8 Best Content Creation Tips to Boost your Website Traffic

8 Best Content Creation Tips to Boost your Website Traffic

Whether you have an online business, are an artist, or do pretty much anything else – your website is a crucial step to build long-lasting success. Nowadays, a great website is the foundation of any brand. It allows you to show your online presence, funnel into people, and strengthen your image. However, investing in a phenomenal website won’t do you much good if people won’t come across it. That is why online marketing is amongst the most important skills one can have when striving to make it online. Organic reach isn’t nearly as good as it used to be, so new ways have to be employed. One has to give something to receive attention, and the giving is done via content. Excellent content will always attract attention over and over as long as it delivers value. Still, the turnover of content is incredibly fast nowadays. In the fast-paced lifecycle, a brand has to be consistent with quality content creation. Franchises such as Nike and H&M are great examples of doing it well, but how does one strategically achieve consistent high-quality posts? We have gathered the top eight tips to make sure you stay on top of your content creation game.

The Top 8 Tips for Making Great Content That Drives Website Traffic

Use Data Analytics

To understand where you are, and whether you are improving regarding website traffic, you have to use data analytics religiously. Measurability is the name of the game here. We have some fantastic tools at our command, such as Tag Manager and Google Analytics, so there is no excuse to forego them. Most importantly, it will give you insight into whether the changes you make to your content translate into a real-world difference in click-throughs to your site. In data analytics, you have four steps that you want to heed. These are collecting data, measuring it, analyzing it, and then optimizing your strategy accordingly. To measure the traffic that comes from content you post in a variety of places, you have to add tags and click-through links. Doing that is a vital step to tracking it efficiently.

Research Your Target Audience

Understanding your target audience can make a big difference in bringing in more traffic to your site. Simply throwing everything at the wall and seeing what sticks won’t necessarily do you any good when it comes to content strategies. Catering to everybody is not what you want to do with your posts. On the other hand, if you know who is likely to become a loyal customer/follower, you will also know what appeals to them. Understanding your target audience includes comprehending their preferences, economic status, demographic, age, and what advertising makes sense. While 10% off or a no deposit bonus offers work well most of the time, knowing the intricacies will give you better leeway. The better data you collect via your analytics apps, the more you’ll end up understanding who is likely to visit your website and convert. Once you have that information, lean into the topics that your target audience is likely to enjoy. From then on, it is about trying things out and optimizing your content according to your collected stats. Generally speaking, make specified content that provides value, rather than employing a general approach that tries to appeal to many consumers at once.

Find the Best Content Channels

For starting, there are two main content channels that we recommend you use. The first includes presenting content in the form of press releases and news. The other is by blogging and monetizing it. These methods can eventually be built upon by including video marketing and social media marketing strategies. News and press releases can be hosted on your main website. If you find a unique voice to your content, it will be a big plus to make you stand out. That would cover your home base, so to say. The second channel could be a blog, which is more informal and approachable. You could consider getting more experimental on it and presenting unique content that aims to funnel in larger audiences. On the latter, you could also consider doing reviews, how-to instructional posts, and the like. That should work to broaden the types of audiences you attract. However, you still want to stay in your particular niche topic-wise. Besides, you can create separate content for landing pages and optimize it for efficient keywords, while using free extra site-building tools to make the site’s clicks and conversion higher.

Identify Problems, Present Solutions

One known way to create sought-after content that funnels in a lot of people to your website is to try and establish yourself as a source of information in your field. In the vast majority of industries, there will always be problems that people will stumble upon. Naturally, people search for what to do, say how to fertilize plants, what rice cooker to buy, or any other query. By presenting solutions to common problems in your niche, you will attract new readers and build loyalty. It should go without saying that the information in your content should be valuable and accurate. If you choose this method of content creation, be sure to use social media. Snappy how-to videos and explanatory reels are very popular on social media platforms such as TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. Always include a backlink to your website or your products.

Play the Social Media Game

Social media has become enormous over the past few years, and there does not seem to be an end in sight concerning its growth. While you want to have a steady home base at your website, certainly embrace content creation on the most popular social media platforms. Each social platform has a specific language that appeals to audiences. By language, we mean how content is cut and presented. Now, the trend is to have high-quality, snappy, snack-sized videos. Remember that you will compete for attention in a large arena, and everybody is using whatever tricks they have in their arsenal. For posts, professional editing is a big plus. However, the Stories feature is known to embrace a more homemade type of approach. Such low-fi content actually proves to get great results. Find what fits your brand, and remember to post regularly.

Keep it SEO Optimized

Search engine optimization is crucial to implement if you want your content to perform as perfectly as it can. Thorough SEO optimization will ensure that your content will pop up whenever someone is searching for a relevant topic. The better you optimize your content, the higher your content will rank in the search results. Most people barely click past the first page of Google’s search results, so you can bet that it is a competitive affair to stay on top. Luckily, there are some incredible free SEO tools out there. You can use them to make the best of your content. If you want to go out of your way, you can hire an SEO expert to do a meticulous optimization. On social media, hashtags play a similar part in SEO. Make sure to include relevant hashtags wherever they are available. It will surely help your content’s discoverability.

Aim to Inspire

Everybody is fond of getting inspired, especially in these trying times that we find ourselves in. Inspiration can be contagious, and it often resonates very well with people. You can use that to your advantage by crafting content that uplifts people and also promotes your brand. On social media, real-life inspiring stories are especially popular with people. If your particular niche lends itself to such content, definitely give it a try. Otherwise, generally uplifting posts will always strike a chord in the hearts of people. Being the brand that fosters positive feelings in their content will make you likable, which is always great for funneling people into what you are doing. Inspiration does not have to consist of cheesy pictures or the like. You can make it come across as palatable and classy by presenting true stories and explaining thoughtful ways of dealing with particular challenges. However, what type of inspirational posts apply to your business will depend on the niche you find yourself in.

Promote Your Content

Hoping that organic traffic will come in massively in 2021 is somewhat wishful thinking. Organic reach used to be great before social media platforms changed their algorithms and policies on ads. Advertising your content can be done in many ways. Simple sponsored ads are a classic method. Influencer marketing is definitely on the rise. It can introduce your brand to an audience that would have never found your business otherwise. If you are not keen on spending extra money, then there is a middle ground. That is writing guest posts. Find popular websites related to your niche, and offer to write a guest post on their website. Spreading your content in such a way is a non-intrusive method to gain attention and promote your brand. Make sure to include your contacts in the guest post.

We hope that you gained some valuable new ideas on how to boost your content creation game. In short, find your audience, and cater to their needs. Try a variety of methods, but be sure to track all your moves with data analytics. Weigh your results, and then optimize accordingly. We would also love to know if you have any great tips for improving content to funnel in more people. What are your methods? Please leave your comments down below!


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