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#Blackest6: “Go into the Black” all year-round!


Would you like to make your customers happy with a TIGHT budget this festive season?

A big YES? Tada! There you go! 🙂

A UNIQUELY special promotion is offered to you NOW!!!
This is a seasonal promotion but not only lasts in one season, it lasts FOREVER!!!!!!!!
You only need to pay only $6 per month for any app from Secomapp FOREVER (with the free lifetime support). And this lovely offer is only available for 60 (yeah 6×10 – we are in the mood of #blackest6 :) first people who take the simple and quick steps:

On the Black Friday: November 25, 2016

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How our Secomapp App can help you to watch your sales soar?

Enjoy a full set of fancy features of all apps with the #Blackest6 Special Offer! 

Quick View


Banner Slider


 Free Gift 


Currency Switcher


Product Labels


Promotion Popup


Store Locator


Nothing is forever? NO, this thing is Forever!
Just follow the quick and simple steps, you can rocket your sales throughout the whole best time of the year and… forever.
Don’t miss out Black Friday
– One of the most lucrative chance to please your e-shopper!
Let’s your company “go into the black-est Forever with #blackest 6






 Store Locator – A Free App worth a Try!

You have heard about apps that help customers to find your physical stores.

No need to dispute. This feature is highly necessary for your business to remain the connection between virtual and brick-and-mortar operations. This feature is definitely supporting the consumer purchasing experiences with a high level of convenience.

You have thought of this idea, but when you get the ball rolling, you are immediately discouraged with how difficult the app can be to install and how little customer service support.

The key to this problem is done carving with Store Locator of Secomapp – a young, smart and lovely team who is known for providing the most enthusiastic support and always make attempt to ease your budget.

Store locator treat you a piece of cake for even an amateur with the quick backing of the Secomapp team.

store locator

Here are amazing main features:  store locator

For Customers

  • Customers can Search for stores easily with various criteria
  • Customers can find their current location
  • View full store list with custom pin icon on Google map
  • Customer can Filter stores by tags
  • Search stores by distance
  • Get instant directions from a location to any store
  • Switch view mode seamlessly between map and satellite
  • Contact each store directly via address, phone, email
  • Get special promotions of each store in description
  • View opening hours, days off & special working days

For Admin

  • Admin unlimited stores
  • Add all needed store information such as: address, contact info, website, tags, images etc.
  • Promote stores with custom pin, banner, embedded form…
  • Set store’s open times & days off flexibly
  • Set default search criteria for better experience of customers
  • Change color & map style to best match your theme
  • And much more

Easy and fast importing, simple setup, a great relief after frustrations with other apps are what you will be experiencing next. Try a piece of Store Locator Cake for FREE now!

And don’t forget to share your feedback for our further adjustments for this app as well as proper improvements for the next time we have a chance to serve you. One Million Thanks!



Halloween fast approaching, embrace the online spending

Halloween is always an exciting time in the world of e-Commerce, with nearly half of shoppers turning to e-Commerce stores to find ideas of celebrating the holiday.


In regards to online holiday spending in the US, Halloween is always on the top of the list for collecting revenue for businesses, behind Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter. With Halloween just weeks away, it is a high time for online retailers to get the online store ready.
The sales of Halloween season 2015 increased to over $600 billion. And with many other impressive figures that you can easily search online, we can say for sure that you should have planned to spend a solid part of your annual marketing budget during the lucrative Holiday season.
But what to do if your budget is not that big. Here are some good ideas for you to prepare your online store for the spooky season and enjoy the big sales opportunity.

Product Labels – Tools App
Price: From $0/ month
Product Labels will definitely help you to highlight different products and catch your customer’s eye. Especially Halloween products with special features will spook out of the store list by being labeled automatically.


A wide range of fancy icons & call-to-action texts such as “Hot”, “New”, “Save 20%”, “Low Stock”deliver a clear message that attract your potential consumers.

