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Currency Switcher – No wonder anymore! (QnA)

Currency Switcher – No wonder anymore! (QnA)

In this blog, a series of questions relating to Shopify Currency Switcher will be resolved quickly by Secomapp Team. Any more troubles, please #AskSecomApp at We love to hear from you!
1. Why can currency not be converted at “checkout”?
We understand that it would be much convenient when customer can check out in his own currency. However, Shopify doesn’t allow us to change currency or price at checkout. At checkout, only product price at original price in shop base currency is accepted.
One solution that we can do for you is adding a notification about this restriction in cart page so that your customers will be aware of it.
Another solution that we would like to suggest is that you create different shop(s) for each currency. Our app will help redirect customer to the corresponding shop.
2. Where does Secomapp get the exchange rate?
We adapt the live exchange rate from Shopify at the time one customer requests a page.  And Shopify itself updates the rate from a few times per day.
3. Can we add “custom exchange” for a currency?
Yes, we can. However, we don’t activate this feature by default. We will implement it once requested.
The reason we don’t do it by default because the exchange rate does not affect the final price customer has to pay. Shopify will use the original price at checkout
4. Can we set a custom exchange rate for one currency and let the other ones use Live exchange rate?
Yes, you can. First you are supposed to request us to activate the feature of custom exchange rate. After that, please go to app admin: at tab Exchange Rate: Untick Use Service rate, then update the exchange rate for the currency you choose. Let the others empty so that we use Live exchange for theme.


5. What i need to do when i want to change shop base currency?
First please make sure that you add wrapper <span class=money></span> in currency format (check out Setup Instruction). Then
you should go to app admin and Publish to Shop again.
6. Can we configure product price decimals (or round price)?
Yes, you can. At the tab Currency Format, please change the all {{amount}} to {{amount_no_decimals}}. Remember to save & publish to shop again.
7. Can we have flag next to currency in currency switcher?
Yes, we can easily customize it for you.
8. How  could I know whether or not the currency has been automatically switched ?
You can search for your shop here at  You can also add some currencies supported by the website.
9. How do i sort the currency in switcher?
In Preference tab, make sure you choose only shop base currency. Then you add one currency at a time, and save before you add the second currency. The first currency will be displayed first in the currency box.
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