Product Labels app – A must-have app (QnA)

In the blog, we are glad to respond to questions regarding to another must-have app for Shopify stores as it helps you personalize your products with any image, not just the stock images on the app. It is Product Labels from Secomapp.  A round of applause to get started now 🙂
1. How to hide the labels in Product page or Collection page?
You can hide label on product page or collection page by adding css in product Image “display:none”. Make sure you uncheck (untick) the “Use this image for both Product page and Collection page…” & save it first, so that you can add css for only Product Image or Collection Image then.
2.  Can i add a label which contains texts only?
You can use a transparent image while creating the label. Then the label will have text only.


3.  How can I create a sale label only for products which have a discount equal or more than 20%?
Please follow the steps:
– Set value of field “Minimal discount percentage” at the section “On Sale Condition” in Settings page to “20”
– Set value of field “Is On Sale” at the section “State” in Condition tab of label to “Yes”
4.  How can I create a new label only for products which were published 10 days before today?
Please follow the steps:
– Set value of field “Use” at the section “Is New Condition” in Settings page to “Days threshold”
– Set value of field “Is New” at the section “State” in Condition tab of label to “Yes”
5. Does this app have a label showing how much percentage is being taken off? (For example, 20%)
You can see the specific instructions through the guidance video at

Most frequently asked Questions: #AskSecomApp

Everyday Secomapp Team has received hundreds of tickets from customers of all 7 apps. And we do love to receive and reply to you as much as possible.
There are numerous frequently asked questions that we would like to collect here for your convenience. Take a look for any case you might have 🙂
1. How long should I expect my ticket to be processed?
We put a great effort to make sure that all tickets will be replied right within 24 hours from Monday to 12.00 pm Saturday (GMT +7)
2. Could we get a discount when having more than one app?
Yes, we do offer various discounts depending on certain circumstances including the app number, the shop size, the app category and more. Just drop us a mail at for more information to your specific case.
3. I’ve run out of trial time for the app I’ve just installed while I haven’t had a chance to have it a go. Can I have an extension?
Yes, you do. We would like to provide the extension for you to make sure about the decision whether or not the app works. Just send us the request through
frequently-asked-questions4. How can I know when Secomapp has given special offers?
Please follow us on Facebook at:
Or Twitter at
So that you will never miss any chance for our occasional offers.
We will definitely please you with more favorable offers in the next few days.


Free Gifts – A powerful app for running promos

In this blog, we would like to untangle some knots about Free Gifts.
1. I want to display only the gift items with the price less than the certain products. How can I do this?
Please activate the “Gift item’s price condition” setting via Setting page (Gift item’s price should be less or equal to the product’s price customer added).
2.  I created a rule for a free Gift Card but I’m not seeing that it worked for our orders.
Currently, we don’t support the product type: Gift Card as a free gift



3. How can I manage the inventory of a product when it’s a gift?
Just Enable the “Synchronize products” setting via Setting page.
4. Why does Free Gifts app not allow to  have a product with more than 50 variants as a gift?
The reason is that Shopify framework has set the limitation for the 3rd app like us as maximum 100 variants/product. When we clone new variants inside one product as a gift item with more than 50 variants, it is impossible to insert enough gift variants.
We suggest that you separate the products into 2 or more products. For example, with the product as “B.A.P Bunny Sweatshirt”:
you are able to separate it into 6 extra products for each shirt like: youngjae, yongguk, jongup, himchan, zelo, daehyun.

Currency Switcher – No wonder anymore! (QnA)

In this blog, a series of questions relating to Shopify Currency Switcher will be resolved quickly by Secomapp Team. Any more troubles, please #AskSecomApp at We love to hear from you!
1. Why can currency not be converted at “checkout”?
We understand that it would be much convenient when customer can check out in his own currency. However, Shopify doesn’t allow us to change currency or price at checkout. At checkout, only product price at original price in shop base currency is accepted.
One solution that we can do for you is adding a notification about this restriction in cart page so that your customers will be aware of it.
Another solution that we would like to suggest is that you create different shop(s) for each currency. Our app will help redirect customer to the corresponding shop.
2. Where does Secomapp get the exchange rate?
We adapt the live exchange rate from Shopify at the time one customer requests a page.  And Shopify itself updates the rate from a few times per day.
3. Can we add “custom exchange” for a currency?
Yes, we can. However, we don’t activate this feature by default. We will implement it once requested.
The reason we don’t do it by default because the exchange rate does not affect the final price customer has to pay. Shopify will use the original price at checkout
4. Can we set a custom exchange rate for one currency and let the other ones use Live exchange rate?
Yes, you can. First you are supposed to request us to activate the feature of custom exchange rate. After that, please go to app admin: at tab Exchange Rate: Untick Use Service rate, then update the exchange rate for the currency you choose. Let the others empty so that we use Live exchange for theme.