Label your products Now

Free Gifts – Sales App
Price: Free – $29.99 / month

Giving gift for customers always delight their shopping experience. You know that anyone loves gift, especially in such a special occasion. It is supposed to value more here if your business has nothing to do with Halloween. Designing a proper offer is a good way to attach Halloween spirit with your business.


Free Gifts app for Shopify stores is an appropriate marketing tool for you to give customers free gifts or discounted when they purchase at your stores.Free Gifts is definitely worth a try on the occasion. Just create your Halloween relevant gift system or use to provide your consumers with the information on holiday discounts and special offers. While there are still a couple of days before the Halloween – you can announce some special deals to attract the attention from now.

Start Your Free Gift Promotion Today

Promotion Popup – Marketing App
Price: Free – $12.99 / month
Combine with Free Gifts, Promotion Popup call more attention for your special offer than ever!
Promotion Popup is a wonderful app that helps to increase your conversion rate. Popup can be in range of event, subscription, coupon, social sharing, etc.


Show Popup at anywhere you want from Landing page, home page, cart page, checkout page and such, with multiple types of Popup including video, coupon, countdown, product and more. Popup of Secomapp is confident to help you mark an imprint on your customer mind.

Promote Your Campaign Now

Store locator – Tools App
Price: Free
Not only are you the owner of an online store, but also a brick-and-mortal one. Store Locator is now here to bring your customer right to you. Google Maps integrated for interactive location display, now your Customer can easily find a near store then get instant directions on Google map. They will never get lost of your store.


Just a few clicks, Store Locator enables you to add addresses of physical retail stores to your website, then Customer can easily get instant directions on Google map to your store in the most proper route.
More importantly, it is such a high time to get start with Store Locator not only to take the fullest advantage of your Halloween promotions, but also because Store Locator is Free now. Do grab this great chance!

Do Grab This Chance

Again, the coming Halloween season is a good time to raise attention to your small business – use this time wisely!
Stay creative and personalized and start your marketing campaign now! We hope, the ideas we shared with you will inspire and motivate you! Please, share with us your Halloween marketing success stories! And let’s celebrate!

With Free Gift App, our evenue increases about 30%

With Free Gifts App, our evenue increases about 30%

With Free Gift App, our evenue increases about 30% (1)

Customer Profile

Introduce your business and tell us your story: How did you decide on what to sell, and how did you source your products?


I’m Igor, founder of French Press Coffee. Our mission at French Press Coffee is to deliver exceptional coffee experience, affordably priced to the homes of our customers so that each morning begins with pure pleasure.

We offer state-of-the art At-Home Coffee Making Gears, Brew Kits, Coffee Gifts and Gourmet Coffee to ensure perfection in every cup, designed for those who value quality, flavor, and convenience. You’ll never again waste valuable minutes in the morning waiting in line at the local coffee shop, and you’ll be able to serve guests expertly made coffee drinks in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Success Story of French Press Coffee:

Why did you need Free Gifts app?

Becoming a valued customer of French Press Coffee not only ensures that each morning starts out with a hot cup of morning joy – it also means you’ll receive free coffee gifts as a token of our appreciation. Coffee perks in more ways than one, and buying coffee gifts, beans, and assorted coffee gear results in extra perks for you. Cultivating long-term relationships with our valued customers is of utmost importance to us, which is why we offer free gifts and samples with every order.

It was critical for us to have a App for Shopify to provide Free Coffee Gifts and etc.


How do you feel about Free Gifts app?


We use Free Gifts App for a while now. It does what it needs to do very well. I really like to have 2 options (Gifts on Catalog and Gifts on the Cart). At first, we need some Support to customize it so we contacted developer and got very quick and professional reply with results. So we are very happy with the App and most importantly the Support for it.

Currently, we are running 2 Free Gifts Campaigns as follows:

*1st: Every French Press order over $25 comes to your door with a complimentary coffee mixing spoon.

*2nd: We include a free coffee sample in every coffee maker order.

After using Free Gifts app, do you see any positive result?

Free Gifts really motivate customers to buy more products. From our experience with Free Gifts App our revenue increase about 30% when we offer Free Gifts.


