5 helpful tools to write unique descriptions for eCommerce

5 helpful tools to write unique descriptions for eCommerce

As in other industries, e-commerce is seeing the same kind of technological improvement, with advancements in everything from audience connection to persuasion.

With the advancement of technology, they may employ a variety of strategies to persuade people to purchase with their brand. Text summarizer is one example of such a tool.

Some of the advantages of text summarization technology in eCommerce will be discussed in this article, along with some of the greatest summarizer tools for e-commerce. Let’s get started!

What is a Summarizing Tool?

Summarizing Tool is an AI-powered tool that condenses large texts into shorter versions. The essential phrases in a summarized document are generally a summary of the whole context. With a single click, the summarizing tool may blend three or four phrases into a short line.

How Summarizing Tools Work?

Summarizing tools are really easy to use. A summarizing tool’s operation is straightforward to comprehend. In order to summarize all of the text, a user first pastes some text into a summarizing tool, which will take just a few seconds to summarize that text.

A summarizer tool that reads the whole article makes use of artificial intelligence. There are no limits to what AI can do when data is put into a box. Following the reading of the text, it extracts the most important aspects and sums them up in bullets.

Summarizer tools mostly provide the summary in bullet points. The summary is easier to read and grasp because of the use of bullet points.

How Summarizing Tool Helpful For E-Commerce

1.  SEO and the Impact of Text Summarizers 

Summary generator programs have played a significant part in search engine optimization for the last two decades. Search engine results may be improved by providing a succinct summary of your material.

One of the best instances of this is the Meta description. A brief overview of the page’s content may be found in the Meta descriptions provided by search engines.

SEO pros may ultimately collect the material of the whole homepage using algorithms that provide summaries that are simple to read. So such a summary of the product is helpful for the SEO of your e-commerce site.

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2.  Summarize Important Information

Some software has the option to designate a term that will automatically appear in the summary of sentences. Many of these important terms have significant importance in the eCommerce industry. So, in this way, an important concept will always be addressed.

3.  Instantaneous and Free Results  

They’re easy to use and don’t need a download, so you can use them wherever you are. As a result, no more hard drive space is required.

In addition, they are free and simple to use by just copying and pasting text to acquire a summary of the content.

5 Best Text Summarizer Tools

1.  Textreverse.com

With this text summarizer, you can condense a lengthy document into a more manageable size with a single click. The whole document is analyzed and a concise summary is provided.

This text summarizer evaluates and condenses your material using cutting-edge AI-based technologies. Use this tool to quickly scan the most crucial parts of a document without really skimming.

It finds the most applicable phrases from the source material and synthesizes them into a concise and accurate summary. Moreover, it is also possible to save the output as a Word document.

2.  Editpad.org

There is no signup or registration procedure required by the user to utilize this summarizing tool. As an alternative, the user has rapid access to a text summarizer without having to wait around for it to be loaded. With all of its premium features available for free, it’s an excellent option.

You don’t even have to join up or log in to use it, so your privacy and anonymity are protected. Because of its summary length, it produces user-friendly results. Depending on your needs, you may choose the text summary length from 0 to 100 characters.

3.  Samedaypapers.com

Try samedaypapers if you want something more hands-on for your article summaries. You may enter text directly or paste a URL, but there are also a number of more complex choices that allow you to tailor your summary to exactly what you want.

In order to use this tool, you must manually put in the text to be condensed, then choose the desired number of sentences and press the button. In addition to highlighting phrases based on their importance and keywords, it may also enlarge the most prevalent terms in an article.

4.  Esummarizer.com

This tool is capable of delivering near-perfect summaries. It might be a wonderful fit for your desired summary because of its user-friendly layout, extensive feature set, and deep configuration options (URL use). It would provide you with the greatest possible online service by changing a few words here and there.

You may choose how many sentences you want to analyze, and after that, you will obtain the number of sentences you specified. Those who prefer to give money may do so using the tool, which is ad-free. The only drawback it can’t load files or output summaries in any format.

5.  Summarizen.com

For practically any form of writing assignment, the Summarizen will provide a summary of crucial phrases. A slider is included in the web interface for easy result size modifications. This Summarizer creates key phrases instead of keywords, and you may alter their quantity in real-time. Drag and drop your writing project’s document or paste the text into the summarizer’s input box, adjust the length of the output, and click the “Summarize” button. The technology generates a summary and a list of essential phrases in a matter of seconds. If you want to improve the results even further, click the “Para summary” option.


A lot of effort goes into making material visually appealing for E-commerce business success. With the aid of these technologies, you can create engaging content and deliver an impactful message to your audience.

These technologies save them time and effort, which is highly important for any business. At the same time, these technological improvements provide you with superior outcomes.

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