5. What i need to do when i want to change shop base currency?
First please make sure that you add wrapper <span class=money></span> in currency format (check out Setup Instruction). Then
you should go to app admin and Publish to Shop again.
6. Can we configure product price decimals (or round price)?
Yes, you can. At the tab Currency Format, please change the all {{amount}} to {{amount_no_decimals}}. Remember to save & publish to shop again.
7. Can we have flag next to currency in currency switcher?
Yes, we can easily customize it for you.
8. How  could I know whether or not the currency has been automatically switched ?
You can search for your shop here at  You can also add some currencies supported by the website.
9. How do i sort the currency in switcher?
In Preference tab, make sure you choose only shop base currency. Then you add one currency at a time, and save before you add the second currency. The first currency will be displayed first in the currency box.

Banner slider – Above and beyond your expectation(QnA)

Banner slider – one super easy-to-use app – helps you impress your Customers with eye-catching lively images right on your e-store.  Banner Slider is a great app that allows uploading, customizing and showing a series of banner as sliders. In this blog, several confusions left will be cleared out.
1. Is there any limit in the number of images per slide or number of sliders that i am allowed to add to my site with Banner Slider?
No, there is not. You are free to have as many as you want. Only one notice is that you are not supposed to add 1 slider twice on 1 page.


2. Why does the sliders look not natural on our site?
If you use full width slider, you should choose the correct slider height so that the app can always displace it nicely on all devices or on any screen resolution.
The formula is the slider height = image height * 1300/ image width.
3. Can I add different sliders for each collection?
Yes, you can. You should add sliders to the collection description, which helps you have different sliders on various collections. Whereas the same slider(s) will show on all collections once you add slider embedded code in collection liquid.
4. The Slider is not responsive on mobile or tablet?
Please make sure the embedded code you copy & paste doesn’t have additional tags. Normally, if you copy the html embedded code and paste to product description or collection description, there are some additional tags which are added. And the tags will make the slides not responsive. You should re-check the back-end store by opening the product description in html mode and removing any tag which wraps the embedded code.
Sometimes the location you add the slide(s) may make the slides not responsive as well, in this case please contact us, we will check and fix it for you.
Feel free to drop us a mail for any troubles you have using the Banner Slider at
We love to hear from you! #AskSecomApp
Secomapp Team

QUICK VIEW – A free ride but the Best one (QnA)

When you access the huge app store of Shopify, Quick View might quickly strike you as one app in a gleaming bright yellow coat which is always on the top position of the hot Sales deck.
It is Quick View that is the first app to be developed by Secomapp Team with constantly increasing installations daily. Amazingly, this is also the most favorite app with over 700 positive reviews already.
More advanced features for the app are included/upgraded through time. However, the original version still remains free with essential ones, which still offers the unchanged benefits for all customers with limited budget like the very beginning days: Simply giving your customers a quick access to product preview in one click without reloading the whole site.
Free or not, Secomapp Team are always willing to back you up unconditionally. Here are some frequently asked questions regarding Quick View app:

  • How to remove zooming feature?
Please Open file Assets/sca-quick-view.css and insert the following css block: .zoomContainer{ display:none !important }  
  • My variant’s image didn’t change when options were selected
We are afraid that the feature does not include in the free original version. Please upgrade to a higher plan, the situation will be auto-fixed right away.  


  • Why does Quick View not display on mobile?
Quick View free version is disable on mobile. Only Basic version starts to be mobile-friendly.
  • Why does product’s description not format and look ugly?
Free version only supports normal text. Upgraded versions will help you deal properly with html/css.
  • Is Quick View multilingual?
Quick View app has not supported multi languages or possibly integrated with any multi-language app yet.
Please feel free to drop us a mail at for any question you have regarding Quick View app.
We love to hear from you!


