8 Best Free Themes of Shopify

8 Best Free Themes of Shopify

1. Brooklyn theme of Shopify

Brooklyn is an absolutely awesome free theme designed by Shopify. It is suitable for mordern clothing store. It is fully responsive for mobile devices. Responsive design is a compulsory for any theme at the present because  over 50% of today’s visits to Shopify stores coming from mobile devices. In addition, Brooklyn theme has other features including unique typography, an edge-to-edge homepage hero, a dynamic product grid, and product pages with at-a-glance availability for each size.
– A customer said “Great theme, love the layout and the fonts. Also love the Hero picture for the home page. Works a treat for our store www.sideroot.com”


2. Minimal of Shopify

You are selling apparel and you love standing out from other competitors. Minimal Fashion theme with latest trendy can help you. Depending on customer device, the theme will adapt to display responsively. Using this theme, you are provided with a full package for customization including the background layout, typography, product and collection views, navigation, colour schemes and images.

This theme has 3 types for you to choose. Based on a quick Shopify website speed test, you can finalize the theme that suits you.

– A customer said “Love the minimal theme! Have been using it for a few years. I just recently updated to the newest version and am so glad I did. Great features and looks great on any device!”



3. Boundless of Shopify

Boundless is a modern, minimal theme that puts your photography front and center. Features include a design that looks great on any device, a fading homepage slideshow, edge-to-edge collection photos, a clean typography-driven look, and numerous color and font customizations.This theme has 2 stypes for you to choose.

“This is one of the best themes I’ve seen in years. It’s simple yet powerful and provides our customers with a seamless, fluid shopping experience. Well done, Shopify”

4. Venture of Shopify

Venture is a bold, modern theme targeted for high volume stores. Features include a design that looks great on any device, a homepage slideshow, multi-column drop-down menus, a promotional bar, a clean typography-driven look and numerous color and font customizations.This theme has 3 stypes for you to choose.

“Really love the look of this theme. So easy to customize and makes all my products at www.quiltkitshop look great. It is really easy to add the extras you want. The layout looks nice and it is easy to navigate. Did not take long at all to get it up and running the way I like it.”


5. Pop of Shopify

Ideal for stores with small- to medium-sized inventories, Pop is designed around a large sidebar navigation that keeps your content readily accessible. The theme also includes a responsive design, a fly-out shopping cart, a rearrangeable homepage and 4 modern styles to start with.This theme has 3 stypes for you to choose.

“A great theme with simple, intuitive and clean layout and design. Being able to change the layout of the homepage with various options is a bonus.”


6. Classic of Shopify

Ideal for stores with large inventories, Classic is designed with the traditional ecommerce merchant in mind. The theme features a large sidebar that can be used to feature multiple levels of navigation and custom content like ads or promotions. Classic also includes a responsive design, a rearrangeable homepage and 3 modern styles to start with.

“Great theme to work with, was very easy to use and to figure out. Used it on my first Shopify store and have already generate d over $3k with it in a week. The theme is very mobile-friendly.”


7. Lookbook of Shopify

Featuring full-screen imagery, this simple responsive theme will make your product photography stand out. Supports customer accounts, drop-downs and has a fantastic slide-out cart. Best for shops with high-resolution photography.

“Simple and graceful. Elegant minimalism works great to showcase the products we sell.”


8. New Standard of Shopify

Ideal for selling any type of product, New Standard is a responsive theme with a clean and minimalist design. New Standard now comes with all our standard features including mobile-optimized responsive layouts, a slideshow, featured collections, products, and more.

“It has been perfect, really pleased with our choice. It’s been easy to implement, and to change. Anything extra we needed we’ve managed to find an app which integrates perfectly. It’s simple, clean and looks great – had lots of people say how much they like our website – www.wildlywoolly.co.uk Thanks!”


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