Shopify Store: Unlock additional sales with Product Label app



With persistent effort to help Shopify Stores to boost sales, Secomapp has introduced “Product Label” app lately. By using this app, Shopify store owner can easily hightlight products with labels and automate the process of labeling products by setting smart conditions for display.

You can add attractive icons & call-to-action texts such as “Hot”, “New”, “Save 20%”, “Low Stock”. It can be anything that you want to hightlight and catch customer attention.

Check out the introduction video:

Interesting labels could bring a lot betterment for the sales of Shopify stores. Even though they are just a small tools, they contain a great message about the product to a buyer. Labelling stirs customer’s interest and motivate them to make a purchase decision urgently.

Adding attractive image for label

With Product Label, you can easily upload your label that you design. This ensures that the label will match your theme style best. In case, you are not interested in designing, we offer a collection of label templates including: HOT, NEW, SALE, OUT OF STOCK, etc.


Moreover, in addition to image label including fixed text, Product Label could contain variable text such as:

{SAVE_PERCENT} – save percents,
{SAVE_AMOUNT} – save amount,
{PRICE} – price,
{NEW_FOR} – how may days ago the product was added,
{SKU} – product SKU

This customizes label for each product automatically. You don’t need to manually design too many single labels.

Last but not least, you can define the position of labels: top-left, top-center, top-right, middle-left, middle-center, middle-right, bottom-left, bottom-center, and bottom-right.

Set up automatical conditions for label


The superior of using Product Label is to automate the process of labelling product. This app allows you to set up condition for each label.

With Product label, you can:

Show labels for Individual products.

You can add labels to individual items by specifying their variants or you also can indicate Variants of products to which a label should not be applied.

Show Labels for On Sale products.

You can define a product on sale based on Discount percentage or Discount amount, and then Labels will be shown for products that satisfy your definition.

Show Labels for Out Of Stock products.

You can add and show labels for products that have been Sold Out based on the quantity of inventory.

Show Labels for New products.

You can define a product “New” based on the date that product was added, or threshold from product created date. For example: Show New Label for all products added in the last 20 days.

Show Labels for Products based on Price Range.

For example: Show a custom label for all products in price range: $20 to $100

Check out Product Label tutorial video to see how to set up label in a minute:

Multiple labels with priority

Because the Product label performs automatically according to conditions, it will display product label based on its priority. Now, you shouldn’t worry about how it will display if one product meets more than 1 conditon of label. You just need to arrange the label priority based on your own requirement.

With Product Label, highlighting product is not a big deal any more.

Check it out at App Store, now!

Top 10 free Shopify apps to increase your sales


You are running an ecommerce site powered by Shopify. Even though Shopify provides you with many wonderful features of online stores, it is never enough to automate activities and boost sales. App stores offer you a wide range of apps (+500 apps), which are awesome and many of them are free. There is nothing better than increase revenue without any cost.

There are too many apps out there so how can you select the most useful ones?

Ok, let‘s see top 10 FREE shopify apps to rocket your sales. If you are starting business with Shopify, it is of great value to pay attention.

#1 Quick View   quick-app

Quick View app has been standing in top 4 globally for a while with more than 270 good reviews from real customers. Its purpose is very simple, which is to give your customers a quick access to product preview in one click without reloading the whole site.


Using Quick View app helps to reduce the shopping time and of course, bring great shopping experience to customers. This convenience encourages customers to make sales because it helps their shopping much faster and easier. Especially, products can be added to their cart from the Product Quick View page.

#2 Free Gift   free_gifts.jpg

Anyone loves free gifts. It is not only a best way to motivate customer to purchase but also to create customer loyalty. In addition to giving customers free gifts, the free gift app can offers customers discounted gifts. By this way, store owner can select products as gifts with higher value.


What you can do with Free Gift app:

  • Reward customers in 2 ways:
    • Giving gifts on certain products (Catalog Rules)
    • Giving gifts on shopping cart (Shopping Cart rules):
  • Set up multi Gifts on cart rule
  • Display Promotion Message and Promotion Banner (Displayed on Shopping Cart Page)

#3 Printful   printful-logo

Printful provides fullfilment services, which is located in California, US. They offer free Printful app for your Shopify Store. You have beautiful designs but you don’t have enough resources to complete the whole process from printing, packaging and shipping. Printful will do it for you.


