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How Professional Branding Helps You Win Over New Customers

A beloved and recognizable brand is one of a company’s most valuable assets. This isn’t just speculation on our part; the numbers back it up. A Nielsen survey found that 59% of customers prefer to buy new products from a familiar brand.  The importance of...
Written by Hori Tran
Updated at 19th Jan 22 3:42 am

UX Design Ideas for Better Search Rankings

When it comes to designing websites it feels like a never-ending list of elements for designers to consider. But while you’re scratching your head about what to tackle first, strip back the process and attempt to see your site from a user perspective. That’s what...
Written by Hori Tran
Updated at 11th Jan 22 7:33 am

How to Hidden Costs Of 3 eCommerce SEO factors

The “E” in Ecommerce stands for “electronic”. It is impossible to run an eCommerce store without a website by definition. But simply creating a website is not enough. Without search engine optimization, you will never reach the top results of Google unless, by miracle, every...
Written by Hori Tran
Updated at 5th Jan 22 3:38 am

The Role of Customer Reviews in Shopify Store SEO Performance

Merchants should pay attention to their customers’ reviews. While online reviews may appear to be a minor component of your overall online presence, more shoppers are using review websites to decide what products to buy. Furthermore, 93% of customers say online reviews influence their purchasing...
Written by Hori Tran
Updated at 31st Dec 21 1:49 am

2022: The Latest E-Commerce Trend – Social Commerce

In recent years, the world of e-commerce has grown rapidly with more people shopping online and more businesses offering their products and services to be purchased through the Internet. Considering just how important social media has become in our lives, it’s no surprise that it...
Written by Hori Tran
Updated at 27th Dec 21 10:23 am

What Are The Cost To Develop An E-commerce SEO

Online eCommerce businesses are being prominent throughout the internet marketing world. As it takes a shorter time to view, select, and order customers are losing their interest in offline shopping. The sellers are also getting a better experience with their customers via these online commercial...
Written by Hori Tran
Updated at 9th Dec 21 10:03 am

6 Ways to Use SEO to Accelerate Brand Awareness

New businesses have to prioritize one major metric fast if they want to survive and thrive: brand awareness. Boosting brand awareness is key because it directly relates to how many people know your brand and choose it over your direct competitors. While brand awareness grows...
Written by Hori Tran
Updated at 3rd Dec 21 3:32 am

How Technology Trends Are Changing Ecommerce

In 1995, Amazon and eBay sold their first products, a scientific monograph and a non-working laser pointer, just a few months apart. Few people believed that internet shopping could successfully compete with traditional commerce and become one of the most popular methods of acquiring items...
Written by Hori Tran
Updated at 2nd Dec 21 3:56 am

How to reduce the subscription churn rate on Shopify 2022?

The number one marketing difficulty for most firms is generating traffic and leads. The challenge to keep existing customers interested might be linked to the battle to generate new demand for a business. Simply explained, the churn rate is the percentage of consumers who terminate...
Written by Hori Tran
Updated at 22nd Nov 21 8:51 am

Why is CRM Software necessary for eCommerce business?

Ecommerce shopping is the new normal and the market for it is booming tremendously. Moreover, the consumers prefer shopping online because the eCommerce vendors provide such offers that the consumers cannot refuse.  It is a very intricate task to manage eCommerce operations because it involves...
Written by Hori Tran
Updated at 19th Nov 21 4:35 am