Quick View - comparison

Should I upgrade to Quick View Pro?

Quick View - comparison

We are excited that you are enjoying our Quick View Free version and considering superior features from Quick View Pro version.

In this post, we will give you a short summary of these 2 versions so that you can have clearer idea before making decision.

As you know, Quick View app is the best tool to save customers shopping time by a quick access to product preview in one click without reloading the whole site.

I. Similar features

1. Instant Product Details preview


This is the main feature of Quick View app. It saves customers time a lot with quick preview of product deatails without loading the whole site. Quick View button can be seen at any place, where there is a product.

2. Fancybox based pop-up


In both versions, a fancy box based pop-up will display when customers click on Quick View button. You can adjust the pop-up easily including editing the main Image Width, pop-up width and height, which helps you to make pop-up fit your site perfectly.

3. Setting up Quick View button


There are many color setting for Quick View button, Add to Cart button in the pop-up, Sale icon, etc. This definitely makes Quick View match with your theme.

II. Superior features – Quick View Pro 

1. Responsiveness Red_Star_PNG_Clip_Art_Image

Quick View Pro version makes preview pop-up conpatible with mobile devices, which is very crucial in ecommerce at the present, when mobile shopping is indispensable for customers.

 2. One Click To CheckoutRed_Star_PNG_Clip_Art_Image


When you upgrade to Quick ViewPro, there are some directing options for you to choose after customers click button Add to Cart including:

–       Stay in Quick View Pop-up

–       Go to Cart Page

–       Go to Checkout Page

–       Reload Page

With the option go to checkout page after customer click add to cart, you can push them complete checkout quickly to improve conversion rate.

3. Remove Brand MarkRed_Star_PNG_Clip_Art_Image

For Quick View free version, preview pop-up has a text credited to Secomapp. However, in Quick View Pro version, the pop-up displays without any brand mark. This makes the pop-up more concentrated and neatly.

 4. Show quick Add button on collection page Red_Star_PNG_Clip_Art_Image


By using Quick View Pro, you can show “Add” button under products in Collection page. This feature allows customers to quicken their shopping experience with more satisfaction. Moreover, customer can choose the quantity of products that they want to purchase right in collection page.

5. Show Promotional message Red_Star_PNG_Clip_Art_Image


Quick View Pro can support your marketing campaign by showing promotional message right in preview pop-up. This is very attractive to customers because it shows message in every product’s pop-up. Besides, message is shown in type of sliding text, which is very appealing and eye-catching.

Hopefully, with short comparison above, now you can make up your mind on whether you should upgrade to Quick View Pro or not.

Even you are using free version or paid version, we are always happy to support you to make the app work without flawless.

How Free Gift Can Boost Your Shopify Store Revenue

New survey findings reveals about 2 in 5 Americans are very-to-extremely likely to purchase more often from a shopping Web site after receiving a free gift and about 40%of Americans are somewhat likely to.

Definitely, offering a free gift can be a powerful and effective marketing strategy, which results in a dramatical growth of new and repeat customers.

You know that everyone can’t resist the attraction of receiving something for free. The word FREE is still the most powerful word in marketing and has great effect on people psychology.

Automating giving gifts in your Shopify store requires complicated coding then Free Gift app by Secomapp was born to help. The app provides you different unique ways to offer free gifts including Buy X get Y (BOGO), Buy 2 get 1 free, Purchase over 500 USD get 1 (or many) free and many more..

Let ‘s see how Free Gift can boost your Shopify store revenue!

How Free Gift app works free_gifts.jpg

Giving gifts on certain products

These rules are also known as gifs on catalog rules. Customers can gain free gifts only when they purchase a particular products, products from brand A, products from categories B, products from vender C,…


Gifts are not limited to free gift only. You can also give customers discounted gifts. This is very powerful as an up-sell strategy.