Printful offers variaty of products including T-shirts, mugs (11oz and 15oz), hats, posters, totes, all over sublimation printing and pillows.

The Printful is a great choice for those just starting out and want a “low” cost and quick setup of an apparel and accessory brand.

#4 Sweet Tooth – Loyalty Program   logo-sweettooth

Rewarding points for customers when purchasing at your store is not a new idea. However, it has never been underestimated by online store owners. If you are considering to choose a reward points app, we would recommend you The Loyalty Program app from Sweet Tooth.


This app has received more than 900 good reviews and a thousand of stores are using it.

What can you do with Sweet tooth?

  • Reward Purchases
  • Reward Referrals
  • Reward Account Registrations
  • Reward Social Shares
  • Reward Social Followers
  • Give Bonus Points on Birthday

If you have limited budget, you still can enjoy this app if your total loyal members are fewer than 500.

#5 Promotion Pop up  logo-promotion-pop-up

Promotion Pop up is wonderful app that helps to increase your conversion rate. Pop up can be in range of event, subscription, coupon, social sharing, etc.


Let’s see what you can promote with Promotion Pop up:

Show Pop up at anywhere you want from Landing page, home page, cart page, checkout page, etc.

  • Create multiple types of pop up including Newsletter Popup
    • Video Popup
    • Coupon Popup
    • Countdown Popup
    • Product Popup
    • Redirect Popup

#6 Product Label  logo-Product-Label

Are you showing special products (Hot, New, Sales, etc) but customers doesn’t notice? How can you attract customers? With Product Label, you can highlight special products with colorful label images and call – to – action text.


This app allows you to add labels based on predefined rules. You can create Labels for individual products, all products in a Collection, Out of stock products, On Sale products, New products or mix these rules together.

#7 MailChimp for Shopify  logo-mailchimp

In order to increase sales, you should not forget email marketing. Normally, you need to update manually the customer list every time you want to send a campaign. Now, forget it. With MailChimp app for your Shopify store, new customers will be subscribed automatically.


Moreover, MailChimp can create targeted email campaign based on customer buying behavior.

#8 Better Coupon Box  logo-coupon


Better Coupon Box is an other awesome app for Shopify stores. It offers visitors discount coupon when they follows your store social accounts and subscribe for newsletter. Its purpose is simple, which promotes your brand in Social channels (facebook/ twitter) and increase customer email list to sell more with email marketing.

 #9 Bulk Discounts logo-bulk-discount

Discount promotion is always necessary for online stores to boost sales. How can you create unique codes and track them?


Bulk Discounts – made by Shopify – is a must have app that helps you generate thousands of unique discount codes in a few clicks.

What can Bulk Discounts app do?

  • Create single use, limited use or unlimited use codes that expire after a certain date
  • Give each discount set a custom prefix
  • Keep track of how many discounts have been used
  • Easily calculate conversion rate of discount sets
  • Delete discount sets
  • Export discount sets as plain text Note: Stores on Shopify’s ‘Starter’ plan don’t have access to Discounts and won’t be able to use the Shopify Bulk Discounts app.

#10 Happy Email  logo-happy-email

Happy Email – The easiest way to say thanks and show your care to customers!


The happy Email app helps customers to take care of customers and make them happy by sending thank – you email automatically after purchasing at your store. This builds customers’ trust on your brand. In addition, you shouldn’t need to worry about content. Happy Email will do it all for you.

Hopefully, with above suggested app, you will finds most suitable useful apps to boost your sales!

Logo Makers: Generate unique logo in 1 minute

logo maker

Shoppers often evaluate credibility based on appearance alone – which is why your logo is vitally important.

The number of businesses using Shopify is growing greater and greater every single moment. A large proportion of stores are small and medium size, which have limitation in budget.

So the question is with limited budget, how can you solve the problem of branding? You need a logo first but you are not a designer and have no idea about it.

In this post, we’ve introduced 3 high quality logo generators to help you create your brand.

The important of logo

When shopping online, you sometimes have idea that logo is just a small part. After all, you just look at the product only. However, your company ‘s logo is one of the most important part in branding. A good logo can help build customer awareness and create first impression of your brand. Moreover, the logo will be attached on every documentation such as: banner, business card, advertisement pieces, receipts, every page of your online store, etc.

Before we start introducing logo generators, please remember some key points of making a logo– Keep your logo short and simple, never copy other brands logo style, be creative enough to design something that reflects your brand’s personality thus conveying message to people that what your brand belongs to!

