Store Pickup _ Delivery

[New Update] Level up your shipment with the new Delivery!


DELIVERY – Store Pickup’s new feature will give you another hand with your Shipping issues. All shipping problems won’t be a big deal anymore because now you own a full box shipping method. Your Customers will have an additional Delivery option which you can take control and therefore deliver the orders to them on-time base on the date and time they chose. Shipment never could be that easy and most important it will save your valuable time.


So what is the new Delivery feature able to do?


Store Pickup _ Delivery


⭐ Allow you to select the delivery date and time


Store Pickup _ Delivery


You can set the date and time of delivery as you want. For example you don’t want to deliver any products in Tuesday than you just turn off the Status of Tuesday so your Customers will not make any delivery order in that day.


 ⭐ Validate customer’s address within the radius of delivery

The feature is able to check the distance between your store location and your Customer’s address, this will show you and your Customers the shortest distance to deliver the orders, which will be easy to control and save delivery time.


 ⭐ Support store in setting only delivery (no pickup) option


Store Pickup _ Delivery


You want to provide only Delivery as your shipping option on your store? Simple, just go to Settings in the Backend, disable Pickups and Shipping. Customers will then only see Delivery option on checkout page.


 ⭐ Display delivery time slots as ranges


Store Pickup _Delivery


For instance: 9am – 11am, 1pm – 5pm will be the time you are able to deliver. If your are busy or not able to deliver at some time zone than it is also easy for you to set the time range at the backend so that it will be suitable for you and your business. Base on the time range you provided, your Customers will have a clear view and choose the time range they want to receive the orders.  


 ⭐ Offer an unlimited number of delivery time slots

Provide Customers flexible delivery time, you can set how many delivery time slots as you want, set different time slots for different days you want.


 ⭐ Send mail notification when customers create delivery order

After your Customers finishing their delivery orders, there will be a mail notification automatically send to your gmail. So you can manage and being reminded by all delivery processes.  


***Most remarkable thing! If you upgrade Delivery now, you will get this feature Free Forever!

==> To activate the feature, go to “Pricing” in the Backend of the app, click the tab “Store Pickup and Delivery” and “Upgrade” a plan.


Store Pickup _ Delivery



So what are you waiting for?! If you still haven’t Store Pickup App in your team, add it right now to discover all its powerful features especially getDelivery” free forever:


Expand 500% client’s shopping time with Quick View App!


Firstly, we Bryan Safety needed to put on the shelves all of our products to show our clients. Because customers asked us about our products for more detailed information and descriptions, we used to be slow by sending them a catalog or data sheets.

Therefore, we needed something that helps us to serve our clients easier and faster. Luckily, we met Quick View app.


Quick View
Bryan Safety –


We started using Shopify to launch our products and through the time we notice how easily everything works. However, when our product’s catalog grows up, we realize that it was hard to keep up our updates and the Shopify list of our products loads slowly. So we needed an app like Quick View to show the products we sell for different categories in a more simple way.


Impressive was, Quick View increases the time our clients spend on each page. Our clients and sales staff are now able to view more products at the same time, which becomes easier for us to sell products. Especially, Quick View makes our website look more professional and that is the thing we like most about the app. With Secomapp we notice our visitors expand 500% more time on our pages and they change from 3 pages to 5 or more pages per session. Those numbers were very important to us, for which shows that the more time clients spend on our sites, the more sales we can gain.


Quick View


At the moment, we Bryan Safety are very satisfied with all the features Quick View provides us. It has all the integration that we need, even more. As said above, this application has given a better view to our website, especially with the Quick View Pro version. We have the page we want and Secomapp is our true ally.


Noberto Becerra Lopez – Founder of Bryan Safety