Boost your Halloween Sales with ZERO marketing budget


Boost your Halloween Sales with ZERO marketing budget

Halloween is one of the biggest holiday seasons of the year, which you should make the most of by launching a special campaign to draw your customer’s attention to your store. Why? Because you’re gonna lose a lot while everybody else earns big sales and you just plan to stand still…

Having a hard time coming up with ways to make a hit with your special offers?

Worrying the marketing campaign might cost you way too much?

Struggle no more with our 4 FREE apps that can support you in your promotion plan this Halloween.

1. Promotion popup:

The best way to spread the Halloween spirit is by having a popup displayed at the very moment customers visit your site. Sound good?

Explore more with Promotion popup, with this tool you can promote all significant events of the store to customers everywhere on your site.

The app provides various templates for different offers or you can freely design your special treat for customers.

The GREAT part is: You can show the popup for specific customers on your email list, customers with a specific product, or a specific number of products for upselling and cross-selling. Many types of popup can be supported: Newsletter, Video, Coupon, Countdown, Product Popup, or Automatic Discount Popup.

promotion popupTry out Promotion Popup

2. Spin to win:

Wish to increase your email list this holiday? 

Working hard finding a unique way to promote your special offer?

Take a look at the amazing wheel we offer. With over 10,000 installs, say Goodbye to all normal popups, Spin to win will help you create a fun and stylish wheel with 10 slices to win your visitors’ interest. You can fully customize every little detail of the front end.

Try Spin to win to add some colors to your site, let your new customers try their luck, and happily build a relationship with you.

It’s totally free for basic features. Take a look >>HERE<<

spin to win

In addition, customers’ relationships are enhanced through a loyalty program. It encourages your customers to interact with your brand more deeply. Increase repeat purchases, convert your consumers into loyal advocates, and treat your most devoted consumers like VIPs.

3. Product label:

What is better than showing customers a special offer of a certain product by adding a label right on it on the product page? This fascinating tool helps customers clarify items in your shop with special marks.

product label

You can create Labels for individual products, all products in a Collection, Out of stock products, On Sale products, New products or mix these rules. Labels can also be displayed based on tags or weight.

We provide plenty of free templates to match your need or just upload your own image, you can fully customize the position and size of each label.

Apply labels on your site by Product Label now.

product label

What if your visitors see an interesting label and wish to take a quick look at the item? That’s when Quick view helps!

quick view

4. Quick view:

Are you looking for an easy set-up, a friendly interface extension that could save your customer’s shopping time to encourage sales?

With approximately 40,000 installs and earns over 98% good reviews of all, your site will surely have a worthy experience with our Quick View app.

No more clicking forth and back, one-click for quick access to product preview without reloading the whole site, customers can view the products immediately and add to the cart right away. You don’t need to have coding or HTML knowledge to run this app.

Let give Quick View a chance to boost your site. It’s available on ALL devices.

quick view

These are recommended tools with full customization for you to improve the customer experience in your store.

What is the best part? All 4 apps are completely FREE with basic features and FREE support is provided from our proficient developer team.

Take action for your exclusive Halloween plan TODAY!!!

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