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Product Filtering: Lessons From Top Brands to Enhance User Experience

Introduction It is undeniable that effective product filters are the fastest way to lead your customers to their desired product pages. Although eCommerce filters play a central part in product browsing, most online stores lack a user-friendly filtering system. Consequently, poorly designed eCommerce filters will...
Written by Lily Nguyen
Updated at 29th Jun 22 9:44 am

Your complete guide to a winning lead conversion funnel

A successful sales process starts with identifying a potential customer, turning them into a quality lead, a good prospect, and finally into a paying customer. But you can only get quality leads with a good lead conversion funnel.  A lead conversion funnel is a visual...
Written by Hori Tran
Updated at 27th Jun 22 10:51 am

6 Shopify reports that will help you boost your performance

If you want to boost the performance of your Shopify store, you’ll need to know how it works. This is because getting high conversion rates on the platform partly depends on how much information you can access. Information about the consumers, products, campaigns, and offers...
Written by Hori Tran
Updated at 27th Jun 22 7:48 am

Conversational Commerce Funnel: What, Why & How To Optimize?

“Be where your customers are.”  Since the dawn of the dot-com era, this has long been the customer success mantra for businesses. Be it establishing a presence on social networks, engaging with users on community forums, or delivering an excellent mobile experience, customers have always...
Written by Hori Tran
Updated at 27th Jun 22 4:37 am

10 Steps to Skyrocket Your eCommerce Sales in 2022

According to Statista, online shoppers went up to 2.14 billion in 2021, and there’s no doubt that these numbers will continue to grow in 2022. There’s certainly no lack of online shoppers, but having the knowledge and expertise needed to implement effective marketing strategies that...
Written by Hori Tran
Updated at 17th Jun 22 3:59 am

8 Creative and Easy to Start Online Business Ideas for 2022

We are in an ever-changing landscape where the only thing that remains constant is change. The good news? Every year, there’s a chance for us to grow our businesses and embrace new challenges! With new studies projecting that the worldwide retail eCommerce sales will reach...
Written by Lily Nguyen
Updated at 15th Jun 22 4:07 am

6 Strategies to Boost Your Store’s Average Order Value

When a customer visits your online store and starts shopping, they have a pretty good idea of the products they are going to buy and the kind of money they are willing to spend. However, as a store owner, you have several options at your...
Written by Hori Tran
Updated at 9th Jun 22 8:07 am

How to improve customer retention of your eCommerce store

You know the fact that acquiring an existing customer is much easier and cheaper than bringing a new customer. You can save time in building a new relationship as you have already built it. It’s easier. Customer retention is important for every business, especially in...
Written by Hori Tran
Updated at 3rd Jun 22 8:34 am

How To Perfect Your eCommerce Affiliate Marketing Strategy

Many people enjoy the convenience of online shopping, especially after the pandemic. But, as e-commerce gains more relevance, you have to find ways to position your product before the right audience. That’s where affiliate marketing comes in — to match your goods to your target...
Written by Hori Tran
Updated at 3rd Jun 22 7:33 am

ECommerce Site UI Testing Guide Ensures Customer Experience

Your eCommerce website must be resilient to fulfill the demands of your clients as the number of online buyers grows. Having a solid e-commerce website is no longer enough; you must upgrade it to fit your company’s current needs and ambitions. Furthermore, your e-commerce website...
Written by Hori Tran
Updated at 30th May 22 9:12 am