Buy X get Y with Promotion Popup

Amazon was one among the most successful stories of applying cross-selling and upselling online. And now, with your Shopify store, why wait?
Do you have any items that should be bought together? Or have you ever seen your customers buying one of them and forgetting the other? It’s time for you to remind them, and give them a little encouragement. The suggestion is to offer them a discount on the second item: Buy X get xx% off Y.
It is easy with Promotion Popup app. Customers will be notified by a popup when they are on their cart page if they already purchased X without Y. In case they did purchase both of them, the discount will automatically apply for Y on their cart.
The setting-up procedure is as easy as follows:
X is Derby Tier Backpack at $148.
Product X
Y is Canvas Lunch Bag priced at $32. Product Y
Now we want to offer customers Y for free if they buy X.
Step 1: Click on “Add New Popup”.
Step 2: At Where Popup Shows -> Show at: choose “Cart Page for Upsell and Cross-sell”. Under that is the block “Choose product variant”, we click search icon to choose product X. (In this case, it is Derby Tier Backpack).Choose Product variant XChoose X and its variants
Step 3: Continue with “Design Popup”, we choose template “Discount Product 1” or “Discount Product 2” by clicking “Select another template”. In this example, we choose “Discount Product 1”. Choose template Discount Product 1(2)
In Discount Product 1 template, there are 2 compulsory information boxes:
1. Product Discount Code: coupon code using to offer Y (Canvas Lunch Bag) for free. The process to generate the code will be shown in step 4 below.
2. Choose Product Variant: choose Y (Canvas Lunch Bag)
The popup will look like this: Modify popup information
There are still 2 parts of the popup that need changing:
1. Default text of template : “Specilal Offer for VALENTINE’S DAY Discount 20% on” to “HAPPY WOMEN’S DAY You have just bought Derby Tier Backpack and get” ( the subject is up to you).
2. Special price : “$32.00” to FREE (as in this example we want to give them Y for free if they buy X).
It is how the new pop up look like: Adjusted Popup for crosselling
Step 4: Create coupon buyBackpackgetBagFREE. Choose Discounts on your control tab:
Site Backend, control tab
The screen will look like this. Create coupon
It is where you customize your offer, and when things get a little tricky. Because, Promotion Popup is set up to automatically apply the promotion code once the customers see the pop up.
As we set up that the pop up will show if the cart has product X, even when the customer deletes X after that, the sale will still be applicable. In the case, it is suggested you apply this rule “take $32 (price of Y) off for order over $140 (close to price of X)”.
Step 5: After generating the coupon code, paste it to “Product Discount Code” box and “Apply To Shop”
Let’s check the result:
1. Searching for Derby Tier Backpack on your product on your catalog: Find and buy product X
2. Go to product page or buy it directly from Quick View popup.
Buy Product X
3. The popup will show up once we click on “Add to cart” button.Popup reminding customer about crossell product
4. Click on “I Want This” button to put Canvas Lunch Bag into cart.Buy Y from the Popup
5. After clicking check out, the discount will be applied. Check out to see the discount
Now, let’s go back to your store and increase your sale with the help of Promotion Popup by Secomapp!
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Promotion Popup Tip: How to create discount levels based on customer’s total orders  

Nothing can help you generate buzz to your e-shop like a funky popup. A popup definitely works to provide a very strong call-to-action for any events like a new product launch, seasonal sales, or market research. Specific messages can get to your customers right away.

In this guide, we will tell you how pop-ups can help you create various offers based on customers’ orders total with our Promotion Popup app.
 For example, there are different discounts to be set as:
  • Get 10% off on the order over $100.
  • Get 20% off on the order over $200.
  • Get 30% off on the order over $300 .
You can totally count on the help of Promotion Popup by Secomapp, then select “Discount Order” template.  Here you feel free to choose either “Discount Order 1” or “Discount Order 2”.

“Select “Discount Order” template”
Then enter data regarding:
  1. Order Total: The minimum order value required to get the discount.
  2. Coupon code: The discount coupon code that you have created. Promotion Popup app will use this code to give such discounts for the customers who meet the requirements in Order Total.

With 03 discount levels in our example, 03 popups should be needed.  Let’s get started with the first popup: “Get 10% off on the order over $100”.
  1. Open Promotion Popup, click “Add New Popup”.
  2. Enter information about the popup.
*Notice: With the option “Show At”, choose “All Page” (The popup will show up on every page of your online shop and only customers who see this popup can get the discount. How cool is that!)
Next to “Design Popup” -> Click “Select another template”. You can choose the template “Discount Order 1” or “Discount Order 2”.  I myself would like to change images in the popup, so I will turn to “Discount Order 2”.
To create the promotion of ““Get 10% off on the order over $100”, Total Order value is 100. 
Regarding Coupon, click on “Discounts” section of Shopify.


Then create a coupon as follow:
Click on “Apply To Shop” to activate your popup.
Finally, you get what you want:

Now, I will go shopping until my order exceeds $100.


On the cart page, you will not see the discount notifications. The discounts are successfully activated only when customers are on the checkout page.


Similarly, you can create the other two popups for:
– “Get 20% off on the order over $200” and;
– “Get 30% off on the order over $300”.
Finally, you can see all 3 popups as a result.

“At checkout page with order over $200”


“At checkout page with order over $300


You are allowed to specifically target the customers who can see the discount. At the section “Who Can See Popup”, select “Specific Customers” then you can Shortlist or Group targeted customers to get discounts.

Popup is known as an efficient tool regarding its performance to your specific goal. You are freely given unlimited opportunities to do testing and experimentation with short term commitment. And despite any anti-ad attitude, it seems that users often engage with pop-up ads. Even the least trafficked sites will get more new interactions via a popup than they will complaints about the popup itself.
So why don’t you have a go at Promotion Popup app and create fancy popups that your potential customers cannot resist? 😁
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