10 SEO Writing Tools to Earn More Traffic From Google

10 SEO Writing Tools to Earn More Traffic From Google

Digital marketing is a constant endeavor to push your content to the top. The exposure results in more traffic and eventually increased sales. You can also think about how to hire a professional writer who will proofread your essay free and deliver a flawless paper.

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Writing tools help you to craft the most compelling content for your blog or website. Such content will be more engaging, and in the process help you to capture the attention of potential clients. The visitors will return to your website or blog, helping to increase loyalty to your brand.

The internet has numerous writing tools. Some help you to write faster. Others help you to develop the ideas while you also have tools to edit your paper. You can also use the tools to check for plagiarism, and in the process avoid weak duplicate content.

Why write engaging SEO content

Before looking at the writing tools to use, it is necessary to understand the value of traffic to a website. You are not looking to make your website or blog popular for nothing. Here are the benefits you target when increasing traffic to your website. You also can check SEO Booster to note and correct your SEO issues.

1.Increased visibility

More traffic means that a larger group of people will be engaging with your website. They end up learning more about your products. The visitors also engage through clicking on internal and external links. They share the content with friends and associates. Your content will also generate debates on the internet, sending more people to your website.

2. Quality traffic

The target is not just to attract a large crowd. The goal is to capture a crowd that you can later convert into business. It makes zero sense to be popular yet your profits do not reflect the popularity. Develop content that can speak to the right people, send them to your website and result in increased sales.

3. Brand awareness

The target is not always to sell. Part of marketing goals is to keep your brand in front of the eyes of your potential customers until you run the next campaign or release the next product. Write the best product to renew your commitment to quality and promise the best services. Such content also invites other people to your website or platform, making it more popular.

4. Conversion potential

Only a small percentage of people visiting your website will end up buying your products. The content you produce should gradually increase this number. It means targeting the old buyers while still speaking to the needs and expectations of new visitors. It also involves retargeting persons who could have visited but did not find a solution. You need the most engaging content that can increase the potential of your website or platform to convert the traffic into sales.

5. Thought leadership

Marketers opine that people are likely to trust their first source of information. By creating regular engaging content, you become the source of truth for your clients. Whenever they need help in a particular area, they will always turn to your website. Such content must be fresh and authoritative. It should be believable and easy to understand. It is easy to win the loyalty and confidence of your potential customers when you provide credible, fresh, and detailed information.

6. Industry competitiveness

Every competitor is targeting the same audience. New entrants are also looking to steal into your market share. Your content must help you to climb the industry ladder and appear top. Appearing top during searches results in more visibility. It will direct more traffic and increase the chances of converting the traffic to sales.

7. Campaign targets

You develop content during digital marketing campaigns to meet particular goals. The campaign could be aimed at increasing visibility or meeting particular sales targets. Each of these situations requires the best content, especially specific to the goals you have set. The content is seasonal and must, therefore, emphasize the set goals.

SEO writing tools

Even the most prolific SEO content writer requires help at one point. The content may be overwhelming, leaving you with no time to handle other business or personal projects. In other instances, you could be good at developing ideas yet you cannot organize them well. There are many scenarios where you need help with your content. Here are the best writing tools to help you produce the most captivating SEO content.

1. Google Keyword Planner

SEO content is anchored on keywords. You must research the most popular keywords in your area to help you capture relevant traffic. You use the keywords to generate content that is attractive to search engine spiders. Without researching the keywords, you end up with content that cannot rank.

Google Keyword Planner gives you a list of words and phrases people are searching for in each area. You will also get different versions or secondary keywords. You can assess rising or falling popularity to give you an idea of the words to choose for each campaign. The tool is free. It allows you to pick words popular in different geographical locations, helping you to target a smaller population.

2. SEMrush Writing Assistant

The platform allows you to optimize your content for the keywords you want to rank. The app will help by breaking down the content into four crucial SEO segments.

  • Originality
    • SEO
    • Readability
    • Tone of voice

As you write your content, the app will assess its strength in each of these areas. It gives you suggestions on how to improve performance on these indices. It is AI-driven, helping you to achieve higher results than when you are writing the content manually.

The app will remind you to add keywords to strategic places like the title or introduction. It will also suggest additional or secondary words. It makes SEO customization easy and seamless.

3. Woorank

An SEO strategy is the backbone of digital marketing success. Woorank is designed to analyze your strategy and give you ideas on where to improve. By implementing a solid SEO strategy, you can improve your SEO strategy.

Among the tricks used is assessing the keywords used in your content. The best approach is to use Woorank after researching your keywords on Google Keyword Planner. You can assess the online reputation and even develop a solid social media strategy to combine with other digital marketing campaigns.

4. Content Editor

The tool is developed by a Website Auditor to help polish your content beyond grammar. The app is a word processing platform. However, it is built specifically for web content development. It comes with crucial SEO pointers that will make your content naturally easy to rank.

The app allows you to fill keywords, meta titles, and meta descriptions while still observing SEO rules. You can compare what your competitors are doing to see whether you are competing fairly. It also comes with a word counter to ensure that your content is of sufficient length. The app is free when sold alongside the Website Auditor.

5. Plagiarism Checker

Duplicate web content will affect your reputation and ranking. However, you can easily avoid this situation by a plagiarism checker. A plagiarism checker helps you to avoid duplicate sections. It highlights the duplicated areas as well as source websites to help you paraphrase your article. It is the secret to producing original, unique, and captivating web content.

6. KWFinder

The tool helps you to find the best keywords in your area of interest. However, it goes further to include detailed data on each keyword. For example, it will indicate the most popular cities using the keywords.

KWFinder includes search volumes, CPC cost, and changing popularity over time. Such details make it easier to choose the perfect keyword for each target market. You also learn what others are doing with the keywords. With such information, you can develop a blended campaign strategy.

7. Keyword Density Checker

Keyword stuffing will lover the quality of your content. Keyword Density Checker ensures that you only add the relevant keywords in your content in the perfect volume. You avoid low density that makes you invisible or too many words that translate into excessive usage.

8. Grammarly

Engaging SEO content is free of errors. It reads flawlessly so that your ideas are not misrepresented. Grammarly helps you to produce the most grammatically correct content to make it appealing to readers. You can also use the app to check for plagiarism and repeated words. You will make the perfect word choices, leaving you with highly engaging content.

9. Hemingway app

It is a dictionary to ensure that you do not make errors in your writing. The app helps you to write bold and clear statements that are also precise to read. It will increase the readability of your content.

10.  Social Animal

The app helps you to choose the best topics for your content. You can identify the most shared content by picking a few keywords. By imitating the best in the industry, you help your website to reach those heights.


The app helps you to choose the best topics for your content. You can identify the most shared content by picking a few keywords. By imitating the best in the industry, you help your website to reach those heights.

Writing tools make it easier to achieve your content writing goals. Developing the right content for search engines will be easier and more effective. These are the secret weapons you use to boost your ranking.

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