4 big Shopify apps including Socialshop, Socialpublish, Socialreply,  and Socialwidget. These 4 Shopify apps by Socialhead make a full package of social commerce solutions for Shopify businesses of all sizes and shapes. 

Each Shopify application by Socialhead will offer merchants different solutions to automate and optimize their Shopify businesses. With multiple times being listed in Shopify Staff Pick and Top trending apps on Shopify app store, Socialhead’s apps are trusted by worldwide merchants and highly recommended for newbies who are looking for the right tools to assist them in Shopify business running.

You do not need a team to start your Shopify business if you have Socialhead’s apps by your side. Let’s see what Socialhead offers our users.

Socialshop – Sync, list & optimize your product feeds on Facebook and Google automatically

Socialshop is an ultimate tool built to help merchants get rid of all manual product uploading in exchange for higher productivity and resource-saving.

social shop

With Socialshop, merchants can sync +1000 products at a time from Shopify stores to Facebook catalog and Google Shopping automatically within minutes. Socialshop empowers you with all the features you need to not only sync product feeds to Facebook catalog and Google Shopping but also optimize them for better reach and conversion. 

More functions included in Socialshop enable merchants to optimize their product feeds further as well as make the most of social selling on Facebook and Google such as filter products, set rules, etc.

With Socialshop, selling across channels is never easier than that.

Socialpublish – Automate all your social media management 

Socialpublish is built to make social media management easier by automating all the unnecessary manual work. With the autopilot feature, Socialpublish enables you to set up campaigns to auto-post products and contents on Facebook and Twitter. 

Merchants can also craft a social post with all the necessary tools, optimize images as well as add and manage multiple Facebook and Twitter accounts in one place.

By integrating with AliReview, Socialpublish lets you import customer reviews and publish them as social posts to grow customer trust and loyalty.

Socialpublish will surely ease your social media management to the fullest and give you free hands to grow your businesses.

Socialwidget – Build customer credibility and make Instagram feeds shoppable

This is a tool to let you create Instagram widgets and embed them on your Shopify store pages as social proof. By showcasing your best-performing Instagram images of products on your Shopify pages, you can capture customers’ attention, drive traffic and grow sales better. 


Socialwidget allows you to lead customers through buying decisions easier by tagging products on your Instagram images. Customers only need a click to check out the product information and buy it. This is the key function to make your Instagram feeds shoppable and boost sales. 

There will be some big updates for Socialwidget in the upcoming time to help merchants make Instagram feeds shoppable and more.

Socialreply – Make conversations that sell across Facebook pages and accounts 

A must-have Shopify app to make Facebook Messenger become an easy sales channel is Socialreply

Socialreply developed by Socialhead empowers users to reply to messages and comments across Facebook accounts and pages in one place. Moreover, merchants can auto-reply to customers’ comments or auto-hide unwanted comments by keywords.

social reply

With Socialreply, merchants can also optimize the chat flows boost conversion as well as grow the customer lists.

Not only excellent and crucial features, but Socialhead also offers you the most user-friendly experience and the best supports from our proactive customer support team.

By always listening to customer feedback and constantly moving forward, Socialhead updates 4 apps frequently to ensure users experience the latest and best features of Socialhead’s apps now as well as in the future.

Until now, 3 in 4 of Socialhead’s apps are completely free to use (Including Socialshop, Socialreply, and Socialwidget). Socialpublish is offering a premium plan with more advanced features, but it also provides a free plan with certain limitations for new users to experience. 

You can check out the Socialhead website for more information about 4 apps. 

In addition, Socialhead team produces multiple series of blogs and videos in order to help merchants learn and grow with social commerce. You can subscribe to Socialhead’s social media channels on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin & Youtube for the latest updates and useful tips and tricks via Socialhead’s blogs.

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