Customer Attribute – a Shopify’s gem for those who care about customers and order personalization

Shopify Customer Attribute app

Have you ever wondered if there are other options to segment your subscribed customer list other than using their order time and value? Or do you feel stuck because Shopify default registration page and customer account page just provide you with customer email and name while you are looking for other information? Do you need to ask your customer more questions to customize their order? Welcome to Customer Attribute app.

Here is what the app can do for you and your store.

Adding custom fields to Shopify customer account and registration page

Customer Attribute app allows you to put your custom fields on these two pages asking your customers for information of all types. This is an example of account registration page created with Customer Attribute.

Shopify customer account with Customer Attribute app
The collected information will then be automatically upload to Shopify metafields. The provided info can be found in the customer’s note.

Or you can find it within the app’s backend (as Customer grid in Dash Board tab).

Customer info in Customer Attribute app

You can also export info to .xlsl file to integrate with any third party app like Mailchimp. Other Shopify apps can also make use of the data using Shopify API.

The horizon of this feature usage is tremendously broad, providing how powerful a marketing campaign can be when it targets the right customers.

Let’s say you are having a petshop. What if you know your customer having a cat or a dog and send them newsletter and offer based on their interest. It will conduct far better conversion than a mass offer. If I’m a cat owner, I don’t really care if you just filled up your store with numerous dog toys.

Sending Birthday email is also a great idea. According to ClickZ (2016), these emails can lift up conversion rates up to 60% over non-birthday email with the same offer.

Adding Shopify cart attribute to customize product and order

            Customize Order

It might be a bit of headache when your order delivery can’t get through due to inefficiency in time arrived and parking lot area. Why don’t you let your customer leave some instructions for you on cart page?

Shopify cart attribute

This feature is of high importance for gift shop. Your customer can leave their loving message and wrapping instruction for their orders.

           Customize Product

Customer Attribute app is able to show attributes based on predefined conditions, which means you can set the attribute based on the items added to cart. When your shop has only a few items that need customized, you can set the attributes shown to only customer has these items on their cart. You will find this feature really helpful for product customization in Shopify.

Conducting customer insight

Within each attribute created, the app provides you with visualized chart to get an overview of your customer tribe as follows.

Customer info piechart

From the above chart, you can easily find which channel provides the most leads to your store, then amending your marketing budget to drive traffic to your store.

Is this enough to be your reason to start with Customer Attribute now? Prepare your customer segmentation ideas and your new marketing campaign inspiration. This app will get you basement to do that.

Customer Attribute – know their needs, boost your benefit.

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