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Discover Top Favorite Shopify Apps by Secomapp! Highly appreciated by more than 150,000 Shopify stores over the past 5 years

Quick View

Preview and add product to cart on quick view popup

43,870+ Number of app installations
1,070+ Number of reviews on Shopify

Store Locator

Unlimited store locators to get instant directions

5,292+ Number of app installations
355+ Number of reviews on Shopify

Curreny Switcher

Make your store global with multi-currency converter

15,465+ Number of app installations
592+ Number of reviews on Shopify

Promotion Popup

Popups that convert existing customers into buyers

8,853+ Number of app installations
226+ Number of reviews on Shopify

Store Pickup

Welcome customers to pick up products in store

1,622+ Number of app installations
114+ Number of reviews on Shopify

Free Gifts

Increase sales with automatic discounts and gifts

14,269+ Number of app installations
444+ Number of reviews on Shopify

Banner Slider

Impress customers with beautiful sliders

10,991+ Number of app installations
121+ Number of reviews on Shopify

Customer Attribute

Collect additional customer data using custom fields

2,732+ Number of app installations
224+ Number of reviews on Shopify

Spin to Win

Let customers play a lucky wheel and win a coupon

16,760+ Number of app installations
1,171+ Number of reviews on Shopify

Image Optimizer

Compress image size without affecting quality

4,360+ Number of app installations
165+ Number of reviews on Shopify

Affiliate Marketing

Boost traffic and increase revenue

5,065+ Number of app installations
218+ Number of reviews on Shopify

Seo Booster

Detect and fix SEO issues in minutes

7,498+ Number of app installations
515+ Number of reviews on Shopify

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Shopify Spin To Win App


Easy and Fun Way to gather emails

I loved how easy it was to install and setup my 'spin to win!' This is a great way to add a unique and fun pop-up to your store for email gathering.

Shopify Quick View App


Shopping gets easier and quicker

The app has made the shopping experience on our sites much easier and quicker for customers. Support has been great - Highly recommended app!

Promotion Popup Shopify App


Free Powerful App for multi-purposes

This app is really helping me to create pop up for general announcement on top for promotion as how the app functions. So, you'll get 1 powerful app for multi purposes for FREE~! The support team is helpful who help me add customization to function as what I want to be.

Shopify Currency Switcher App


Easy view customer currency without converting

Awesome app. My customer can now view their currency without converting it from their designated location. Michelle & Peter- Staff our very professional and provided excellent customer service.

Shopify Customer Attribute App


The other app couldn't do...

Great App! They are very responsive to questions & any little issues that come up. Has really done something that the other applications couldn't do. Thanks!!

Shopify Store Locator App


All coding is supported

I had a few settings that needed to be finetuned that involved coding and they fixed everything for me. the app itself does wat it says and it looks clean and minimalistic. you can do a handy bulk import and save users a lot of time.

Shopify Store Pickup App


Amazing Customer Support

Customer support does an amazing job at getting back to me about any questions I have. Responding quickly and come up with a solution in the right direction and have a better understanding on how the app works and what can and can't be done in Shopify.

Shopify Banner Slider App


Using this app if you need a more professionel website

Just the app I was looking for! Great service from the team. I really recommend using this app if you need a more professionel website with big pictures. Thumbs up!

Shopify Free Gifts App


Increase the value your business has to offer

It really has helped me push my customers over the edge on the decision to purchase from my business. It is aesthetically perfect for my site and works flawlessly! I love it! Highly recommend this app.

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