Ok, now let’s get started!

Online Logo Maker by Shopify


 Shopify is developing faster and faster to become best ecommerce platform. If you have idea to open an online store, take Shopify into your account. Regarding logo generator, Shopify is wonderful to provide online logo maker for free. You can create a stellar logo in a second with this tool. Their image selection and design tools are not as broad as other sites, but it’s also free to use, especially if you are also using Shopify to build your online store.

 Designhill Logo Maker

Designing a logo cannot get any easier with Designhill’s free logo maker.Designhill logo maker

You can create your custom logo even if you have no knowledge of design tools or process. Select from hundreds of available fonts, icons and frames to test unlimited variation until you get the best design for your company. Thus get a logo made by you that you are truly proud of and which stands out in the competition.

Tailor Brands

 Tailor Brands is one of the best choice of logo generator. It seems like you have a personal designer creating logo for you.


Actually, there is no real designer who can chat or talk to you directly and design a logo for you. The secret lies in an algorithm that will automatically select and recommend a number of logos based on the designs you like. Well, it is such an superior intelligence, isn’t it?


Unlike other generators, where you normally select a logo is by looking through an huge image library. After that, you choose an image that match your brand most as a logo. This type of creating logo is self-served and it is suitable when you already have ideas in mind. However, what if you have no idea how to choose a good logo design? Tailor Brands is your best choice is this case.

 Graphic Springs

After Tailor Brands, Graphic Springs is another perfect choice. Even though it is not intelligent as Tailor Brands, Graphic Springs offers you a best logo customization tool.


You can change manually the logo graphic to top, bottom, left or right of your business name. Besides, you can easily resize the logo image, change the color, font, etc.

Graphic Springs is good for those, who want more personal customization of logo. Of course, it is ideal when you even have no idea about your logo. Graph Springs can give you great suggestion and inspiration.


Hipster Logo Generator

The Hipster Logo Generator has trendy design concept, and it is so easy to design logo for your own brand.


The Hipster offers you multiple choice to choose from shapes, graphic, color, etc. However, it is not really perfect when you want to customize in details.

In case, you do not have many ideas about logo, you can refer to their blog that showcases most recent logos generated by Hipster.

Best of all, it’s totally free.

Design Contest

Last but not least, for those who are not comfortable with DIY logo making tools, Design Contest  is a platform that connects people from all over the world who are looking for unique logo design services with professional designers who are able to fulfill their needs.

Now, hopefully you have idea of where to start building your brand’s logo. If you have any other tools and resources, share with us in the comments!

Steps to get started with Shopify

Steps for getting started with Shopify

It is fair to say that Shopify is becoming a leader in a fiere market of ecommerce platforms with more than 165,000 businesses and witnesses a huge product value of 8 billion dollars. We have already known many advantages of implimenting Shopify. However, before you exploit the potential of Shopify, you should know the essences of getting started.

Add Products

adding product shopify

Normally, you can add products manually but it may take you time when you have many products. Shopify allows you upload a bulk of products via CSV file. This feature is the same with some other platform such as Magento. What is more? In case, you move your store from other platform such as Magento or eBay to Shopify, you can import product listings to Shopify easily.

Regardless of plan you choose, you can have unlimited space for products in your store. Moreover, if your product has many variations in size,color, etc, you can host up to 100 variations of each product. Product types can ranges from physical to digital products such as software, eboook,…


For those, who are just getting started business with small budget, you can exploit more than 100 free themes of Shopify. In case, you have a bigger budget for design, paying for a more advanced design makes your store more profesional and unique.

theme shopify

If you are familiar with HTML or CSS, you can manually edit your design in detail.

Domain Name

There are many providers of domain out there, if you have already purchased a domain from a 3rd party, you can enter that domain name into shopify easily.

If you haven’t have a domain yet, you can get a domain from Shopify at the price of $13 per year.

In general, you can use any domain name you like, as long as it isn’t already in use. Your domain name is a significant component of your online branding, so take some time to think carefully about the name you’ll use.

You don’t need to purchase a domain as others. You can save money by using the default domain name, which will be as


When selling online, of course you will want customers can make payment easily. Luckily, with shopify, customers can enjoy multiple payment methods from PayPal, Creadit Cards to other offiline methods.


