How to make the most out of Shopify Free Gifts app: Common practices and case studies.

Free Gifts ideas for Shopify

How to make the most out of Shopify Free Gifts app: Common practices and case studies.

 Free Gifts ideas for Shopify


New Free Gifts customers usually see a boost of 40% revenue a month with the app. How do they achieve such promising results? What are the best practices to optimize the app? You ask.

We’ve conducted a research on more than 1000 of our Free Gifts app customers who have used the app from 6 months to 2 years to see how they use the app to run their businesses every day and answer the question of what are the most common and best practices of using the Free Gifts app. If you are looking for some new ideas and inspirations, this post is for you.


Now it’s time to find some inspirations from our Free Gifts common practice, common idea list:

Case study 1: A little surprise for every customer

The idea is to send a gift (just one with a low price) for all the customers when they add any products to cart. Make it a surprise for your customers. It should act like a small treat showing how much you care about your customers, not a part of your promotion campaigns.


  • For new customers, they would have no idea that they will receive a gift from you; it will increase their desire to buy the product in their cart, hence increase your conversion rate.
  • For old customers, your frequent gift will be one of their impressions about your shop. In some cases, they even give the gift to their friends or families. Bingo, you just reach new potential customers with credible referrals.


  • Small price (less than $1 maybe)
  • Regular use in social situation is ideal
  • The gift should carry your brand logo
  • A sample of another product

You can find the live action of the tactic on our customer sites here:


?[Click on the logo]



?[Click on the logo]




?[Click on the logo]

Lavanila is giving away a sample of a healthy fragrance to every order. Imagine how they are remembered every time the sample is used. There are a lot of stores that are in love with this giving away a product sample tactic as follows.

Other examples as you may wish [Click on any logo to see how the brands have made it work?].








Step 1: Open the app->Gift on Cart rule->Add new rule

Step 2: Change the following fields:

  • Name: gift for every order
  • End date: rules like this can (and normally) be used for a long time, from a month to a year. In this example, let make it our 1-year rule:

  • Total: 0.1 (which means, any orders with value higher than $0.1 will get this offer)


  • Choose your gift





Step 3: Click “Create” button. After page  loaded click Apply Now button to apply the new rule to your shop.


Case study 2: Create a value ladder for your customers.

It is similar to:

  • $0.1 < order value < $80 : receive gift A
  • $81 < order value < $140 : get gifts A and B
  • Order over $150: take gifts  A,B and C


  • Encourage customer to increase value of their orders
  • Increase the desire to finish the purchase

You can see the live action of this tactic on these sites:


?[Click on the logo]

?[Click on the logo]


We’ll create 3 rules like these

  • $0.1 < order value < $80 : receive gift A
  • $81 < order value < $140 : get gifts A and B
  • order over $150: take gifts : A,B and C

Let’s create the first rule $0.1 < order value < $80 : receive gift A. These other rules can be created similarly.

Step 1: Open Free Gifts app -> Gift on Cart rule-> Add new rule

Step 2: Change these value

    • Enter Name and End date
    • Total from 0.01 to 80

Step 3: Select gift -> Click “Create” button -> after page was loaded click “Apply Now” button

Idea 3: Upsell

If you want to boost the revenue with the upsell campaign, this tactic is for you. However as this post is a little too long to consume, we will hit the pause here. See you in our next post in our Free Gift common practice.

At Secomapp, we always want to add the best value to your business, contributing to achieve your utmost goals, get more sales. Our Free Gifts app has proved its powers to increase our customers’ revenue 40% in a month. We truly want you to be the next one share your success story with us, let’s start by installing the app at

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