Combo “Sled them Here” – Make Customer get on the way to your store!

Combo “Sled them Here”

App combo: Store LocatorStore Pickup, Promotion Popup

Price: From $7.49 (as 50% discounted)

Suitable for: Store owners with physical stores as well

How easy it is for you to direct customer to your physical stores and see them fall in love with such a convenient shopping experience!

Sled your customer now at 50% OFF price before the holidays come!

(Only available by November 30, 2017)

 – Plus: 14 free trial days-

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Store Pickup App


Store Pickup
Store Pickup – BuyOnline & Pickup at Store
Store Pickup app will let them choose the time to come and pick up their products.

This app is especially ideal for “brick and mortar” businesses. Simple, you have an online store and also want your customer to come and pick up their orders or just visit your physical stores. The app is here to manage the time and date customer wants to pick up the orders!

Plus, Store Pickup differentiates itself from other shipping apps by its highlighted features. You can create a list of as many store locations as you wish, our app will help your customers select the nearest store to pick up.




There are also specifications for pickup location description (address, working hours, telephone, etc.), brilliant UI and smooth user experience, numerous options that help you to customize the store pickup on front-end, and many other specific features.


Store Locator App


Store Locator – Show customer where you are
Great app for brick and mortar store

Store Locator app works like a map which you provide your customer with a picture of the store number and spots you are located.

The app allows you to add unlimited stores  and display them on a separate page using Google maps. Customer can easily find a near store then get instant directions on Google map.

Customer will appreciate a new shopping experience by having the chance to discover some useful features like filter stores by tags, searching stores by distance, switching view mode seamlessly between map and satellite, contacting each store directly (via address, phone, email), view opening time (hours, days off & special working days), etc.


Promotion Popup App


Promotion Popup
Promotion Popup – Popup your event!
Promotion Popup
Promotion Popup App by Secomapp
Boldly highlight your special offer, updates, feature information, etc. to grab your customer attention.

There are many types of popups to be found such as Newsletter, video popup, coupon popup, countdown popup, product popup and the new automatic discount popup. Plus, you can place the popup wherever on your website.

Promotion popup holds your customer to stay a bit longer on your website and if they are interested in, they will search and read more about the information, which then pushes them to shop action.

Sled your customer now at 50% OFF price before the holidays come!

(Only available by November 30, 2017)

 – Plus: 14 free trial days-

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