PayPal is considered the most popular payment method after Credit Cards now when shopping online. In order to activate PayPal method in your store, you need to create a free PayPal Account.

Sometimes, your business can accept other payment methods as follows:

  • Cash on Delivery
  • Money Order
  • Bank Deposit
  • and more…

After the payment fullfiled you can go back to your backend store to change the status to PAID. It is up to you.

In the end, don’t forget to visit App Store to find useful apps for your store.

Checkout Secomapp ‘s aplication to increase your sales!

How to use Free Gift to increase sales

How to use free gif to increase sales

If you are a store owner of a real store or a Shopify store, giving customer discount or free gifts when they purchase in a store is not a new idea. We all know that everyone loves free gift and it might, of course, improve your sales. However, the question of how to optimize it is still making store owners wonder. Today, we will give you some recommendations to have a successful free gift campaign to increase sales.

Proper time and duration

Free gift promotion should be during a certain special time. If you always give out this campaign, it doesn’t mean to motivate customer to take action. There are always free gifts so why do they need to hurry? Best time for free gift promotion is on the rush time of your business in a year. Of course, the year end is always a good time to boost sales, however, there are some others.  No one understands your business better than you so take time to investigate customer behaviors.

Secondly, the duration of free gift should be long enough for customer to get news and take action but not too long, which will not motivate customer strongly.

Perfect gifts

It has ended the time of giving gift, which is just a very small incentive such as: a pen, a candy, etc. When customer shops online, they need somethings more appealing and should be related to your products. For example, you sell comestics, the best free gift is a travel size set, or trial set. It does not only motivate them to purchase, but it also cross- sells other product.

Sometimes, giving a default gift for everyone is not a good idea. Everyone loves the personalized gift (type, color, size,..). It is best if you can offer them a list of gifts so that they can choose the one they love.

Simple Rules

As a saying “SIMPLE IS THE BEST”, do not make customer confused about how to obtain gifts. Shopping online saves customer time then we always need to remember time factor when selling online.

Some simple rules’ example:

Buy X get Y (BOGO)

Buy 2 get 1 free

Purchase over 500 USD get 1 (or many)

Buy X get 40% off of Y

Smart Display

You should know the path of customer from entering your site to completing checkout then make decision on the places to display information about free gift program.

Home Page: This is the first place customer enter your website then give the campaign one position here. It can be an attractive banner or a “Free Gift” label on feature products.


Shopping Cart Page: This is a step that customers look back their shopping cart to know what they have added and total cost. Free gifts should be added automatically into their cart. In case, they haven’t meet the rules to receive free gifts. Make something to remind them of purchasing more such as a promotional message at the top.

promotional message free gift

Hope you will have successful free gift campaign.

Checkout Secomapp Free Gift App to trigger your sale!

Does your store need a Currency Switcher app?

Vitamin C+ (1)

What is it?

Currency Switcher is an application for Shopify stores, which uses customer location to auto redirect customers to the proper currency. The app uses live exchange rate of Shopify, which is updated automatically every second. You can see this function in some big brand which sell globally. If you are targeting global market that use different currencies, this is a must – have app for you.

What will it do for me?

Every business has a goal to maximize profit and offering wonderful shopping experience is one of the best way to obtain that target. With Currency Switcher, customers are able to know the accurate price of products in their currencies. What does this mean? The process of making decision will be fastened. No need to convert currency at all. In case, customer doesn’t want to use their local currency, they still can choose other currency and next time when they enter the site, it will automatically display currency according to customer‘s choice.

What should you look for in a currency switcher app?

Ideally you want a solution that gives you:

  • Diversity of currencies
  • Manynice templates for Currency Selector
  • Auto detection of customer location
  • Easy change of currency format display (eg: $100, 100 USD,…)
  • Out of the box performance with fat and accurate loading

Why should you choose Secomapp Currency Switcher app?

