Auto switch currency base on customer location

Auto switch currency base on customer location

How to make your Shopify store auto-switch currency based on your customer location?
If your site is currently showing multiple currencies in a drop-down list feature by following this guide:
Copy and paste my piece of code below before the code of body tag for saving customers time and helping them easier to make decisions

<script>// <![CDATA[
  var currmap = {"BD": "BDT", "BE": "EUR", "BF": "XOF", "BG": "BGN", "BA": "BAM", "BB": "BBD", "WF": "XPF", "BL": "EUR", "BM": "BMD", "BN": "BND", "BO": "BOB", "BH": "BHD", "BI": "BIF", "BJ": "XOF", "BT": "BTN", "JM": "JMD", "BV": "NOK", "BW": "BWP", "WS": "WST", "BQ": "USD", "BR": "BRL", "BS": "BSD", "JE": "GBP", "BY": "BYR", "BZ": "BZD", "RU": "RUB", "RW": "RWF", "RS": "RSD", "TL": "USD", "RE": "EUR", "TM": "TMT", "TJ": "TJS", "RO": "RON", "TK": "NZD", "GW": "XOF", "GU": "USD", "GT": "GTQ", "GS": "GBP", "GR": "EUR", "GQ": "XAF", "GP": "EUR", "JP": "JPY", "GY": "GYD", "GG": "GBP", "GF": "EUR", "GE": "GEL", "GD": "XCD", "GB": "GBP", "GA": "XAF", "SV": "USD", "GN": "GNF", "GM": "GMD", "GL": "DKK", "GI": "GIP", "GH": "GHS", "OM": "OMR", "TN": "TND", "JO": "JOD", "HR": "HRK", "HT": "HTG", "HU": "HUF", "HK": "HKD", "HN": "HNL", "HM": "AUD", "VE": "VEF", "PR": "USD", "PS": "ILS", "PW": "USD", "PT": "EUR", "SJ": "NOK", "PY": "PYG", "IQ": "IQD", "PA": "PAB", "PF": "XPF", "PG": "PGK", "PE": "PEN", "PK": "PKR", "PH": "PHP", "PN": "NZD", "PL": "PLN", "PM": "EUR", "ZM": "ZMK", "EH": "MAD", "EE": "EUR", "EG": "EGP", "ZA": "ZAR", "EC": "USD", "IT": "EUR", "VN": "VND", "SB": "SBD", "ET": "ETB", "SO": "SOS", "ZW": "ZWL", "SA": "SAR", "ES": "EUR", "ER": "ERN", "ME": "EUR", "MD": "MDL", "MG": "MGA", "MF": "EUR", "MA": "MAD", "MC": "EUR", "UZ": "UZS", "MM": "MMK", "ML": "XOF", "MO": "MOP", "MN": "MNT", "MH": "USD", "MK": "MKD", "MU": "MUR", "MT": "EUR", "MW": "MWK", "MV": "MVR", "MQ": "EUR", "MP": "USD", "MS": "XCD", "MR": "MRO", "IM": "GBP", "UG": "UGX", "TZ": "TZS", "MY": "MYR", "MX": "MXN", "IL": "ILS", "FR": "EUR", "IO": "USD", "SH": "SHP", "FI": "EUR", "FJ": "FJD", "FK": "FKP", "FM": "USD", "FO": "DKK", "NI": "NIO", "NL": "EUR", "NO": "NOK", "NA": "NAD", "VU": "VUV", "NC": "XPF", "NE": "XOF", "NF": "AUD", "NG": "NGN", "NZ": "NZD", "NP": "NPR", "NR": "AUD", "NU": "NZD", "CK": "NZD", "XK": "EUR", "CI": "XOF", "CH": "CHF", "CO": "COP", "CN": "CNY", "CM": "XAF", "CL": "CLP", "CC": "AUD", "CA": "CAD", "CG": "XAF", "CF": "XAF", "CD": "CDF", "CZ": "CZK", "CY": "EUR", "CX": "AUD", "CR": "CRC", "CW": "ANG", "CV": "CVE", "CU": "CUP", "SZ": "SZL", "SY": "SYP", "SX": "ANG", "KG": "KGS", "KE": "KES", "SS": "SSP", "SR": "SRD", "KI": "AUD", "KH": "KHR", "KN": "XCD", "KM": "KMF", "ST": "STD", "SK": "EUR", "KR": "KRW", "SI": "EUR", "KP": "KPW", "KW": "KWD", "SN": "XOF", "SM": "EUR", "SL": "SLL", "SC": "SCR", "KZ": "KZT", "KY": "KYD", "SG": "SGD", "SE": "SEK", "SD": "SDG", "DO": "DOP", "DM": "XCD", "DJ": "DJF", "DK": "DKK", "VG": "USD", "DE": "EUR", "YE": "YER", "DZ": "DZD", "US": "USD", "UY": "UYU", "YT": "EUR", "UM": "USD", "LB": "LBP", "LC": "XCD", "LA": "LAK", "TV": "AUD", "TW": "TWD", "TT": "TTD", "TR": "TRY", "LK": "LKR", "LI": "CHF", "LV": "EUR", "TO": "TOP", "LT": "LTL", "LU": "EUR", "LR": "LRD", "LS": "LSL", "TH": "THB", "TF": "EUR", "TG": "XOF", "TD": "XAF", "TC": "USD", "LY": "LYD", "VA": "EUR", "VC": "XCD", "AE": "AED", "AD": "EUR", "AG": "XCD", "AF": "AFN", "AI": "XCD", "VI": "USD", "IS": "ISK", "IR": "IRR", "AM": "AMD", "AL": "ALL", "AO": "AOA", "AQ": "", "AS": "USD", "AR": "ARS", "AU": "AUD", "AT": "EUR", "AW": "AWG", "IN": "INR", "AX": "EUR", "AZ": "AZN", "IE": "EUR", "ID": "IDR", "UA": "UAH", "QA": "QAR", "MZ": "MZN"};
  jQuery.getJSON('', function(location) {
      var mycurrency = currmap[location.country_code];
// ]]></script>

Remember to make sure that you added the currency supported in the theme settings so it can be changed based on the customer location, otherwise just the default currency is selected as you specified.

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