Shopify Quick View App by Secomapp

Quick preview of product details without page reloading.

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Key features of Shopify Quick View App


Display preview of products without leaving the Collection Page

Customers can view the product details on Quick View popup and finish adding that product to cart without page reloading. The Quick View popup is responsive for mobile display.

Able to customize every element of the Quick View popup (No coding required)

- Choose color for each element in the popup
- Change text, font, and size of all components of Quick View popup
- Set popup width and height, main image width
- Limit the maximum length of product description
- Customize the notification when an item is added to cart
- Select the display position for Quick View button (Top, Center, Bottom)

Hot features only available in paid plans

- Quick Add button on Collection page (with quantity selector) for quick order
- One click to checkout
- Awesome tools to promote the Quick View popup: promotion bar, sale label, number of people viewed the same item and more advanced features

ZimZan Gemstones


Installing and configuring the app was really easy, and I think it will make a big difference to the customer browsing experience. I had a small request on how to remove the quantity button, and they were super fast and efficient in helping me.

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