  • There are many Currecy Switcher apps out there you can choose from. In general, every Currency Swithcher can help you to extend business horizons to other countries and improve shopping experience of foreign customers with multi-currencies. Currency Switcher app of Secomapp is one good choice. Because of it out of box performance and its nice looking, Currency Switcher app has been received many good reviews from customers. Let’s take a look at Currency Switcher app‘s features:
  • Automatically detect customer’ location then auto switchs to the currency of your customer. US visitors will see dollars, Europeans will see Euros…
  • Live currency exchange rate from Shopify
  • Change the relations between a country and a currency in the back-end
  • Many nice templatesfor Currency Selector such as Currency with FlagSymbol. You can choose the nice template that fit with your site.
  • Support to display nice in PC, Tablet and Mobile
  • Freecustomization, integration with other apps.
  • Easy to change the displayof currency format.
  • Support the Currency Selector built in your theme
  • Very fast loading

Experience Currency switcher app for free in 14 days

5 Things you need to know about Shopify

5 Things you need to know about Shopify

1. What does Shopify do?

Shopify was founded in 2006 in Canada as an online store platform. The initial goal was very simple: provide an easy way to sell products online that frees sellers from all technical hurdles. Currently, it is powering over 275,000 online shops and has helped businesses process over $17 billion worth of sales
Setting up an online store has never been easy and affordable. With the help of Shopify, you can create a complete online shop without any knowledge of IT. Spending only a small amount of money each month (Min level is $30), you are allowed to organize your products, customize frontend, accept many kind of payment methods, track orders,…

2. How much does Shopify cost?

Shopify is a fully hosted platform, which helps you to concentrate on selling instead of files and coding. As a result, you bring best shopping experience to customers and cut costs to get higher bottom line.
So how much do you need to pay for shopify?
Currently, there is no longer free plan. Shopify offer you free 14-day trial. You can test every thing before making decision on using it. After the trial expires, you will choose your plan, which suits your business nature and size best.
About transaction fee:
Use Shopify Payments and pay no transaction fee. If you choose an external payment gateway, there will be additional fees of 2%, 1% or 0.5% for Basic Shopify, Shopify, and Advanced plans, respectively.
Let ‘s take a look at the price:


You don’t need a web host as well. Basic Shopify, Shopify, and Advanced Shopify plans include secure, unlimited ecommerce hosting for your online store. Shopify uses the best servers, networks and a global CDN to ensure your ecommerce site is reliable and fast.

3. What do you need to start selling with Shopify?

You just need something to sell and a credit card to pay for your online store (once you’ve completed your free trial).
Products can be anything! From physical items (clothes, decorations, furniture,…) to services, virtual products such as: ebook, software,… Shopify can support every kinds of products. This is a superior points compared to other platform.
In your backend admin, you can create product catalogues, organize SKUs, post blogs and manage all of the content on your site.
In ecommerce industry, payment can be very tricky. However, Shopify support Credit payment properly and make it work very simply. Moreover, Shopify integrate with more than 70 payment gateways including PayPal.

4. Wonderful Design from Shopify

You can impress customers with beautiful store when they enter your site for the first time. The shopify theme stores provide you with numerous profesional themes from free to $180.

The special thing here is that shopify uses independent professional designers to create these themes. Then the designs are always fresh and modern – they can make your store look credible and welcoming.

5. 24/7 support

Shopify is well known for their best support service in ecommerce industry. You can reach them at any time either through phone, chat, or email. They are always fast and dedicated to any problem of customers. You will never be disappointed. Just imagine, your business will earn much on weekend. A small error on your site during this time can drain your sales dramatically. If the error happen at midnight of Sunday, don’t worry, Shopify Support team is always ready to be reached. Where can you find such service?

Slow loading time lowers your earning

Slow loading time lowers your earning
Slow loading time lowers your earning


Surely, you undertand the importance of speed in fiere ecommerce market. A second in this industry is a big problem, which can drain your sale. According to a research by Akamai and Gomez, customers are likely to leave if the website isn’t loaded after 3 seconds and the accepted interval is 2 seconds. It is not the end, more than 2/3 people asked will never return the websites which have performance trouble. Nearly a half will tell other people (friends, realations) about their poor shopping experience. Clearly, you can see the killing result coming from loading speed; you will lose your potential customers and loyalty ones as well. Ultimately, your bottom line shrinks more and more.

Moreover, sometimes the poor experience related to speed does not only come from loading time. It also comes from the times of loading that customers have to suffer in order to see products. The problem becomes more and more severe when your store has massive numbers of products. To view each product, customers need to load one by one product page. It takes them so much time but till the end they still may not find their favourite ones.



  • Quick View app for Shopify store developed by Secomapp can improve the times of loading totally. Customers can view the product information in a Fancybox popup on the category and homepage in one click. It saves customer time by not requiring to reload the page.

Quick View Shopify app

This app is FREE now on Shopify app store. Take the chance to optimize customer shopping experience.