Shopify Currency Switcher App by Secomapp

A must-have for those who sell in multiple countries. Reach global customers with auto-detected Currency converter.

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Key features of Shopify Currency Switcher App


Auto-switch currency based on customers' location

Detect customers geographic location according to their IP and automatically convert price into their local currency. When any page loads, home currency of users will be displayed but they have the flexibility to change into any other currencies themselves

Many templates available for Currency Selector

Seven templates available for selection including Elastic Flag Dropdown, Elastic Symbol Dropdown, Border Flag Dropdown, Border Symbol Dropdown, Symbol Toogle Button and Simple Dropdown.
Support to display beautifully in PC, Tablet and Mobile

Add unlimited currencies with live exchange rate

Support 132 different currencies. App uses Live currency exchange rate from Shopify and syncs continuously in the background to make sure your customers will get the most precise prices whenever they shop.

Mercado Stores


This App is miles above the rest, it detects incoming customers countries and changes the currency of your store automatically to their own, and does this FOR FREE!!!
And not only that, They even Install it for you for FREE too...!
So what are you waiting for?

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