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Store Locator – #1 Store Locator app on Shopify (QnA)

Store Locator – #1 Store Locator app on Shopify (QnA)

It stands to reason that with the trustworthy power of Google Maps, you can count on the value that Store Locator apps can provide you.
Just recently released, Store Locator app by Secomapp has received such a warm welcome that the app has reached the first rank as the Best free Store Locator app on Shopify here and now. The app is developed with all amazing features included in any costly paid Store Locator versions such as mobile friendliness, easy configuration, bulk exporting and more. Store Locator  is also proudly to be mentioned as one of the attributes that cultivates to the differentiation of Shopify.
In this blog, we are collecting some frequently asked questions about Store Locator app by Secomapp. Hope it sweeps all out of the consideration about having the useful app.
1) Why should I create Google API (Application Programming Interface) for my website?
Store Locator app by Secomapp uses Google Maps interface. So an API key is strictly required to access  the Google services.
In the case that you do not create one API yourself, then our API key will be applied to your website.
If too many shop owners use our API key, then the app may not work perfectly due to the limitation from Google. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you get one API yourself.
(When going to Setting of Store Locator app, there will be a specific link directing you to get your own API key, which is
2) Can I Turn off the Auto detect customer location?
Yes, You can. You can easily turn it off by going to Backend-> Store locator app-> Search Setting, then disable it at module: Enable Auto detect Location
3) Does it work on a mobile device?
Yes, it totally does. Store Locator app is very mobile-friendly. The app works smoothly on almost all popular platforms including Mobile, Desktop, Laptop, Tablet and such.
4) Can I create search filters for my customers to find the stores easily?
Yes, you can. There are tags on every store locator for you to add. And your customers can do filtering according to the tags then.
5) Am I allowed to translate texts into other languages?
A big YES! Just go to Settings-> Transtalation section
6) “Find My Location” doesn’t work
Normally, the “Find My Location” button works properly on various browsers including Safari or Firefox. But with Chrome if you don’t find it work, just contact us for sending you a separate link for very quick access.
7) How to add stores in batch? How to deal with a list of too many stores quickly?
You can turn to the feature of Bulk Location Import. If you install the app for the very first days. Then you are supposed to reopen the app for importing in bulk quickly.
8) I would like to make sure about the free price policy under any condition.
Yes for now! Have the app installed now and you can use it for free for good. Even you own uncountable stores on the list, you can process it free with Store Locator app from Secomapp.  Any update is free plus free lifetime support as well. Grab the rare chance!
9) Could we have URL shops under hyperlink and not in the type of “://http//:” without any comma included?
Yes, you can customize various attributes as required. If you find any one hard to configure, just let us know to give you a hand.
10) Can Store Locator from Secomapp allow us to change the text “Find a store near you” to “Find a teacher near you
It is so easy with Store locator app.
You can change that text on template file of the app . You can find that file in theme with this name : Templates/
11) Wondering if your app has the ability to point to locations’website and mask the web address to a particular page? I want it to display but want the link to go to
Yes, you can. When you add a store location by our app, you’ll see 2 options to adjust as requested:
1. Web’s Url : this field is real web’s url ( for example:
2. Web’s Url Display As: this field is alias of above url ( for example:
12) How do I make the store locator map pop up in my pages of my website on Shopify so that I can use this instead of my old one?
Follow the instructions: (Or you just need to open Store Locator page -> Instruction and read the section “How to show store locator on your website?”)
  1. Go to Online Store-> Navigationthen Click Edit Main Menu
  2. At Main Menu, Click Add Menu Itemthen enter name, select link as the screeshot below. Click Save Menuand go to the frontend you will see the link of store locator on Main Menu. You also can show it every where you want by editing the template file (Using URL that be showed on the top)
13) I’ve followed the instructions but Map is not showing?
Just contact us and this unusual error will disappear for good 🙂
14) Can I put a few lines of text above the store locator part on my page: “Find bottles at these locations” (for example)? I guess your template overrides that?
You can add extra text to Store Locator page at its template file.
Please open file : Templates/
15) We are currently using Shopify and in our previous theme which is called “Pop” the app seems to work fine, but we are trying to use another theme called “Brooklyn” but the app looks like it is not working. We cannot see the maps or anything in the new theme, it just looks blank. Could you please help us with issue?
The problem is because of your theme change.
The easiest way is to quickly uninstall the app and reinstall. Once done,  click ” Publish To Shop” button .
Have you seen yourself in any case? Take a close look or just drop us a mail for a quick support for any trouble you have at Secomapp team is always there if you have any questions. We love to hear from you!
Store Locator app by Secomapp is really a must-have item for all Shopify customers who own physical stores. The app is here to facilitate the shopping experience by navigating customers perfectly to the locations, which helps them save resources significantly.
 Have it a go NOW to grab the flash seasonal chance to have it FREE.


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