Does your Shopify store have traffic but no sales?

Does your Shopify store have traffic but no sales?

After setting up your Shopify stores, as many other people you expect to have a successful business as soon as possible. However, it is just the start of business battle. You start getting first traffic and it increases day by day but you haven’t got any sales yet. Where did you go wrong?

Traffic is a main metric when we look at a website statistics. Is it true that more traffic ensures more sales and less traffic means problems? When we run an online store, the final purpose is profit. Hence, traffic means nothing if you have low conversion rate or no sales at all.

In this post, we would like to figure out some main reasons for low conversion rate of Shopify stores and give you several suggestions for improvement.

Your traffic doesn’t come from your targeted customers

Firstly, there are some ways you can buy traffic but it is unnecessary and even marks down your site with search engine. Make sure that your traffic comes from a valid good source.

Secondly, you are aiming wrong audience. You are targeting too broad but not correct. You spend much money on advertising but they are not the potential ones to purchase your product. Make sure that you are publishing information to right audiences. In your adverstisement, you should filter the audience by demographic, interest, income level, education, etc.

The problem is not only the advertisement, it is the content in your site as well. There are several types of vistors to your site:

  • Navigational Visitors – They Know you already and come to your by navigating through search.
  • Informational Visitors – They just come to gather information about your product and services, but have no interest on buying it.
  • Transactional Visitors – They are visitors who want to buy product you sell but in a dilemma whether to buy from you or your competitor.

Converting the transactional visitor to sale should be your target and to do that you can create contents like

  • Comparison between you and your competitor
  • Why should they buy from you
  • Projection of you USP
  • offering some expert advice on products etc.,

Landing page Mistakes

A common mistake of landing page is no correlation between your ad and your landing page. It could be a promotion that they see in facebook but when they click on the link they finally find an incoherent landing page. How disappointing.

This is what the author, Kevin Ryan said about ads not matching landing pages:

“Not only was this is a wasted opportunity for the advertiser, but it created a frustrating experience for consumers”.

Second, too many distraction elements discourage customers to continue. A good landing page should have one message, and one action to take. It should be impossible for a user to do anything else once they land on your landing page. There’s nothing more sore than a page that has too many elements like links, pop-ups, random images and all that fancy décor that serves no purpose.

No motivation for customer to continue

Supposing that you have good landing page, correct targeted customers but you still have low conversion rate. In this case, the things lie in marketing tactics. They should see somethings to keep them stay longer. Popup is a good choice to convert vistors into customers. In our last post, we have introduced you some best practices of using Popups for Shopify stores. You can refer and implement popups smartly.

Promotion Popup app is a useful tool to retain customers and promote sales. It supports many types of popup:

  • Newsletter Popup
  • Video Popup
  • Coupon Popup
  • Countdown Popup
  • Product Popup
  • Redirect Popup

Hopefully, you can make improvement for your website after reading our post. We would be happy if you could share with us your own situation and experience.

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