You can also set up the number of gifts that customer receive. Take a look at below rules for reference:

  • BOGO (Buy one get one)
  • Buy X get Y free
  • Buy X get 40% off of Y
  • Buy X get many free gifts ( Y,Z…free)
  • Buy any product from a category A get gift(s)
  • Buy any product from a vendor A get gift(s)
  • And Many More…

Giving gifts on cart

Unlike gifts on catalog, with gifts on cart rules, customers will receive gifts based on their shopping cart. Conditions of gifting rules can be total product quantity, total order value, etc. Take example of bellow rules:

  • Purchase over 500 USD get X free
  • Purchase over 500 USD get 40% off of X
  • Purchase over 500 USD get many free gifts (X, Y… free)
  • Purchase 3 items get X free
  • Purchase 3 items get 40% off of X
  • Purchase 3 items get many free gifts (X, Y… free)
  • Purchase 3 items get one gift (or multi gifts) in a category A
  • And Many More…

As gifts on cart, you can offer discounted gifts in addition to free gift.

Allow customers to select gift

There is nothing better than giving free gifts to customers but you can still personalize for each one. Anyone will love to choose the most suitable one for them. With Free Gift app, you can set up a list of free gifts for customers to select after they meet condition.

Motivate customers by Promotion Message and Banner

Promotion Message and Banner is displayed on cart page. It allows shop owners to advertise and help customers know exactly how close they are to receive a promotion! This is like a smart strategy to urge them to buy more or it is called up-sell but it doesn’t make customers feel annoyed.


For example, a shop owner wants to create an offer: “buy >200 to get a pen free”, then he can enter a message: “Please purchase more than 200 USD to get a pen free” or he can use an attractive banner with the same content. Then if a customer buys less than 200 USD, then he goes to cart page, the message (or banner) will be shown to urge customers to buy more to reach the condition.

So in what ways does Free Gift boost your Shopify store revenue?

Increase average order value

There are a number of strategies that may increase your average order value, and they are essentially different ways to get your customer to spend more, either by buying more products than they had originally intended, or by buying more expensive products than they had originally intended.

Free Gift app can help you to conduct both ways. Firstly, in order to motivate customers to spend more by buying more products, you can set up a shopping cart rules for getting gift such as: Purchase more than $200 to get a free gift; This X product costs $9, but you’ll save 30% if you buy 3 or more.

Secondly, if you want your customers buying more expensive products than they originally intended, you can set up a gift on cart rule for more expensive products.

Start your free gift campaign now


How labeling products can boost your Shopify store sales


As a Shopify store owner, you want to attract customers attention to special products such as hot, sale, new ones but your theme doesn’t support this feature properly. Now, Product Labels App from Secomapp is here to support you. Highlighting products and attracting customer attention have never been so easy!

With Product Labels, you can add visually-appealing labels to product images and display in both product and collection page. Our app allows you to add labels based on predefined rules. You can create Labels for individual products, all products in a Collection, Out of stock products, On Sale products, New products or mix these rules together.

Let’s see how labelling products can boost your sales!

Eye catching Products

Simply, Shopify allows you offer discounts and it will cross through the old price and display the new one. However, that is just one situation for sale products and importantly, it doesn’t create attraction. How will you do to highlight new, hot, low stock products?

20160426_Label collection hot left

Some themes support labelling products (Minimal – for example) but the feature is not superior in terms of labelling. With Product Labels app you can display appealing labels for products with any images you have. Especially, it can calculate exactly the amount/ percentage of discount automatically. Customers, of course, will be attracted by colorful beautiful small labels and they know exactly how much they can save. The thing left is how attractive your products are because now you got customer seeing your products.

Great Signals for shoppers

In the shoes of customers, product labels help them know the status of products with just a quick look. This is, in additional, useful for customers to prevent annoyance when click on out of stock products continuously.

They now know exactly what they want to see without clicking to see the detailed products page. Of course, this encourages them to stay longer and have better shopping experience. Thus, conversion rate is improved.

Motivate customer to purchase with multiple labels with priority

Because the Product labels app performs automatically according to conditions, it will display product label based on its priority. Now, you shouldn’t worry about how it will display if one product meets more than 1 conditon of label. You just need to arrange the label priority based on your own requirement.2016-08-11_154452


Using Carousel for Shopify Store: Common Mistakes and Tips


Using carousels or banner sliders are now popular in web design, however, are they really effective for Shopify Stores?

