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Powerful Analytics for eCommerce: Why Does It Matter?

What Makes Analytics Powerful in eCommerce? Powerful analytics can help online businesses to make data-driven decisions, improve customer experience, optimize operations, and ultimately increase sales and revenue. Here are some examples of analytics in the online retail industry : Now you understand why all eCommerce...
Written by Hori Tran
Updated at 3rd Mar 23 3:25 am

What all merchants must know about chargeback reason codes

In the eCommerce industry, card payment disputes are commonplace. Now and then, something goes wrong with an order. And by Federal law, cardholders can seek remediation from their banks if they couldn’t reach a consensus with the merchant, with a chargeback. Filing a chargeback means...
Written by Lily Nguyen
Updated at 18th Jan 23 8:31 am

Best Affiliate Marketing Books To Read Now

Currently, digital marketing continues to build steam, and e-commerce surges beyond predicted levels. So you won’t find a better time to establish a strong affiliate marketing campaign to earn extra money from your online business.  However, you can easily get overwhelmed sifting through the mountains...
Written by Lily Nguyen
Updated at 16th Jan 23 3:07 am

The Importance of Accurate Affiliate Marketing Tracking

Accurate affiliate marketing tracking is crucial for businesses looking to maximize the effectiveness of their affiliate marketing programs. Without accurate tracking, it is difficult to measure the performance of affiliates and determine the return on investment of the program.  Accurate tracking also helps businesses to...
Written by Lily Nguyen
Updated at 30th Dec 22 3:41 am

Update now! 8 Trending eCommerce SEO Strategies 2023

SEO has come a long way since its inception. What started as a way to game the system and rank higher in search results has become an essential part of any digital marketing strategy. With every Google algorithm update, SEO changes and evolves. So, what...
Written by Hori Tran
Updated at 15th Dec 22 4:44 am

5 Popular Automations Every Shopify Merchant Depends On This Holiday

The holidays are a time when ecommerce merchants need to be on top of their game. Not only do they have to worry about fulfilling all of their regular orders, but they also have to worry about the influx of holiday orders. This can be...
Written by Lily Nguyen
Updated at 4th Nov 22 6:51 am

Product Filtering: Lessons From Top Brands to Enhance User Experience

Introduction It is undeniable that effective product filters are the fastest way to lead your customers to their desired product pages. Although eCommerce filters play a central part in product browsing, most online stores lack a user-friendly filtering system. Consequently, poorly designed eCommerce filters will...
Written by Lily Nguyen
Updated at 29th Jun 22 9:44 am

Your complete guide to a winning lead conversion funnel

A successful sales process starts with identifying a potential customer, turning them into a quality lead, a good prospect, and finally into a paying customer. But you can only get quality leads with a good lead conversion funnel.  A lead conversion funnel is a visual...
Written by Hori Tran
Updated at 27th Jun 22 10:51 am

6 Shopify reports that will help you boost your performance

If you want to boost the performance of your Shopify store, you’ll need to know how it works. This is because getting high conversion rates on the platform partly depends on how much information you can access. Information about the consumers, products, campaigns, and offers...
Written by Hori Tran
Updated at 27th Jun 22 7:48 am

Conversational Commerce Funnel: What, Why & How To Optimize?

“Be where your customers are.”  Since the dawn of the dot-com era, this has long been the customer success mantra for businesses. Be it establishing a presence on social networks, engaging with users on community forums, or delivering an excellent mobile experience, customers have always...
Written by Hori Tran
Updated at 27th Jun 22 4:37 am