Covid 19 secomapp is here to help shopify merchants


We know merchants are facing a difficult time due to COVID-19 and we’re already here to help you.

Secomapp is giving 6 free months using the Unlimited Plan of Quick View app. With Quick View, your customers can view product details quickly without leaving the catalog navigation. This makes browsing products easier and faster, which increases conversion rate. 

Quick View by Secomapp is the best Shopify app for quick view and installed by more than 60.000 merchants with an average review of 4.9 stars. It’s time to enjoy all premium features of Quick View for FREE. 

We are happy to provide you with more information about not only Secomapp but all available offers from Shopify partners (Updated on 25 Mar, 2020). We believe these offers will be helpful for your business during this time.

Company name OfferHow to access offers
Secomapp Free 6 months for using all paid plans of Quick View appInstall Quick View app by Secomapp on Shopify App Store
Or contact for more information
MetacakeFree Academic materials, consultant and strategic callsContact to to
Taproom AgencySet up on Shopify for freeContact to to
Tako Agency15% discountSend #spreadjoy to
Westmount Solutions25% discount for projects or customisationContact to
Artic Leaf5% discount for new projectsContact to
HeyCarsonFree scheduled support by the phone from now until April 15thContact to
R & Co DevelopersEnjoy strategy or consultant support free during 1 hr. 25% discount for projectsContact to email and use code WEARESTRONG
Rise.aiFree basic gift card for Basic plan on Shopify
DeanSwanepoel.com25% discount for all productsUse code SPREADJOY for shopping
Out of the Sandbox25% discount for Flex and Turbo themesUse code SPREADJOY for shopping
MotifFree audit on social media ads and UX Contact to email with the subject “UX & Paid Ads Teardown”
Future proofBusiness consulting calls for freeIf you’re interested in digital strategy, please refer:
VelstarFree analytics audit/storeEmail
Nama StudioFree setup store for organisations belonging to the third sector. Discounted rates and free audits for regular merchantsContact form on site
ThemeFastFree Shopify setup and introduction
NextsaleFree 1 month for all plansUse code: TOBI-AWESOME-DUDE @
Whitecap SEOFree Small Business SEO Package (normally $1,500)
StarAppsProlong 2 month free trial for apps in Variant Swatch King on all new installation
Contact to:
Take Some Risk30% discount monthly strategy for customers from Bold. Limited to the first 5 ecom stores who register a 6 month contract.Email
PushOwlProlong 30 days free trail and 20% discount for Business Starter PlanUse code “STAYBOLD” at the pricing page
Spocket AcademyFree all courses on Spocket academiy
The Artful DesignerOffering 25% off on app setup, design, coding and full dropshipping store setup. Offering payment plans of up to 8 weeks
FlitsProlong 60 day free trial
Helixo6 months free BUCKS: Currency Converter with all premium features
Nineteen Eighty NineFree services to all Canadian retailers who need support with a new or existing store.
HelpflowFlexible payment terms for new customers.Support in real-time directly on the website.Contact form on site
NoticedGive discounts through end of year and short-term contracts of 3 months versus 12. Flexible payment plans for site build services.Contact form on site
Tamed Savage DigitalFree no obligation digital journey reviewsEmail
TaskHuskyPromoting merchants on social, newsletter and blog
TxtCartProlong 14 days free trial and 24/7 support and onboarding regardless of planInstall as casual, the deal is automatically applied
Intuitive ShippingStarter plan for $14.99 for 100 ordersEmail with subject “Starter Plan Help”
Message MateFree setup, text enablement of their number, onboarding, integrations.
25% discount for all plans
Phone 650-825-1166
AmplifyMe20% off and dedicated expert that will analyze your store and create a perfect mobile-first setup
Growave.io60 day trial for all plan
Blackbelt Commerce20% off standard ratesFill a form on the home page to enjoy this promotion
Referral Candy60 day free trialContact to email

Don’t let CODVID-19 be a challenge for your business. 

Here are 6 tips to keep your business going in COVID-19 time.

1. Sell products your customers need

Due to the effects of covid-19, utility goods such as toilet paper, soaps, and clean water are becoming scarcer than ever. Furthermore, limiting going out due to covid-19 also increases the customer’s demand for entertainment, so it is really a great idea if you provide them with entertainment products.

2. Smart delivery

With the complicated situation of Covid-19, customers are more likely to shop online. Therefore, a free delivery policy or a delivery without facing directly may become a great competitive advantage for your business.

3. Protect your staff

Make sure that the precaution against epidemic is prepared carefully in your business. Keep your office clean and maintain a 6-foot distance from each individual workplace.

Discuss frankly with your employees about the changes in working policies caused by covid-19 such as: job security, compensation.

4. Auto Update

Set auto email explaining the changes of the purchasing and return policy due to Covid-19 on mail. Be sure that all changes are fully published on all media channels: Email, Website, Social media,etc

5. Store products in the right way

Returned goods should be stored at least 7-9 days before opening and checking them. Please let your customers know about the 7-day delay of checking returned purchases. You should emphasize that the precautions is highly recommended and ask for their sympathy.

6. Work efficiently from home

If the epidemic situation becomes serious, your business may work from home and needs a specific work plan. The leader should set clear rules to control the work progress on some following ways:

  • Set daily stand-up time. After a working day, a “Daily stand-up time” need to be established for summing up the working procedure of the whole team. This is a good way for the leader to manage the team.
  • Require everyone to be online during the core working hours and attend the meeting on time. 
  • Use online tools to manage jobs more conveniently such as Trello, Asana, Evernote.
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