In fact, we can’t deny the reason for its popularity is that it delivers multiple messages to customers onto the main homepage without looking like you are ‘gaming’ the search engines or keyword stuffing…

Anything has pros and cons and if we don’t know how to optimize banner sliders, they contain severals unexpected drawbacks. In this post, we will help you to look into potential problems with carousels and suggest you solutions to these problems.

Slides move too quickly

Too fast speed of sliding can be a problem. Customers don’t have enough time to get information then your message fails. In worse situation, clients might feel annoyed because of seeing images moving around and around. They are just like bad advertisement. Moreover, too fast moving sliders distracts customers from other part of your page as well.

Tips: Be careful with the speed of carousels. Too fast or too slow are both not good.

Lack of Navigation

You see a beautiful product, which is on sale now but it slides to next image already. You want to see it again but you don’t know how. Wait? Yes, you can wait until it moves a circle and come back. How irritating it is! That is the problem of sliders, which lack navigation button or too small navigation button.

Tips: Ideal carousel is to give control to the users. That is, they can skip ahead, direct the flow, know where they are in the carousel, and turn off an auto-play function.

slide2Problem of CTA

The present of 3 or 4 messages right at the home page can confuse customers a lot. They even can’t get any information because of being overloaded. There is also, as Jakob Nielsen points out, the problem of banner blindness.

Tips: Put labels on images but shouldn’t be greedy of text. Labels are informative, meaningful and describe what users want. Labeling each slide incentivizes them to click because the labels tell them what they’ll get. Users are more likely to click on something that looks informative to them.

Check out Banner Sliders app!

Boost Shopify Store Sales with Zero Marketing Budget

Boost Shopify Store Sales with Zero Marketing Budget

Boost Shopify Store Sales with Zero Marketing Budget

If you are just starting out a small Shopify store, you may not even have any idea of “marketing budget”. Of course, without any advertising dollar, it is harder to acquire new customers. However, it doesn’t mean you have to stay alone in the dark and hope that customers will find you. Don’t forget that we have many free tools and channels such as:

  • Google: No charge for traffic from this biggest search engine.
  • Social Channels like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube etc are free
  • Many bloggers and publishers are free to featuring your products if you are interested in you.
  • Mailchimp is also free for starters

In this post, we will give you some ideas of marketing tactics when you have no budget for marketing but you have time, creativity and determination. This post is written specially for Shopity stores.

Build email list

Unlike in physical stores where you have face to face communication with customers, in ecommerce industry, you can’t ignore the important of email in keeping customers and acquiring new business oppotunities. Getting started is not difficult as you think. Poping a subscription email box when customer enter your site is not a new idea but it still proves to be so efficient that many big brands are using it.


So what will you do if you have email list? Of course, you will send emails. But how? Sending email manually is not a good idea. With no dollar, you still can start with Mail Chimp app, which integerate with your stores, update subscribers and send emails automatically.

Give a Free Gift

Share the expertise that makes you so good at what you do. Be generous with your knowledge and your customers will love and respect you for it. If you sell cupcakes, you could teach a class on fun decorating techniques and allow customers to soak up your baking expertise. If you are a bookkeeper, you might write a tip sheet for keeping a handle on holiday spending and send it to your clients in your nifty, new email newsletter.

How to use free gif to increase sales

Free Gift app helps you to set up free gift campaign in your Shopify stores easily. Check our last post on How to use Free Gift to increase sales

Optimize your stores with free apps

Even though Shopify provides you with many wonderful features of online stores, it is never enough to automate activities and boost sales. App stores offer you a wide range of apps (+500 apps), which are awesome and many of them are free. There is nothing better than increase revenue without any cost.


There are too many apps out there so how can you select the most useful ones?