Store Locator – #1 Store Locator app on Shopify (QnA)

It stands to reason that with the trustworthy power of Google Maps, you can count on the value that Store Locator apps can provide you.
Just recently released, Store Locator app by Secomapp has received such a warm welcome that the app has reached the first rank as the Best free Store Locator app on Shopify here and now. The app is developed with all amazing features included in any costly paid Store Locator versions such as mobile friendliness, easy configuration, bulk exporting and more. Store Locator  is also proudly to be mentioned as one of the attributes that cultivates to the differentiation of Shopify.
In this blog, we are collecting some frequently asked questions about Store Locator app by Secomapp. Hope it sweeps all out of the consideration about having the useful app.
1) Why should I create Google API (Application Programming Interface) for my website?
Store Locator app by Secomapp uses Google Maps interface. So an API key is strictly required to access  the Google services.
In the case that you do not create one API yourself, then our API key will be applied to your website.
If too many shop owners use our API key, then the app may not work perfectly due to the limitation from Google. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you get one API yourself.
(When going to Setting of Store Locator app, there will be a specific link directing you to get your own API key, which is
2) Can I Turn off the Auto detect customer location?
Yes, You can. You can easily turn it off by going to Backend-> Store locator app-> Search Setting, then disable it at module: Enable Auto detect Location
3) Does it work on a mobile device?
Yes, it totally does. Store Locator app is very mobile-friendly. The app works smoothly on almost all popular platforms including Mobile, Desktop, Laptop, Tablet and such.
4) Can I create search filters for my customers to find the stores easily?
Yes, you can. There are tags on every store locator for you to add. And your customers can do filtering according to the tags then.
5) Am I allowed to translate texts into other languages?
A big YES! Just go to Settings-> Transtalation section
6) “Find My Location” doesn’t work
Normally, the “Find My Location” button works properly on various browsers including Safari or Firefox. But with Chrome if you don’t find it work, just contact us for sending you a separate link for very quick access.
7) How to add stores in batch? How to deal with a list of too many stores quickly?
You can turn to the feature of Bulk Location Import. If you install the app for the very first days. Then you are supposed to reopen the app for importing in bulk quickly.
8) I would like to make sure about the free price policy under any condition.
Yes for now! Have the app installed now and you can use it for free for good. Even you own uncountable stores on the list, you can process it free with Store Locator app from Secomapp.  Any update is free plus free lifetime support as well. Grab the rare chance!
9) Could we have URL shops under hyperlink and not in the type of “://http//:” without any comma included?
Yes, you can customize various attributes as required. If you find any one hard to configure, just let us know to give you a hand.
10) Can Store Locator from Secomapp allow us to change the text “Find a store near you” to “Find a teacher near you
It is so easy with Store locator app.
You can change that text on template file of the app . You can find that file in theme with this name : Templates/
11) Wondering if your app has the ability to point to locations’website and mask the web address to a particular page? I want it to display but want the link to go to
Yes, you can. When you add a store location by our app, you’ll see 2 options to adjust as requested:
1. Web’s Url : this field is real web’s url ( for example:
2. Web’s Url Display As: this field is alias of above url ( for example:
12) How do I make the store locator map pop up in my pages of my website on Shopify so that I can use this instead of my old one?
Follow the instructions: (Or you just need to open Store Locator page -> Instruction and read the section “How to show store locator on your website?”)
  1. Go to Online Store-> Navigationthen Click Edit Main Menu
  2. At Main Menu, Click Add Menu Itemthen enter name, select link as the screeshot below. Click Save Menuand go to the frontend you will see the link of store locator on Main Menu. You also can show it every where you want by editing the template file (Using URL that be showed on the top)
13) I’ve followed the instructions but Map is not showing?
Just contact us and this unusual error will disappear for good 🙂
14) Can I put a few lines of text above the store locator part on my page: “Find bottles at these locations” (for example)? I guess your template overrides that?
You can add extra text to Store Locator page at its template file.
Please open file : Templates/
15) We are currently using Shopify and in our previous theme which is called “Pop” the app seems to work fine, but we are trying to use another theme called “Brooklyn” but the app looks like it is not working. We cannot see the maps or anything in the new theme, it just looks blank. Could you please help us with issue?
The problem is because of your theme change.
The easiest way is to quickly uninstall the app and reinstall. Once done,  click ” Publish To Shop” button .
Have you seen yourself in any case? Take a close look or just drop us a mail for a quick support for any trouble you have at Secomapp team is always there if you have any questions. We love to hear from you!
Store Locator app by Secomapp is really a must-have item for all Shopify customers who own physical stores. The app is here to facilitate the shopping experience by navigating customers perfectly to the locations, which helps them save resources significantly.
 Have it a go NOW to grab the flash seasonal chance to have it FREE.