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Customer Attribute app



  • Put unlimited custom fields (attribute) on the registration, account and cart page to ask your customers for more information.
  • Set rules to put fields on cart page only when customer has a specific product for product customization.
  • Secure data with Shopify metafields, letting other Shopify apps take advantage of the data.
  • Export data in .xlsx file.
  • Produce visualized report.
  • Support various types of attribute: Dropdown, multi select, date…
  • Set order of attribute in display.
  • Support multiple languages.
  • Offer Library of Attribute for quick field creation.
  • Easy to use, automatic installation

Our Plan

Pricing is based on your Shopify plan:

Free for Basic Shops which have 0 order/month
Basic Shopify Shops with at least 1 orders/month: $14.99/month
Professional/ Shopify: $19.99/month
Unlimited/Advanced Shopify: $39.99/month
Shopify Plus: $69.99/month

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Our Happy Customers

Awesome app, Helps to collect more details of customer…

Famous Adventures

This was very helpful in achieving what I wanted for my website cart even when I am not very experienced in this.

Perfect for adding mandatory checkboxes, adding metadata and then using it elsewhere like invoices, etc.
A great addition to Shopify that is powerful and easy to use.

Allowed me to add questions to the cart page, and have those answers appear on orders, exports and emails. Works on guest checkouts, and doesn’t require a Customer account.

Orange School Pta