Shopify Customer & Cart Attribute App by Secomapp

Collect customers data by creating additional fields on registration page, account page and cart page.

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Key features of Shopify Customer & Cart Attribute App


Create unlimited fields on Cart page, Account page and Registration page

You can create and customize additional fields to get necessary data directly from customers. Attributes can be set up to display based on specific conditions or in specific order. Your customers can edit their information themselves anytime.

Support various types of attributes

App supports 13 different attributes types including Text field, Multiple select, Dropdown, Yes/no, Coupon code,...
Several attribute templates are available for selection or you can create your own.

Visual report for each attribute

App provides report for each attribute for visual outlook, valuable for retargeting marketing strategy



This app helped me so much! I was searching for something just like this that actually worked without having to do much, found some others but this one worked the best! Excellent customer support as well! Thank you

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