Find top 10 FREE shopify apps to rocket your Shopify store sales in our last post

Exploit Social Media

At the times of social networks dominating, you certainly can’t miss the channels of social media. They are great FREE tools for you to create brand awareness, build customers relationship, boost sales, etc. Let ‘s come into some popular channels for Shopify stores.

face Online store on Facebook

First channel must be Facebook. It is indisspensable channels for acquiring clients. According to Hubspot, 70% of the asked company getting customers through this channel.  Facebook doesn’t charge you any fee. You just have to pay when you run advertisement. The purpose of using facebook is to get closed to customers and promoting your products.

linkedln LinkedIn: professional content on a professional channel

Unlike facebook, the function of LinkedIn is completely different in case of a business.In essense, Linkedln is also a interface where people connect with each other. However, it is an interface where professionals contact each other, share professional content and it is primarily used for networking, for relationship building.

So forget about advertising your products with its help.

Use Linkedln to broaden your network instead such as searching for bloggers, publishers, who can help to promote products without any fee.

unnamed YouTube: capture customers attention by viral videos

You don’t have money but you have creativity, you can still create viral videos about your products. With the great deal of shares, your products will earn broad awareness without a penny.

In case, you can’t make something viral, a simple videos about your product can help a lot. It doesn’t only help increase awareness but it also boosts traffic.

Best shopify apps

How to choose the best shopify apps?

Best shopify apps

Becoming a Shopify store owner, you certainly want to optimize your store for better efficency and success. Now, Shopify app store provides so many both awesome and poor apps so how can you be concious enough to choose suitable ones?
Of course, a thorough analysis is neccessary before approving charge of any app. However, you get confused of features, reviews, etc and you don’t know where to start. We have some ideas.
Now, get it started!

Set up your goals

Before starting to find third party Shopify apps, ask yourself “why do you need additional apps instead of using core features of Shopify?” You know that Shopify provides fundemental platform for any ecommerce doing business comfortably, and adding too many apps and new features is not neccessary. It puts press on your themes and requires some work to integrate new apps with your current theme and older apps installed in your site. Last but not least, additional apps can slow down the page loading of your site, which leads to unexpected negative traffic result.
Hence, in order to avoid installing too many app, make your goal clear before starting with additional apps. It can be divided into some metrics as follows:
Marketing – Increases on site eccommerce conversion rate, average order rate, or drives more top line revenue in some way direct or indirect.  Some examples:

  • Goals for total revenue or revenue growth.
  • New customers vs. returning customers.
  •  Average order size.
  •  Shopping cart abandonment rate.
  • Upsells and side-sells.

Support and Tools – Helps make better decisions that in turn directly help drive more revenue or cut costs (customer service hours, etc.). Some examples:

  • Number of complaints or returns.
  •  Average resolution time for any issues.
  • Number of positive reviews.
  • Reducing the amount of time spent on admin activities.
  • Streamlining and automating processes.


After you make decision on specific goals, now you search for apps that have features meet your requirement. It’s better to find one that has all the features you need, rather than one that has a lot of features, but is missing some that you need. You don’t want to run two or more apps for the same set of tasks. Besides, with multiple features, the app might cost much more than the simpler one, which suits your case.
This step may takes you a lot of time and your list may be long. So come to the next step to shorten your list.


Software in general or Shopify app is a kind of product that need technical support for lifetime. It is not like buying a new clothes. With Shopify apps, support is one of the biggest aspects to consider before choosing an app. Because there is no security that the app will works properly in your website right away. Even now it can work well but when you change your theme or install another app, it could arise unexpected errors. You will need the creators’ help.
Be sure to check out the customer reviews for each app, including any that discuss support responsiveness. In addition to reviews, experiencing the trial is highly recommended. Nearly all apps offer trial version. Give them the first homework to check whether they are good or bad.
In case, you even doesn’t have time to try out every potential app, you can test their support with pre-sale questions. You will see how they react with customers’ inquiries.


We recommend starting with apps to increase sales, improve traffic. Important thing is that you know your specific goals then make a strategic choice of apps. Suitable number of apps to install at a time is just one or two.
We hope to receive your own sharing about app selection.