Logo Makers: Generate unique logo in 1 minute

Logo Makers: Generate unique logo in 1 minute

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Shoppers often evaluate credibility based on appearance alone – which is why your logo is vitally important.

The number of businesses using Shopify is growing greater and greater every single moment. A large proportion of stores are small and medium size, which have limitation in budget.

So the question is with limited budget, how can you solve the problem of branding? You need a logo first but you are not a designer and have no idea about it.

In this post, we’ve introduced 3 high quality logo generators to help you create your brand.

The important of logo

When shopping online, you sometimes have idea that logo is just a small part. After all, you just look at the product only. However, your company ‘s logo is one of the most important part in branding. A good logo can help build customer awareness and create first impression of your brand. Moreover, the logo will be attached on every documentation such as: banner, business card, advertisement pieces, receipts, every page of your online store, etc.

Before we start introducing logo generators, please remember some key points of making a logo– Keep your logo short and simple, never copy other brands logo style, be creative enough to design something that reflects your brand’s personality thus conveying message to people that what your brand belongs to!

Ok, now let’s get started!

Online Logo Maker by Shopify


 Shopify is developing faster and faster to become best ecommerce platform. If you have idea to open an online store, take Shopify into your account. Regarding logo generator, Shopify is wonderful to provide online logo maker for free. You can create a stellar logo in a second with this tool. Their image selection and design tools are not as broad as other sites, but it’s also free to use, especially if you are also using Shopify to build your online store.

 Designhill Logo Maker

Designing a logo cannot get any easier with Designhill’s free logo maker.Designhill logo maker

You can create your custom logo even if you have no knowledge of design tools or process. Select from hundreds of available fonts, icons and frames to test unlimited variation until you get the best design for your company. Thus get a logo made by you that you are truly proud of and which stands out in the competition.

Tailor Brands

 Tailor Brands is one of the best choice of logo generator. It seems like you have a personal designer creating logo for you.


Actually, there is no real designer who can chat or talk to you directly and design a logo for you. The secret lies in an algorithm that will automatically select and recommend a number of logos based on the designs you like. Well, it is such an superior intelligence, isn’t it?


Unlike other generators, where you normally select a logo is by looking through an huge image library. After that, you choose an image that match your brand most as a logo. This type of creating logo is self-served and it is suitable when you already have ideas in mind. However, what if you have no idea how to choose a good logo design? Tailor Brands is your best choice in this case.

 Graphic Springs

After Tailor Brands, Graphic Springs is another perfect choice. Even though it is not intelligent as Tailor Brands, Graphic Springs offers you a best logo customization tool.


You can change manually the logo graphic to top, bottom, left or right of your business name. Besides, you can easily resize the logo image, change the color, font, etc.

Graphic Springs is good for those, who want more personal customization of logo. Of course, it is ideal when you even have no idea about your logo. Graph Springs can give you great suggestion and inspiration.

Hipster Logo Generator

The Hipster Logo Generator has trendy design concept, and it is so easy to design logo for your own brand.


The Hipster offers you multiple choice to choose from shapes, graphic, color, etc. However, it is not really perfect when you want to customize in details.

In case, you do not have many ideas about logo, you can refer to their blog that showcases most recent logos generated by Hipster.

Best of all, it’s totally free.

Canva’s Online Logo Maker

With the long-time popularity of Canva worldwide, you can expect another pleasant experience with the design tool for Logos:  Canva’s Online Logo Maker.

Canva’s online logo maker allows you to create multiple stunning logos for your business quickly and simply just with its drag-and-drop design platform as usual. Super easy but very professional.

You can start building your brand identity with many free options. A good plus point to take a shot!

Design Contest

Last but not least, for those who are not comfortable with DIY logo making tools, Design Contest  is a platform that connects people from all over the world who are looking for unique logo design services with professional designers who are able to fulfill their needs.

Now, hopefully you have idea of where to start building your brand’s logo. If you have any other tools and resources, share with us in the comments!


penji logo maker

Tired of lengthy explanations of your vision for your logo and other design? Worry not, with Penji you will be able to communicate with the best designers with pinpoint precision! By simply clicking on an area in the design you can leave comments and instructions for your designer to follow and when you are finally happy with the design, just hit download and get all your files and onto your next project!

In addition, budget tight or still testing product-market fit? With Mojomox, you can design your brand identity online quickly and easily. It allows you to create custom color palettes and wordmark logos fast with designer-quality details that suit your brand.

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