5 YouTube Lead Generation Tips to Help Business Skyrocket

5 YouTube Lead Generation Tips to Help Business Skyrocket

We’re living in a world of content. That’s a fact. It is everywhere: from streets and banners to social media networks and online platforms. And frankly speaking, we’re not even surprised! It’s the easiest and fastest way to reach more customers, evoke the emotional response of your existing and future customers, and obviously, boost up your sales. 

Still, the word “content” is too vague. By saying content, one can think of blogging, case studies, images, infographics, and all the other stuff that follows. 

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However, this article will talk about one of the most popular content types – video and its number one source – YouTube. 

Working Through YouTube: a Must-Have?

According to ahrefs.com, YouTube occupies second place in the list of most visited sites in the US after Wikipedia. This means that content creators use mainly YouTube to showcase their videos and market the business through their channel. In other words, if you’re aware of how to make the best out of this free video-sharing website, you will not only boost your sales but will enjoy the entire process.

With more than 2 billion active users, YouTube is one of the most sought-after platforms of our day. This, in turn, motivates more and more marketers to use this channel for marketing purposes and for raising brand awareness, which, as you surely know, is the key element towards a successful and profitable business. 

In addition to this, YouTube is connected to Google, which means that if a customer searches for something, a YouTube video will surely pop up. In other words, it is easier to gain visibility not only on YouTube but also on one of the biggest search platforms used by almost 5 billion people. 

So, yes, using YouTube for lead generation is a major must-have that you need to consider. 

Extra fact: based on the statistics provided by wyzowl.com, most video marketers have used videos to generate leads. So, yes, videos have the power to generate consumer interest for your business which will eventually be transformed into a sale. 

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YouTube Lead Generation Tips to Save Your Day 

1. YouTube optimization WANTED 

YouTube is an AI-based video-sharing platform where algorithms decide the fate of your content. So, if you want to be on good terms with the site and generate leads to the fullest, you must understand how these algorithms work and what triggers them. So, want to become friends with YouTube algorithms? Then start optimizing your content according to the tips widely used among marketers and YouTube lovers. 

The first step towards a solid friendship is keyword optimization. If you choose the right keywords, you will rank higher and appear on the top searches on YouTube. This will help you generate leads and help you grow your business and have more conversational sales. 

This is how you should do your keyword research if you don’t want to spend money on various tools and software:

First, you need to understand what your video is about and which keywords will be relevant to your business. For example, if you are selling pet products and have prepared a video for one of your products, targeting only the word “pet” will be simply useless. Why? Because people search for the term “pet” for hundreds of reasons. For example, some don’t even have a pet and want to see what it is like keeping a furry friend at home. Now, do you want these people to see your video? They are not going to buy the products you’re showcasing. Do you need a leader like that? 

Once you identify the topic, specify the keywords you think are relevant and check their search volume. For example, Google Trends offers an excellent way to understand the frequency of search terms during the research process. But wait! Don’t forget to check the volume of your keywords for YouTube: people behave differently on these two platforms. For example, a word widely searched on Google may have the poorest metrics on YouTube.

Now it’s time to include the ones with high search volume in your title and place some of them in the “tags” section of your YouTube video. 

P.S. If you don’t want to undertake this tedious process, you can invest in SEO software that will research for you!

2. Call-to-Action is your best friend 

A call to action is widely used on all platforms and all websites because of the positive impact it has. People need to be motivated, that’s a fact, and that’s what CTA is all about. This is one of the most efficient ways to boost up your business and believe us, if you use the proper CTA, you will experience all the advantages that it offers. 

If you include CTAs in your YouTube video, it is a good idea to use them during the entire video. For example, use one to encourage your viewers to follow your channel and like the video (this will also positively affect your visibility). The other CTA will make them try your logo maker tool or watch one of your other videos. 

Ensure you include relevant links when talking about your website, Instagram store, or YouTube channel. For example, if your CTA is about your website or YouTube channel, place the relevant link right on the video. This will simplify your customers’ journey who can visit your website or channel with just one click: pretty easy, huh?

3. Promote your video 

Youtube marketing gives a wide range of opportunities and tools to promote your video. Doing keyword research and trying to be in the top three YouTube searches is, of course, good. However, if you want to be sure about the success of your YouTube video and lead generation, you also need to promote your content through other channels and different methods. 

For example, you can try working with influencers. Let’s not forget that YouTube is actively using algorithms to ensure its users get the best experience while using its app and website. Thus, if you research and find out who your leads mostly follow, you can start working with the influencers your potential customers chose to subscribe to. This way, you will gain visibility and will indeed generate more leads.

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Using other methods is also encouraged. For example, you can promote your video and generate more leads (and views) by using email marketing. This can be quickly done through email automation tools which will send automated emails to encourage people to watch your new video with already integrated and compelling CTAs. 

4. Create content YouTube users deserve 

The content itself should spark curiosity and interest to attract more people. However, it’s not the only thing you need to take care of. First and foremost, you need to ensure that the video you offer to YouTube users has an exceptional quality. Unfortunately, the 21st century has spoiled us to an extent where we can’t tolerate videos with the expected features and quality. 

For this, you need to do the following:

  • Have a good background
  • Use plenty of light
  • Work with decent editing programs
  • Don’t overdo the editing process
  • Don’t forget to remove visual distractions
  • Always review your footage
  • Experiment with different angles

Extra Tip: Maintenance is Key 

You can have the best YouTube optimization, rank your videos on the top, have many views but still have no sales or (loyal) customers. Do you know why? Because even if your CTA or videos work and direct the customer to your website, they won’t place an order or use your services if the site they’re directed to is not user-friendly or simplified. This even concerns the situations when you motivate your viewers to visit your Instagram or any other social media account without having engaging visual content. In other words, you need to do everything possible to increase customer engagement and make sure they stay. 

For this, you, first of all, need high-quality content and visuals for your social media accounts. Moreover, you need to make sure you’re using the fastest WordPress hosting since this will positively affect your site, its reputation and user experience, and, what is more important, your rankings on search engines. Another fun tip to increase customer satisfaction and improve the user experience is integrating a website chatbot that will offer your customers a personalized experience, target a wider audience, and so much more. 

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In other words, YouTube will help you generate leads, but the process of turning leads into customers highly depends on your store, website, and social media accounts. So, go ahead and take action against these faulty situations NOW! 


By summarizing our talk about generating leads through YouTube, we would like to mention that everything will be just fine if you follow all the tips provided above.

As you can already see, there are tons of methods for boosting your business through Youtube. And in fact, we have only brought to your attention a few of them, while, in reality, there are many more methods for generating leads through this platform. So, keep practicing, keep your fingers on the pulse of recent events, follow the ones who have already succeeded on Youtube, and consider the tips we gave you. Once everything is handled correctly, you will have everything you’re dreaming of. 

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