Does your store need a Currency Switcher app?

Does your store need a Currency Switcher app?

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What is it?

Currency Switcher is an application for Shopify stores, which uses customer location to auto redirect customers to the proper currency. The app uses live exchange rate of Shopify, which is updated automatically every second. You can see this function in some big brand which sell globally. If you are targeting global market that use different currencies, this is a must – have app for you.

What will it do for me?

Every business has a goal to maximize profit and offering wonderful shopping experience is one of the best way to obtain that target. With Currency Switcher, customers are able to know the accurate price of products in their currencies. What does this mean? The process of making decision will be fastened. No need to convert currency at all. In case, customer doesn’t want to use their local currency, they still can choose other currency and next time when they enter the site, it will automatically display currency according to customer‘s choice.

What should you look for in a currency switcher app?

Ideally you want a solution that gives you:

  • Diversity of currencies
  • Manynice templates for Currency Selector
  • Auto detection of customer location
  • Easy change of currency format display (eg: $100, 100 USD,…)
  • Out of the box performance with fat and accurate loading

Why should you choose Secomapp Currency Switcher app?

  • There are many Currecy Switcher apps out there you can choose from. In general, every Currency Swithcher can help you to extend business horizons to other countries and improve shopping experience of foreign customers with multi-currencies. Currency Switcher app of Secomapp is one good choice. Because of it out of box performance and its nice looking, Currency Switcher app has been received many good reviews from customers. Let’s take a look at Currency Switcher app‘s features:
  • Automatically detect customer’ location then auto switchs to the currency of your customer. US visitors will see dollars, Europeans will see Euros…
  • Live currency exchange rate from Shopify
  • Change the relations between a country and a currency in the back-end
  • Many nice templatesfor Currency Selector such as Currency with FlagSymbol. You can choose the nice template that fit with your site.
  • Support to display nice in PC, Tablet and Mobile
  • Freecustomization, integration with other apps.
  • Easy to change the displayof currency format.
  • Support the Currency Selector built in your theme
  • Very fast loading

Experience Currency switcher app for free in 14 days

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